Bibi Blocksberg cute 3D racing app on itunes – need for speed on a broomstick

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Bibi Blocksberg – The Broom Race

Think… Need for Speed on a Broomstick. 
If you received an iPhone for Christmas, or are looking for new and exciting applications,  I might suggest you purchase this app. The Broom Race a great racing game designed with really cute graphics, created for children and yet enjoyed by adults. 
Bibi Blocksberg was a German radio drama created in 1980 by Elfie Donnelly which was then turned into an animated television series. Now Nurogames, to celebrate the 30th anniversary have developed this game for the iPhone and the iTouch based on the award winning Nintendo Wii game.

The series is about Bibi the teenage witch who uses magical powers to make practical jokes. She gets into lots of trouble but she also rescues or helps other towns people.
The App
Language selection (English, German, French)
2 race modes: the time trial and the Cup-run
4 characters: Bibi, Schubia Wanzhaar, Flauipaui and Florian
6 unique & rapid routes
Share your Highscore via Facebook or Twitter
OpenFeint and Game Center integration
The Broom Race has two different modes – The Broom Race which is a Cup-Run. And a Time Race which is a Timed Trial.

You get to choose from 4 different characters Bibi, Schubia Wanzhaar, Flauipaui and Florian.
Then you can choose your Track, there are 3 different settings in both modes  and you can choose from 2 laps, 4 laps and 8 laps.

And off you go – you can either steer buy tilting the iphone left or right or you can have a lever on the screen – and also the brake is on the screen, so they tell me but I didn’t use it.
At the end of the race, hopefully you will win something or get a high score and you can post your score or achievements to Facebook or Twitter. The score is also added to the Game Centre and OpenFeint high scores.

How did someone get 6 seconds!   I’m Shelzzy by the way if you want to add me on the Game Centre as you see I don’t have many friends.


Compatible with
– iPhone 3GS and 4.
– iPod touch 3rd (2009) and 4th (2010) generation.

Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Enjoy trying to beat your scores and gain all of the achievements with this brilliant racing game, for young and old witch- apprentices.
Download from itunes – Bibi Blockberg – The Broom Race
Or visit the Bibi Blocksberg App Homepage for more details: