Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day

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6.BeyondTheWave_PlayTogetherLelo, the leading sex toy brand has today released Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day.  This is the first time a sex toy company has released a mainstream movie.

Before you dash off thinking this movie is going to be an advert for sex toys and porn its not, so far from it, infact its the complete opposite to what you might expect –  please read on.

Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day


You could say that Beyond the Wave is a love story but its actually more than that, its deeper. Lelo’s intention with this movie is to bring couples closer together on an emotional level.  To remind us how to enrich our relationships even when times are hard and to not take each other for granted.   It shows us how important it is to actually communicate and to spend time with someone and to understand where they are coming from.  Which is rather different to the attention that is focused on BDSM – “Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism” which we see with 50 shades of grey – which by coincidence is also out this weekend for Valentines Day with much controversy. I know which one I’ll be watching.1.BeyondTheWave_Casper&Wei_Ling

This film Beyond the Wave is set in China in an apocalyptic world where women and men are divided, in a world without love where men and women actually choose to live apart. However a rare meeting gives one man hope of understanding his partner’s perspective.  I believe thats where the interactive part comes in – what choices will they make?

The movie stars  Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow), Emilie Ohana (Paris, Je t’aime) and newcomer Zhu Wei Ling.

It all sounds very clever, exciting and intriguing I can’t wait to see the interactive trailer.

Beyond The Wave – Official LELO Movie Trailer

PlayTogether™ experience

The most exciting part is of course that Beyond the Wave also hosts an extended interactive trailer which is called the PlayTogether™ experience where couples are encouraged to put their mobile phones away and to enjoy interacting with each other and the movie to create their own story through their own choices, it really sounds like fun and a little bit scary too. The only interactive experiences of this kind I’ve had has been using the mobile phone, with apps such as Blippar so this will be different.

So are you glad you stayed to find out about Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day? Let me know what you think.

To view the trailer and interactive experience, plus access exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, visit Plus you can keep up to date with all the movie news on the movies official Facebook and Twitter accounts @BTW_MOVIE  and @VoiceOfTheWave.