Betty White Died or Dyed? Check your facts before sharing!

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Betty white dies or dyedBetty White Died or Dyed? Check your facts before sharing! It seems that we still have not learned to check our facts before squealing all over the internet things that aren’t true.

People that didn’t read the whole article in Empire News -and misread the word “dyes” have been sharing on social media sites that Betty White has died.  And this of course has started a landslide of tweets, posts and messages that the poor Betty White Ludden, actress, comedian and singer, of Golden Girls fame has died.  When all the article talked about was how Betty Dyes her hair in her own home.

The article was published last night with the headline

Actress Betty White 92 “dyes” Peacefully in Her Los Angeles Home.

It seems that this article proves what we have known for a long time, that – people don’t read any more.   People read the headline and thats it, and on this occasion either they don’t know the difference between dies and dyes, or they just assumed it was a typo. So they just launched over to their chosen networking site stating OMG Betty White Died #RIP  While people are saying this was a hoax, to me it proves the power of headlines, you can write about anything you like in your blog post as long as you have a good headline, because people do not have the attention span or the time or can be bothered to READ! I do not like these tactics that Empire have used here *poor Betty* it was a mean trick and I’m sure it shocked some people – but it sure has got the world talking about them and no doubt many many views to their website, (maybe) so its a win for them.

Check your facts before sharing

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – when you read something on the internet, don’t always believe it – just go to Google and double check your facts before sharing to the world – as it could be your fault that another 100 or so people are then sharing YOUR false message, and so it goes on and on.   I wonder will we ever learn to do this.

A selection of tweets still proclaiming that Betty White died.

betty white died or dyed bettywhite1

It only takes a quick google to see this on Snopes who say it was a hoax, it wasn’t even a hoax they didn’t actually say she died. Empire news is a satirical website.   Snopes say that Betty White is still alive and kicking and that yes she does dye her hair at home.

Please check your facts before sharing.