Best Social Media Management Tools 2021

Best Social Media Management Tools 2021

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As a social media manager, people are always asking me which are the Best Social Media Management Tools 2021

I am a hands-on social media manager, which means I am the social media management tool.  I do schedule some posts but we know too much automation is not good. Automation can even get you banned. You may even get fewer views because certain social networks penalize you for using other platforms or even for putting links, but that’s another story.

For the most part, you need to be careful that you are being real. People connect with people, they don’t want to talk with bots, and they know very quickly if you are just leaving generic messages while pretending to engage.

Social Media back in the day.

When I first started as a social media manager, it was a totally new position.  Most people weren’t even using social media. I think Hootsuite may have just started, and Tweetdeck which I loved! And then came along Buffer as a social media scheduling tool, I jumped on Buffer right away – they only did Twitter at first. We didn’t even call it scheduling it was called Buffering!  I remember when they got access to Facebook – Be one of the first to get Buffer for Facebook 

So many platforms came and went, I used to be an early adopter and would test, and try all the platforms to help others decide what to use. Most were free in the early days and now most will eventually cost you money.

I still use Buffer every day, as it suits me perfectly, the best thing is the customer service Buffer provide, which is second to NONE, you have a problem they are on it right away – problems are very rare and usually user error, which they are very polite about, anyway I am waffling on.

Best Social Media Management Tools 2021

Things have changed nowadays however from 3 to 300 different tools to choose from and all of them have different features and different pricing strategies.

As with each new launch, people were bored with the announcements “Oh another new platform/tool”, so I stopped testing and I’m pleased to say there is now a tool that is doing all of that hard work for us.

As first seen on Product Hunt is a Social Media Tools Comparison.

The creators say…

We’ve collected more than 150+ plans of these SM tools and opened the data, so you can filter them by your needs.

Best Social Media Management Tools 2021
It’s amazing that some of the platforms from the old days are still going, it’s a fantastic tool – they only have about 150 platforms in here at the moment (only ha!) but I am sure they will be adding more.

The free platform was created by the founder of Hasan Tiprakkaya so as you can imagine, they do appear at the top of almost every search you might make.  haha, But at least you can compare others and see what else is available to you.

Transparency is core – Hasan Tokrakkaya

When we started our own company – all in one social media management platform, our main focus was always putting our customers in the first place. And price transparency is one of the core assets that we offer to our customers. I think it’s as important as product quality that knowing there aren’t any hidden fees when you want to purchase a product or service.

To save your time, we have had researched on all the social media platform pricing and features and included all of the plans in one spreadsheet. So far, we’ve collected more than 150+ plans of these SM tools and put all the data to a Google Sheet. We’ve opened this sheet to everybody and we are updating this document every a few months. It will help you get an understanding of the differences between all the tools without wasting your precious time.

📋 You can access it here:… Besides the Google Sheet, we’ve also developed a project, based on this data. It’s very easy to find a tool that has a social media listening feature or has a competitor analysis feature. And it’s also easy to find the exact price that you have to pay for the tool that satisfies your demand.

I like it, very well done guys!   If you want to see what are the Best Social Media Management Tools 2021, please do have a look at the tool here – Socialmedia comparison tool