Best Apps for Creating Social Media Designs

5 Best Apps for Creating Social Media Designs

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I thought it would be helpful to let you know my best apps for creating social media designs. We used to have to struggle through with photoshop or illustrator or hire our own graphics designer but all that is very expensive for most people.   And there are actually a few ways which are cheap or even free for you to create images for social media without any design skills, whatsoever.

Everyone is always asking me how to create great images for social media accounts or their content strategy.

It might be that you need a

  • Twitter header
  • Facebook header
  • Graphics for quotes
  • Images for Instagram
  • Images for posts on Pinterest
  • Blog post title images
  • Images for within the blog post

There are a number of reasons to create your own images for social media or websites. And the apps make it easy to keep your branding by using your businesses colours, designs, fonts, and logos. They make creating social media designs simple as pie.

Best Apps for Creating Social Media Designs

Best Apps for Creating Social Media Designs

The first one is one of my all time favorites – Canva

Canva is my go-to app for creating social media designs for a number of reasons.  You can do so much with Canva, I don’t even know where to start.  I first wrote about them in Jan 2014, Canva the free design tool but its even better now.  The best thing is that you can upload images to use again – and put them in a folder, so you can keep your brand design images consistent.  What’s more Canva now have an iPhone app so you can design on the go.  Canva also have a Chrome extension.


Available for upgrade

Available on: iOS 

No2 is Pixlr

Pixlr is a Photo Editor – For PC or Mobile –  Pixlr have a few photo editors online and are now part of Autodesk – With Pixlr Editor – You can create a completely new image, open an image from your computer (or phone with the app) open an image from a URL or select on from the pixlr library, Facebook or other library.  You can then edit the photos, with the many filters and add text.  There is also a Chrome extension for this one.  Pixlr have added a selection of backgrounds and foregrounds for Halloween too, which is fun.

Price: Free

but has a lot of ads. 

Available on: Web – iOS and Android

No 3 is Pixomatic

Is just an app, I’m not sure if a web version is coming. What’s different about this app to the others is that you can cut and paste images, and change backgrounds add blur and colour splash effects.  For instance, say you have taken a great selfie and the background is awful – simple, cut yourself out and put a new background.  Great idea.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS

No4 is Wordswag

Wordswag puts awesome text on to your images, or you can choose an image or background from the library.  I really don’t use this one enough – it’s so fast and easy to use.  You choose your image and then with a quick swipe choose from many different text layouts, quotes, captions, jokes.

Price: $4.99 £3.49

Available on: iOS and Android 

No5 is Over

Over is a creative photo editor – This app is the new kid on the block, well for me certainly.  There is so much in it, very similar to Canva, although I might say more of a mixture of Canva and Wordswag.  They have a selection of sizes set up for you, in Twitter, Linkedin, etc etc, and a blank canvas too.  You can use your own images or images from unsplash you can then add on a huge selection of quotes, sayings, birthday wishes, shapes or add your own text.

Price: Free 

Lots of reasons to get the Pro version. 

Availble on: iOS and Android 

So there is my selection of my 5 Best Apps for Creating Social Media Designs, of course these apps can be used for many other operations too.