Bannatyne twitter shames Suzie Warner for review now missing.

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Looking for Suzie Warners original review that caused the Bannatyne backlash?

You won’t find it, it was removed, as quoted by entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne OBE today –

What you will see if you do a search for the review on Swgillingham, Charlton House is a Google entry here, that is still floating around Google, but click on it and it is gone.

I admit this morning I was very disappointed to read that Duncan Bannatyne (who I value reading his tweets on Twitter) had over reacted in my opinion and retweeted Suzie Warners personal details (phone number and email); causing her to receive hate mail and texts.  Why?  Not because I think she was right “lying” on the review about the hotel because she didn’t get her own way but because I believe that using twitter and his influence like that is wrong, it actually makes me sad.  Mostly because of his influence, Duncan Bannatyne has 250,000 followers who will do whatever he says – some of which shared and retweeted this information. 

Not that we can even comment on what she said, as its now been removed, we only have others word for that. We can however see that DB retweeted the phone numbers as that is in his twitter stream, so that we know is a fact.

To make matters worse for Suzie Warner people are saying that she sold her story to the Sun, well according to a comment made by Kevin O’Sullivan on a very good post by @Markshaw here Kevin tracked down Suzie for the story and no fee was discussed.  The Sun article here

So if Duncan Bannatyne had said nothing on his twitter page about this review, not as many people would know about the review it as they do now, because how many of us even new Tripadvisor existed  before?  We all do now, good PR for them.

Edit – Four years on from this – with the same views but now I see that some people forget what free speech actually means. Their are some people that hide behind, this guise of free speech –  If you are using the freedom of free speech – using misinformation just to bully or hurt someone OVER and OVER this can’t be right can it.