Baby Born Web camera Facebook Scam

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Over a week has gone since we saw the last Scam on Facebook, this one cunningly applies new ploys to get you to assist in plastering  it all over Facebook, and it seems to be doing the trick.

Baby Born Amazing Effect – Webcamera

This claims to have amazing effects of a big baby being born on video –  On the link is a paused video shot that looks like the start of the birth, you can imagine what its of.

When you click the link it appears to take you to a address. It attempts to open the video but brings up a further message, asking you to like the page before it will play.   Of course clicking this will post the same original message to your friends without further consent or knowledge.

If you have clicked this then go to

Profile – Activities and Interest – Remove Page.

Also, be aware for this old email, aparently doing the rounds again

Email Exceeded Storage Limit Phishing Scam

The email claims that your email account and exceeded it storage limit and tell you to reply with your username and password to increase the storage.
Just delete and ignore.
Please change your password immediately if you did send your information.
Of course you wouldn’t do that would you…
Be safe, hope this helps