Automated personal assistant ClickHook

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Automated personal assistant ClickHookRecently I was asked to beta test the Automated personal assistant ClickHook – I wondered what on earth it was all about so I signed up.  I love a new app or platform and I love beta testing to help out.  And just sometimes I feel compelled to write a blog or a review about the subject, to help or inform my readers of great things, just like now.

ClickHook was founded by Dave Vass and his Partner Rajeev who although are from Canada and India respectively have been working together for sometime. ClickHook has only been around for 4 tiny months so its in very early stages, especially when they are a very small team and the product is self funded by Dave himself. Just wow!   The idea behind ClickHook is to offer a simpler new approach to handling leads and contacts.  I love where Dave is coming from with this, he is enjoying the thrill of creating something for us, that is more flexible and easier than anyone has created before.

Automated personal assistant ClickHook

Essentially ClickHook is a sales management system, (a CRM) for Customer Relationship Management – although ClickHook is more like having your own personal assistant, who you email and then she/he organises your leads and contacts into various stages to track and automate the sales process.

How does ClickHook work

Most of what you need is handled directly from your own email account, you don’t even need to log into ClickHook to add information. With ClickHook you are assigned a unique email ID – (which is like your personal assistants email) From your own email address you can send an email to your own ClickHook email and all of the information from the email is stored in your ClickHook CRM – all you need to add is hashtags and it will automatically file the infomation into the correct place.  This enables you to add, new contacts, leads, notes, tasks and even profile pictures.

Hashtags that you can use are…..

  • #name
  • #mobile
  • #homephone
  • #workphone
  • #type  (what type of contact is it, friend, lead, client)
  • #profile_pic, #pic, #avatar, #picture #bizcard
  • #salesflow, #sales, #sales-flow, #flow
  • #deal, #dealvalue
  • #notes, #note
  • #task
  • #call
  • #meeting
  • #message
  • #send

So… if you are in a hurry and on the go and you want to quickly store some information about a person you have just met, to remind you who they are and what you need to do, you could compose an email like this.

#name Lisa Grantham
#type client
#note call lisa about notes for meeting
#meeting 13th september 12014

The email will be stored on your CRM and all of the information within it will be in the correct place – you can also forward emails that your have received to be stored on your ClickHook system if related to the Client or Lead to keep all of the information safe in one place – no more lost emails or information.

As yet, it does take a few minutes for the information to reach your ClickHook but when its there it will be entered into those categories.

One of the great things I like about this platform is that you can take a photo of a business card and email to your clickhook email with the hashtag #bizcard and the program will scan the business card take all of the information from that business card, and add it to your contacts, plus find even more information about the person, or business.  This can take about 15 mins, so don’t panic if its not appearing right away.

ClickHook searches the web for you

Also when you add a contact, it searches the web to find out more about the person and will add things their social links, and website – thats really clever!   Although I must admit that a couple of times with my own accounts it did get one or two wrong, because I have a very common name, and many many different social media accounts and websites, so really it did very well actually.

Automated personal assistant ClickHook

 Salesflows on ClickHook

With your email hashtags #salesflow, #sales, #sales-flow, #flow you can add people to your Salesflow, which is your sales funnel – here you can add tasks and notes and move the person around in the sales funnel – ClickHook explains it much better than I could so please read – Working with Salesflows 

Another feature that I haven’t mentioned on ClickHook is the ability to add team members, so they can log in and see the information and add to it as well.

Beta Testing for ClickHook

There were a few of us Beta Testing for ClickHook and Dave was really pleased with the help, ideas and advice, many things that he hadn’t even thought of yet.  So expect big changes for the better with this platform, its workable now but I feel quite confusing at first, its not the sort of website you can just dive into and expect to know what to do right away – you do need to read the guides on the site and watch the videos.

However, I feel this could prove a very valuable addition to your regular platforms and applications if you need a way to manage your contacts and interactions simply and on the go.

If you want your own Automated personal assistant ClickHook  check out the website – ClickHook  and  Twitter here – @clickhookapp