Free Mandala Flower and Zentangle Animal Colouring Book

Free Mandala Flower and Zentangle Animal Colouring Book – for Adults and Children

By popular demand, I am making available some of my hand-drawn images available for colouring via downloading a PDF.

There are 10  pages to colour and/or sketch over.  Great for practicing.

Which Include

    • Flowers
    • Tiger
    • Mandala / Tattoo
    • Pattern
    • Mandalas
    • Heart Design
  • Dragon
  • Flower Mandala
  • Carp / Fish
  • Cat

It is free to DOWNLOAD and if you like it maybe you might like to donate if you wish but its not complusary at all.

(Sorry we had an error on the page you should see the download now, just click I agree to these terms and it will download) 



Free Mandala Flower and Zentangle Animal Colouring Book


Facebook launches collection sharing for Christmas gift ideas

Facebook launches collection sharing for Christmas gift ideas

Facebook seems to think that users are turning to the Social media giant to find and buy Christmas presents. And being that it is the season to be Jolly Facebook launches collection sharing for Christmas gift ideas

Its to work with the collection feature that they rolled out last year to help you save, organise and find posts from friends or pages that you follow.  Now with this new launch, you can now share a collection so that friend can view the content that you have gathered.

Facebook launches collection sharing for Christmas gift ideas

Its not just for Christmas

But as you can see it’s not just for Christmas – you can use it to share holiday location photos with people you are planning to on holiday with or recipe ideas that you have discovered on Facebook. Wedding planners can use it to share wedding ideas – the uses are endless.

There seem to be a lot of new launches going on at the moment – Quora just introduced Spaces  

All you do is create the collection you might want to invite a contributor – and when it’s done you can also share this collection with any one of your friends.


This is the link to my art album which I keep forgetting to add to –

Will you use for this feature?  To be quite honest –  I’m not sure of the benefits of the differences with sharing an album… – you can share an album with anyone on or off facebook by just using the link.  Maybe we will see what it arrives 🙂

I don’t see it on mine yet Facebook says that the sharing feature will roll out for everyone over the next week.  Leaving it rather late for Christmas, I wonder why they left it so late.

Quora introduces Spaces for curation, collections and communities

Quora introduces Spaces for curation, collections and communities, being as my tagline is creating, curating and connecting I love this.  I’ve been a big fan of Quora since it was launched and I’m very excited to try Spaces. Spaces is starting to roll out to everyone from today but you might not see it yet. When you have it your home page will look like this.

Quora introduces Spaces

Spaces is a new feature that allows people to curate collections and form communities around shared interests and tastes. But before we start let us backtrack because maybe you don’t even know what Quora is.

What is Quora

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.  And that’s it – you just put out your question to the platform, you can ask certain people to answer and or just let anyone answer.  Many people will probably answer and you can choose the best one, and people can upvote answers so you can see which the audience prefer.

I often get content from Quora when I am asked questions like How can I download a copy of my Facebook Data

How do Spaces fit in

Spaces can be used in a number of different ways, Quora have started with just a few creators that reflect the range of possibilities. For example:

A group of people can work together to curate the most interesting answers and links about a particular area of interest, Blockchain or Books

An individual can use spaces to organize their own writing into different sections, as Robert Frost is doing with the collection of his Space Exploration answers, Mac Tan with his posts on the US Midterm Election, and Salon with their Culture and Politics articles.

A community of people can create a space to have shared conversations with each other, like Politics or the popular topic Brexit Watch.


So when you log in you will be given the opportunity to choose some Space to follow. There are only a few select people who can create spaces right now but you can apply to have your own.

Quora introduces Spaces

And at any time you can click the spaces tab to follow more Spaces.  There doesn’t appear to be a search feature yet with they will need if or when they get 100’s or 1000s of these spaces.  However, for now, they are just using a few topics to test and collect feedback.  They say this is just the beginning.

Quora introduces Spaces check it out.

Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters

Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters

Tumblr the microblogging social networking site has been around for many years. It was founded in 2007  and its been noted before that it has a large amount of pornographic content on it.  But Child Pornography? Just not on!  Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters. Slipped through they say.  Which is why you won’t see the Tumblr app on the App Store because it has been banned.   Why its still up is beyond me, they are fixing it they say.

Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters

It wasn’t that long ago (Sept2018)  when the microblogging site Tumblr stated that it has new guidelines to address the site being used for Deepfake porn and Creepshots.  Which I’m not looking at to see if these new rules have worked but if you google deepfake and Tumblr there are pages with those names.  Of course, I do not want to click on those either but I wonder if they have cleaned that up too.

Tumblr posted a statement on their policy with regard to Deepfake and Creepshots

Harassment. Don’t engage in targeted abuse or harassment. Don’t engage in the unwanted sexualization or sexual harassment of others.

Posting sexually explicit photos of people without their consent was never allowed on Tumblr, but with the invention of deepfakes and the proliferation of non-consensual creepshots, we are updating our Community Guidelines to more clearly address new technologies that can be used to humiliate and threaten other people.

So right now Tumblr doesn’t seem a very nice place to be… but they are trying to clear it up… more on that in a second.

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What is Tumblr

tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Oath Inc.

With Tumblr, you can post multimedia and other content as a short-form blog. I’ve always likened it to a cross between a blog site like WordPress and Twitter.   You can follow blogs like you would on Twitter and you can also make your blogs private.  Tumblr soon became a place for images, artwork, and photography amongst other things.

The Microblogging platform has 417.1 million blogs on its site and over 500 million monthly visitors so it’s not small fry. 

Tumblr knows that it’s not very clean at times and it likes to allow free speech and expression. So it covers this by now allowing you to join unless you are Over 16 – and until you are 18 you can only look at Tumblr in SafeMode which stops you seeing over 18 stuff.   I’m pretty sure the kids can get past that but at least those safeguards are there.  And to be fair unlike video site YOUTUBE and other networks you do have to be logged in to see anything on Tumblr you can’t just watch it from the outside.

Tumblr says published Child Pornography had missed filters

However, Child Pornography is another matter …… Missed filers! How on earth did they allow this stuff to be published? How long has it been going on?  Too many questions and no answers! The BBC said that Tumblr discovered indecent images of children during a routine audit.

In this case, it said, the images being uploaded were not in the industry database so its filters did not catch them. However, it said, the illegal content was discovered during a routine audit.

I seriously find it hard to believe that no one on the site had flagged it – reported it – no one…

But it didn’t work?  ….. I don’t get it…

I’m not really happy that we haven’t been given more information on this, no tweets hardly anything on Tumblr’s pages.

Child Trafficking

This is such a huge mistake, its not just pictures, its the backstory – where and how did these pictures come about and why – because they have a platform…

Most likely from Child Trafficking,  People like Stopchildtraffic are working so hard to address the problem of Child Trafficking and its tough work, the numbers are so bad – and well we need to be more vigilant than that Tumblr!

We can not stand by and do nothing while 10 million children suffer the abhorrent injustice of being trafficked – many of whom will be sex trafficked. 

Quote from StopChildTraffic

Accounts Migrating to Twitter

Another bad thing is that Tumblr is clearly cleaning house. And not just of child pornography sites I assume because everyone is going on Twitter in droves to complain.  They are complaining that they have lost their accounts on Tumblr.  Saying pretty nasty things about Tumblr when it appears that they were breaking the rules? And so now Twitter is going to have a hard time now clearing up after Tumblrs mess.


Another account said that it had been banned from Tumblr and he was posting seriously graphic anime porn all over Twitter.  Even I was offended and it takes much to offend me. Twitter really has no filters unless the account is private.  And if it’s a private account you can view from outside twitter with no account and its searchable on Google –  easily searched!

Paddock Missing on Android Phones

And the mess doesn’t stop there. We are now seeing tweets saying the lock/padlock icon that appeared on the top right of the search screen has gone.  This allows you to turn on/off NSFW results, and its been removed!

The Tumblr site should be taken down while they are fixing this! It’s utterly disgusting that they are fixing it while the site is still live…

Tumblr says Child Pornography had bypassed filters. There really needs to be much more done about this if we are ever going to get anywhere in saving our children and stopping this madness.

Instagram are removing fake likes and comments

Instagram announced yesterday that they are going to be reducing Inauthentic activity on Instagram, in other words, Instagram are removing fake likes and comments.

It seems that social networks are getting fed up with 3rd Party apps, which of course as social media managers we need them for analytics and to check how we are performing on our social media accounts with apps like Skorr or Kred. 

All About Numbers

But it seems that we are okay on that Instagram are just targetting third-party apps which help people to artificially grow their audience, which in fact is good news for those of us who work hard for our clients to give and receive authentic likes and comments, because really fake ones are targetted so its just a numbers game.

We have seen Instagram recently removing fake accounts from the app, which is great, there are just too many of them.  Okay, it means that we might have lost or will lose some followers but we don’t need them if they are fake let’s be honest.

Instagram says that they want people to enjoy the app and to have real experiences and not have to engage with bots.  So starting now you should see some inauthentic likes, follows and comments removed from some accounts that have been using third party apps just to boost their popularity – which is going to be a bit of a blow for fake influencers on Instagram!

Instagram Bots

I’m not sure how they are going to deal with the bot issue through – the ones the people create which aren’t really app but the log in through your own account, I’m not certain how that will be detected but they say they are taking a number of steps to limit (not stop) this kind of unwelcome behavior.   They also say if you are allowing them to log in to your account, your accounts are less secure of course, and this makes it so easier for you to get hacked and to lose your account completely.

Instagram are removing fake likes and comments

Instagram are going to be removing your fake likes and comments

If you have allowed authorisation to one of these types of apps by mistake – Instagram will send you a message and allow you to revoke the access to your account.  So I don’t think you will lose your own account in the process.

Or if you want to just go there now and to check if you have any dodgy 3rd party apps on your Instagram.

How to revoke third-party access on Instagram

  1. Log in to
  2. Click your username and select “Edit Profile” in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on “Manage Applications” in the side menu.
  4. Or just go to this link –
  5. Find the application you want to revoke access for in the list (you may have more than one)
  6. Click the “Revoke Access

So hopefully the fact that Instagram are going to be removing fake likes and comments – won’t have to worry you too much. Hopefully it will just make Instagram a better place.


Source – Instagram Press 

How to use group chat in WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with the basics before we get to the Whatsapp tips and how to use group chat in WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a Facebook-owned messenger system with over 1 billion users, it’s the most popular messaging app in the world. You can send text messages, photos, videos, contacts, locations, great groups, and oh yeah make and receive calls.  All for free.  (for now)

Online Communities or Chat Groups

As a community manager on many platforms in my 10 years in the social media business, Whatsapp has always been a favorite for its ease, randomness and more personal niche community groups.

Groups for businesses – to build trust by providing value and allowing customer and clients to get to know your business,   You will never find a better space devoted to discussions around your business or brand and which allow you to be directly involved in these conversations. Every brand should be investing in creating a community now, its the way forward.

And for pleasure – networking groups or hobby groups – to connect to like-minded and sometimes different people and learn from them.    Whatsapp to me is more like Twitter and the others chat groups or community groups are like Facebook.

Whatsapp groups can only have 256 people in them, these groups create the best communities for people to really network, connect and really get to know each other, Thomas Power and I call our networking groups “online pubs” because people pop in and out, you don’t have to stick around all day and read everything.  Just see what is there when you arrive and join in.  We don’t really have many rules but we do hope that everyone has common sense.

How to use group chat in WhatsApp

Commonsense Rules

  • Do Not Sell
  • Use Common Sense
  • Do Not Private Message Other Members without discussing it in the group first (Groups are not your own directories)
  • Support Each Other
  • Be Polite
  • Be Kind
  • Be Helpful
  • Be You
  • Always be thinking of someone who you can connect together or someone that might benefit from the wisdom of the group.
  • ORS – Open Random and Supportive – This is what we call Network thinking.

Telegram is great for larger groups who need more organisation, the Blockchain or you might say Crypto world has taken this over. They love it and it does seem to work very well.   You can even use bots if you have huge rowdy communities which can happen with larger groups.  These groups also need a few more rules so its a bit more difficult to be open random and supportive as we are in our networking groups, but we try.


I get that some people like to lurk and just watch what is going on – but on Whatsapp we have limited space – we don’t have space for lurkers, besides they don’t make very good chat friends.  Facebook groups are too easy to lurk in,  many people just join them and some never bother to even visit them.  Think about it, how many groups have you joined on Facebook… Sadly this has forwarded that mentality a little to Whatsapp and Telegram – where people are asked to join and they join and that’s it … they might think they are being nice by joining but they are just taking up space we need.   We are starting to get less of these people thank goodness.  Besides numbers are not important in Business groups engagement is.

You might only get 10% engagement in some groups especially groups that are too big, and people feel overwhelmed and not connected to the subject or brand.   For instance, you maybe have 2000 in a group but only 200 are actually engaged.

Our Challenge with Whatsapp for us is to make sure that everyone in the group is engaged.  So you have 256 in the group – 256 are engaged.

Dunbar’s number – which is a theoretical limit to the number of people whom a person can sustain a stable social relationships with is 150 so we are pushing it with 256 but it works.

How to use group chat in WhatsApp

So finally after all that waffling, we can get to the Whatsapp Tips –  I am so passionate about these things sorry

First Tip

When you first download Whats app one of the MOST important things is to let people know who you are.

How to set your profile picture and name on WhatsApp on your iPhone

I would think most phones are the same its just in settings.

Adding Your Profile photo on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap your profile photo > Camera icon.
  3. You can choose a photo from your gallery, take a new photo with your camera or remove your current photo.

Adding your name

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap your profile photo and then tap your name and add your real name
  3. Tap about and put your @twitter or your website address.

On Whatsapp Web

  1. Tap your Profile image top left
  2. Tap the pencil to add your name and you’re about.

It’s so important in groups that people know who you are and what you look like, you might think its great advertising to have your logo as a profile picture but people do not connect with logos they connect with people.

Etiquette Guide

  • Some groups have a topic, it will be in the info section, if they have a topic, make sure you keep to that topic.
  • Always introduce yourself when you join the group.  Doesn’t have to be long – Hi I’m Michelle – so and so invited me because I work in Social Media.
  • Do not get into heated discussions with just one person, if you want to carry on – suggest in the group you do this outside of the group in DM
  • Do not DM people from the group that you do not know unless you have been given permission within the group
  • Always add your name and photo
  • Do not forward or copy other peoples messages or images without asking them first
  • Be Kind and Listen to others

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Another thing that I’ve found valuable when joining a group is to actually turn off notifications.   You might wonder why but when you are in a lot of busy groups you do not want that to keep going off it will drive you crazy 😉

Turn off Notifications

  1. Tap chats
  2. Next Chat group to open it
  3. Tap the name at the top
  4. Tap “Mute” Choose between 8hours/1 week or 1 year
  5. Tap Back

On the PC its much easier as usual.

You see the Chats on the left of the screen

  1. Click the arrow down
  2. See the options
  3. Click Mute and select how long you want to mute for.

How to Reduce Whatsapp storage

  1. Tap settings
  2. Then chats and calls
  3. Next Delete all chats/Clear all chats
  4. “Clear all chats” if you want to delete all your messages but want to keep your individual and group conversations.

Another tip I’ve already written about is >>  how to stop Whatsapp automatically saving photos to your phone


So now you are in a group – if its busy you will see many messages going by and numbers – besides the numbers there should be a name – hopefully.   That’s one of the reasons that we add our name because if you want to talk to someone directly you can @ them put @and start to write their name and it will come up with some suggestions.

Or you can click a message and you will get a drop-down list of options

  • Star
  • Reply
  • Forward
  • Copy
  • Info
  • More (Delete/Speak/More)

If you want to share an image or location or contact

Tap the + bottom left of the screen.

you will see the options

  • Camera
  • Photo & Library
  • Document
  • Location
  • Contact

If you want to see who else is in the group or who are the admins you can click the game of the group – group info and scroll down.

The all-new WhatsApp Stickers.

Another fun thing you can now do with WhatsApp is to use Stickers – WhatsApp has just launched these –so you will need to have the latest version of the App.

I’m not a big fan but I know people are.  These are in addition to the Gifs and Emojis you can use in the app.

You can then download sticker packs from the app and use them within your chats.

There is what looks like a note icon – where you would normally type your message, here you can choose your stickers.

You can even turn your own photos into WhatsApp Stickers.   I have not tried this yet but it is possible. You can use third-party stickers makers to create them, that’s another blog post.

So I hope you got some great tips from this blog post – How to use chat groups in Whatsapp.  I think these things are really important and should help you on your road to Whatsapp Chat groups.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions you might have (this got far too long as more questions came up) on any of my networks @michelledh on twitter probably the easiest.  Also if you want to know the best WhatsApp or Telegram groups for your niche – And look out for invites for groups on my networks.



Remove term: TripAdvisor is a Social Network TripAdvisor is a Social Network

New TripAdvisor is a Social Network

TripAdvisor has relaunched what they call social-assisted travel. Which they say enables members to get relevant recommendations and inspiration to plan your perfect trip. Which you can now do by now following friends brands influencers and travel experts. Wow, so the New TripAdvisor is a Social Network

It’s about time really – they had it all there, they are the worlds largest travel site – everyone knows TripAdvisor.  I often wondered just how difficult could it be to add following friends and a social feed.  Well, as of yesterday the 13th November 2018 this awaited launch happened.

The New TripAdvisor is a Social Network

Lets take a look

When first logged in this is what I saw – Welcome to the all-new Tripadvisor!

TripAdvisor is a Social Network

I decided to sign up with a new account to see how it worked now, and so far it’s seamless, no problems at all.

I signed up with my Google account so I didn’t even have to put in new passwords. It immediately used the profile picture that I have on that account. So you will have to add or change that if you don’t have one or want the same profile picture. You can also sign up with Facebook the same way or just use a different email and password.

TripAdvisor – Profile Page

I was given a generic username based on my email which I didn’t want so I just went to profile settings and changed it to @michelledharris the first one I chose had been taken.  I’m surprised I got that one actually. It doesn’t actually give your own Fancy URL yet, a must for branding ! … Its just a mass of numbers and letters so hopefully, this will be something we can have soon.   However as you can see on your profile you can also change your actual name – username – add your city – website and write your bio. Same as any other network.

TripAdvisor is a Social Network

TripAdvisor Banner / Cover Photo

I added a banner to my TripAdvisor social network profile by clicking my profile photo.

Edit Profile and Edit cover photo.  The size of the cover photo is the same size as before which 1400 x 425 it was a bit narrower, but its a fit to size thing which worked okay.  I’ll have to find out what this size is and let you know.   However, I added a few more details simple enough and my profile now looks like this – pretty neat.

On the right-hand side, you have a section on who to follow. I didn’t add my Facebook yet, or it would have suggested some friends.  But for now it was just brands, businesses, magazines, travel places, I followed a few and I now have a travel feed!

So now if you click Tripadvisor on the top left you will be brought to your Social Feed – which now looks like this.


If you want to share something on your own feed you look on the left.

Share your travel advice

Here you can share a photo like you would an update for any network or write a review.  I was hoping to be able to create an album, but you can only post one image at a time and have to describe each one, in a separate section.   But they say this isn’t the finished version so maybe you will be able to do this.

So, it seems pretty good – finally those travel places and pictures have a place of their own.  I wonder if this is going to make much difference to Instagram or Facebook, we will have to wait and see. But for now its exciting that now TripAdvisor is a Social Network   –  Its worth a look – let me know what you think and if you can add me @michelledharris

What is the USB-C and why do I need to know.

The USB-C is fast becoming the standard for charging and transferring data from our peripherals. All of the new phones, tablets, laptops are including them now, so I thought that it’s time I told you. What is the USB-C and why is everyone talking about it.

The USB-C doesn’t look like the standard USB plug you know and love, you know the one you try to put it in the right way round and fail most times! This one actually looks more like the Micro UBS connects with its tiny physical connector and rounded edges. And it has two great things going for it first it’s reversible – so it doesn’t matter which way you plug it in and second these USB Cables can carry much more power, so they can be used to charge large devices and charge faster.  Actually, they are twice as fast as a USB 3 at 10 Gpbs.

 What is the USB-C

What is the USB-C

The USB-C has actually been around for quite a while when its first specifications were published in 2014 but for some reason, it’s only now just caught on.   And it said to be the replacement for the old 3.5mm headphone jack too – Apple already replaced theirs with the lightning connector.   But the standards for UBS-C are closely intertwined with the UBS 3.1 for faster speeds.

The new MacBook from Apple and Googles Chromebook use UBS-C Ports already so we expect this to become the standard for them and others will follow.

Although this is all great stuff, we will have faster better charging rates but now all of our chargers are going to be obsolete.

Which brings me on to the reason for my post, my good friends at Inatech who are a company dedicated in electronic related products contacted me about reviewing some of their items.

Last year I reviewed the BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which I still use, so of course, I was happy to do so.

So they sent me these to look at

What is the USB-C

Inateck USB C Chargers

The first one – is a mixture, very handy and very shiny!

 Inateck USB C Charger with 30W USB C Power Delivery Port and 2 USB A ports.

This charger even comes with a free extra high-quality USB C 2M/6.6ft Type C charging cable: which can be also used with other chargers.

And 3 International detachable Travel Plugs – EU, UK, and US Standard Plugs

Specs are

  • 3-Ports: for fast-charging multiple devices with one USB Type C PD 2.0, and two smart charging USB A ports.
  • 30W USB C Fast Charging: The Type C port that supports power delivery output 30W capacity. Compatible with MacBook 2015/2016, Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL etc. Supports fast charging for Nintendo Switch, MacBook Air 13.3″,iPad pro 11″/12.9″, iPhone XS/ XS Max/ XR/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus (USB C to lightning cable not packaged).
  • Dual USB A ports: Supports charging two devices simultaneously. Offers optimal current for each device utilizing intelligent recognition technology. Ports compatible with iPhone XS/ XS

Compatible with

  • The New MacBook Air 13.3
  • iPad Pro 11
  • iPhone XS/XS Max/XR
  • plus has 2 USB A Ports for other devices UCC3002-BK

And the

60W PD Charger

Inateck 60W PD Charger with Dual USB C Ports.

This Charger also comes with a free extra high-quality USB C 2M/6.6ft Type C high-quality cable: which can be also used with other chargers.

And 3 International detachable Travel Plugs – EU, UK and US Standard Plugs

  • Laptop and Phone Charger: Dual C ports allow you to charge two devices like your laptop, tablet, or phone simultaneously with one charger.
  • Maximum 60W Power: Total output power reaches 60W (15W + 45W) when two ports are used simultaneously charging an iPhone/iPad or 12” MacBook. When only the second output port is used, total power can also reach 60W, fit for charging a 13” MacBook Pro.
  • Auto-recognition: The charger identifies optimal charging current and switches to safe charging speed. It’s compatible with various devices, with PD protocol supported.
  • Safety First: Manufactured from durable materials made to resist high temperature. Intelligent design offers full protection against overheating/overvoltage/overcharging.
  • What You Get: 1 charger, 3 detachable plugs of EU, UK, and US standard, one 2-meter C-C power cable, manual instructions in multiple languages, and friendly customer service.

Compatible with

  • New MacBook Air13.3″
  • New iPad Pro 11″/12.9″
  • MacBook Pro
  • Dell XPS
  • other Type C Devices CC01001

Top Quality

These USB-C  chargers arrived perfectly as described and they work. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any equipment from Inatech all of their products are top quality. They do exactly what they say on the tin, and always come very nicely packaged.   So if you do find yourselves having to get some of these, you know where to come.  I’m sure Apple will be doing them at 3 times the price at some point.

I almost forgot – I was also happy to receive

USB 3.0 Hub with Ethernet Adapter HBU3VL3

    • Add three USB3.0 superspeed ports and one RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port. A flexible solution for Ultrabooks, notebooks and tablets featuring USB interfaces.
    • Theoretical maximum transfer of up to 5 Gbps. Complete utilisation of Gigabit ethernet connection resources. 
    • Supports Hot Swap, Plug & Play, connected reciprocal compatibility with USB2.0/1.1/1.0.
    • Supports IPv4/IPv6 protocols, dual channel transfer mode, automatic transfer and data stream reversing regulation
  • Package Content: Inateck USB 3.0 Hub with 3*USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet Adapter; One driver CD; One operation manual

If you are looking for a USB 3 hub or need to connect a laptop to Ethernet because wireless it just too slow, these are very nicely priced.  And as I say a quality you can trust – I’ve bought some dodgy hubs from Amazon in the past but this is awesome.

So I hope that you know What is the USB-C now and why you are probably going to need these chargers soon.

Create Professional Designs for Cyber Monday or Black Friday Sales

I love design apps, you can create professional designs at the click of a button.  I’ve been a big fan of Canva for many years but I often use different apps or platforms for many reasons – so when Fotor asked me to take a look at their app and they would give a few months free to test it out – I, of course, said yes.  I thought what a better time to show you how to Create Professional Designs for Cyber Monday or Black Friday Sales

So let’s get into it

What is 

Fotor is a Photo Editor And Design maker all rolled into one, which you don’t often have.  Usually, I will edit the images somewhere else and then go to another app to create the design.

Create Professional Designs for Cyber Monday or Black Friday Sales

Photo Editing with Fotor

On the editing side – you can edit, colour, size, light and there are HDR effects for more advanced editing.

There are a stack of different filters to choose from

And they have touchup features so you can give yourself a makeover or add different effects

Create Professional Designs for Cyber Monday or Black Friday Sales

It’s so easy to create professional designs for any reason with all of these templates created by the talented graphic designers at Fotor.

Gone are the days when we had to use photoshop and worry about what size the social network was using this year, because it was always changing – now all of these apps just keep that information for us

So to create a design in Fotor you just click on the template you want, search for one or you can create from scratch.

Once you have chosen which you want you can edit the template by importing your own images, using your own font, or one of the 100s of fonts to choose from.  Add any background, and any stickers – shapes, icons or clip art.

Here you have more design tools, transparency, clone, colour picker, change sizes or other text options.

All these things make it so simple and quick to make something like this in seconds.


The Collages are great, you can choose from different templates like the ones shown or you can create your own from various shapes and sizes, different backgrounds text and stickers.

Once you have created your design you can download it in jpg – png or pdf – in high or normal quality.

These designs are then saved into “MY WORK”

Oh and I almost forgot one of my favorite parts – you can automatically resize your design.   This is brilliant saves so much time.


Freemium version of Fotor includes

  • Edit adjustment
  • Some photo effects
  • Basic portrait touch up
  • Classic contents (collage, templates etc.) to start with
  • Edit and save your work in basic formats
  • Basic HDR Tech
  • Sync photos and works in Fotor Cloud

Premium Version

but the Paid version, which is very reasonable, to be honest

(I can’t find it now as I have the paid version but it was something like $4.00 a month please check though)

gives you

  • Ad free
  • Uninterrupted, refined editing without unnecessary distraction
  • Advanced editing features
  • Professional editing features for perfect editing
  • Exclusive 100+ photo effects
  • Hundreds of artistically designed photographic effect
  • Advanced portrait touch up
  • Professional touch ups tools and more makeup tools
  • Unique and updated Edit content
  • 30+ stylized photo frames
  • 1000+ custom designed stickers (Online only)
  • Artistically designed backgrounds and textures
  • 100+ exquisite collage templates
  • Unique and updated Design content
  • 1000+ custom designed stickers
  • Artistically designed backgrounds and textures
  • 1000+ design templates dimensions streamlined for any usage
  • Advanced design features
  • More design options for convenient designing such as auto resizing
  • Advanced HDR Tech
  • High definition HDR technologies for the best possible finish
  • Massive storage in Fotor Cloud
  • Massive storage in Fotor Cloud to store more photos and gain easy access
  • Batch Processing
  • Quickly process dozens of photos and save time and effort
  • Edit more image formats and larger size images
  • Edit BMP, TIFF, RAW images with sizes above 2000 x 2000 regardless of picture quality

There are also plenty of tutorials to help you if you are a total beginner which is unusual for other apps or platforms.   I think  you are going to be able to Create Professional Designs for Cyber Monday or Black Friday Sales with this platform, check it out 🙂 You should have a look if you are slightly interested as there is so much its hard to cover it one one post.

There is also a Fotor mobile app too but to be honest, I’ve never got along with it, the same with Canva actually – I think to create great designs its so much easier on the PC.

Let me know what you think
Social Selling - Top Tips

Social Selling – Top Tips

Social Selling – Top Tips? Why do would you even need top tips for social selling?  A refresher maybe? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.  Someone famous said that I’m sure.

The buzzword(s) “Social Selling” didn’t really become popular until as late as 2016.  However, we’d been using it long before it was given that catchphrase, so much so you might be confused to what Social Selling actually is.   But don’t panic – if you have any presence on social media for you, your brand or your business you are probably doing some form of Social Selling.  For instance, if you have a Twitter account, a Linkedin Page, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Google+ page (let’s not discuss that) and are a savvy social being then it will mostly come naturally to you but you still need a strategy and you need to turn up.

What Social Selling is not

Social selling does not include one-way messages. Posting updates to Social Media and then leaving is not Social Selling. People say I want more likes, more followers and more sales so they go on social media and post one update usually an advert and leave.. nope, this isn’t going to work.

Social media users have never wanted to be sold to we know that.  Consumers want two-way conversations.  Users are there to connect with friends, make new connections and chat to people – they also want to find about about their favorite businesses and see what other people are saying about them.  Or to inform others about their own experiences with products or services.   The customer has become the person in charge, not the Brand.

Buyers are influenced on Social Media

 The Social Business Journal showed that 75% of buyers are influenced in their buying choices by what they find through social media channels, this is either through recommendations from friends and family, maybe influencers but definitely a business’ presence on social media has a huge influence on purchasing behavior.

The first rule to remember is if you are not Mercedes-Benz people aren’t going to want to connect with you if all you do is throw out ads about your products or services.  Real ads are great of course, you can target the right people on the right networks but just not all the time.

Social selling is about building relationships, it’s about creating trust, it’s about letting people know who you are so that they have the chance to know you and like you.


People want authenticity and trust. They want to know who other users recommend.  Which brings us slightly to influencers, influencers might be classed as social selling but aren’t they now becoming the new age advert – instead of being on TV every 15 mins its now on social media.  It was Reebok hiring in-house influencers that ruined it for me, camera lights action. I’m not sure, what do you think?  They have to declare if they have been given gifts or are promoting now at least that’s trust – but  was declaring it but was still slammed for this picture being too fake, one tweet went viral about how bad this post was and she even got death threats – thankfully, it didn’t seem to do her any harm.

So, why should I use Social Selling?

Social selling is about reaching your customers online.  According to the latest social media statistics, there are about 2.34 billion people worldwide on social media.  And to reach them businesses and brands need to be more visible to the now savvy digital buyer and create lasting relationships with them.

There are still boring things like funnels and closings and other prehistoric sales words used but basically, it’s about connecting with your potential customers, on social networks! Think about how you can provide value, engage, assist and nurture and when they do eventually want something that you supply they will know where to come.  And you didn’t need to constantly thrust adverts in their faces – sometimes yes, its fine to inform of your product or services, of course, need people to know what you provide.  The same with Business to business selling, with B2B the difference is that you need to develop these relationships with the CEO’s, the buyers or the decision makers.

Building relationships

So we now know that social selling is about building long-lasting relationships with your prospects and being there for them.  You need to make a plan on how you can best support and create value for your customers and prospects.  And remember to be yourself, and be human people don’t want to be responded to by an AI or a robot – or a tool.

It’s not difficult to find out what your customers or prospects are talking about by using social media listening or monitoring, you don’t even need tools for this although there are some great tools out there for social selling.

Being human and listening isn’t something you really need extra tools for. You already have the tools within your social networks. You have yourself and your brand and you have search! If you haven’t used Twitter’s search, check it out, it has so many options.

Never underestimate the use of lists on twitter another thing you don’t even need tools for – although something like Hootsuite or TweetDeck are very handy to be able to see many streams at once.

Do not rush! Be careful not to jump in too soon, although its so easy to do that, stand back.

Social selling takes time,  and each network is different but there are a few very basic metrics that apply to all.

It is most important to get your base set up right – so make sure your Branding is perfect and your social media profiles are all set up correctly.  Make sure your brand is recognizable

Social Selling – Top Tips

Social Selling – Top Tips

  1. Set your goals
  2. Create a plan
  3. Discover your niche
  4. Research your competition
  5. Make sure you are on the relevant networks
  6. Optimise your Branding
  7. Build your reputation
  8. Optimise your bio
  9. Identify prospects/customers on those networks
  10. Create lists

That’s your set up is done, this is where most people leave it – and just post some of their blogs or pictures of their products now and then and expect RIO.

But no this is the important part…

  1. Turn up
  2. Follow/friend/like/comment
  3. Communicate/engage on social networks
  4. Participate & engage in groups.
  5. Be authentic
  6. Listen
  7. Provide value
  8. Be consistent
  9. Build trust
  10. Nurture

You may recognise it as the same formula as always or not but this blog turned out to be much longer than I expected and we have only touched the outlines but its a start get out there and do some Social Selling with these, Social Selling – Top Tips.  You will see a difference if you aren’t using this strategy.

If you want more details or help drop me a line on any of my social networks or email