As if by magic… Shazam!

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Shazam®, the world’s leading mobile discovery provider, according to reports, has the world’s biggest mobile music application.

Shazam music recognition already has millions of users over various types of platforms, now also available with added extra’s on the iPad. As its my most used application, (apart from twitter apps) I wanted to rave about it to you.

Today I saw that Shazam will be launching Shazam Encore for Android users to offer a premium service model in addition to the free service with limited options in discovering music on mobile phones. Antonio Wells

I have the application on iPhone and I use it all of the time! 

Just in case you don’t know what it is, let me explain in real words…

v    You are sitting watching a film, you love the theme tune or a track that is played during the film, so you think you will wait until the credits to see what it is so that you can buy it.  The credits don’t show it …… Fail.

v    You are in the car you hear a track on the radio, you know it but you cannot remember what its called and its really bugging you.  You wait until the end of the song, the DJ doesn’t say what it was …. Fail.

v    You are at a pub/gig/bar a track is playing, you try to remember some of the words so that you can look it up on the internet later, you don’t remember the words ……. Fail.

That was me all the time, I have a terrible memory for names of bands and or tracks, which proves even more difficult.

This is where Shazam music recognition comes in, you hear a track you want – open the application, press tag now, and Shazam immediately brings up an album cover with the Artist and Track names, how clever is that? Brilliant, I love it.

When it comes up with the track, you then have a number of options:

·        iTunes – to buy the track instantly
·        Twitter
·        Facebook
·        send postcard (email)
·        Send Tags as a Tweet to followers; to your Facebook mini-feed or even as a postcard to friends so they can add the Tag to their own collection in Shazam.

·        Location Map

·        Track review

·        Biography

·        Discography

·        YouTube – see a video of the track instantly

And all this is on the free version!!

With the premium version you are not limited the amount of tracks you can tag in a month, so I had to move over to the premium (I didn’t get the free version early when you guys had unlimited). 

Shazam Encore exclusive features include:

·        Improved speed performance

·        Music recommendations

·        Find what’s hot and popular

·        Search music

·        Drive and Tag

·        Track the music journey 

·        Learn more about the music

·        Personalise Tags

·        Store pending Tags: even when you don’t have a data connection, you can still capture the music moment. The pending Tag can be sent later when you’re back in Wi-Fi or data coverage.

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The only thing missing is Lyrics, I’d love that, I’m always looking up lyrics but we cannot get this on Shazam in the UK and yet are apparently are available in the US! 

Come on Shazam! Make it even more perfect for me, with Lyrics.

What do you use Shazam on and in what way?