Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit

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Do you use TrueTwit?  Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit?  If you use Twitter you will probably have heard of TrueTwit which calls itself a validation account. That must be harmless enough you think? All you want to do is protect yourself from unsavory followers.

As you know I usually like to support games and apps with a mention and to help you, my readers know whats out there, what is new and what is great to use or play.  I realise that anything that is created is someones hard work and that they think its great. TrueTwit clearly think they are great but there are many people being annoyed by how it works, maybe they might think about changing how they do things.

Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit

You might be thinking what is a Twit, is that a good thing? It could be that Twit may be just an English word – so I shall explain the definition of the word Twit

Full Definition of TWIT

:  a silly annoying person :  fool

What exactly is TrueTwit

True Twit says that it stops you wasting time with spammers on Twitter – it verifies people from robots – avoids twitter spam – saves you time managing your followers.

This is what sucks people in, people that are struggling with social media management and want an easy way out – but its not the way to go…. much better to hire a social media manager if you have no idea what you are doing.

What does TrueTwit do

It sends annoying DM’s called TrueTwit Validation to people that have taken the time to follow you – people that hope that you will follow back and that you can create a connection with.

truetwitWhat appears in users DMs (private messages on Twitter) is above. Receivers of this message can’t even DM  you back because you aren’t following them yet, that is frustrating in itself.

This appears like spam because people you follow are just sending DMs with links into our private message area.

Now your followers (new twitter users) think that the only way they will get a follow back is by filling in the verification – and they only way around having to complete the CAPTCHA is to sign up for it themselves, and so goes the circle, a circle that needs to be broken.


I personally hate auto DMs anyway – whatever the reason – and I don’t even open them anymore, as they are usually all asking you to sign up for this or that and to do something, they all want something, and this is the same, its a waste of time. However, sometimes to be nice, I will tweet the person Hi – I don’t use truetwit and if they reply all well and good – if not I assume they are completely auto and unfollow.

Maybe people do not realise but this action of sending an auto DM asking users to prove that they are real can lose you followers. First because it creates a first impression of you that you can’t be bothered to engage, and second it proves that you are the one automation.  Which looks really really bad for anyone in a marketing or social media position using this service.

Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit

TrueTwit claims it stops bots from connecting with you – well it doesn’t, bots or spammers could probably complete a CAPTCHA anyway.

If you want to carry on using the service but want to stop sending out DMs you have sign up for the paid version… but why?

It seems it is probably only people that are new to twitter that get sucked into using TrueTwit because just about everyone you speak to doesn’t like it – they don’t like the spam emails or the fact that the people using it aren’t connecting like a real person would, which is what Twitter is all about.

How to stop using TrueTwit

If you have signed up and you didn’t mean to or you want to stop sending out DMs its simple
 Go to
  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Find True Twit
  • Revoke Access
These images from the @StoptrueTwit twitter account: check them out.
Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit


What are Twitter users saying about TrueTwit
That is just a small selection of people, I think it just about says it all.

If you use TrueTwit and thinks it really helps you to grow you followers, stop spam and increase your engagement on twitter I would LOVE to hear from you – I’ve only been on the receiving end, and who knows, maybe I’m wrong – it has been known. 🙂