And now for something completely NOT different – Chatroulette 2

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Chatroulette came back today after a week offline when we (parents/others) were hoping that they were having a spring clean to dust away all of the cobwebs (Nasty bits).

Sadly not, from what I hear it is still the same, the cobwebs still there, in all their glory! One report from Mashable  said that it was a full 4 mins of refreshing before the naked male appendages stopped appearing on the screen.


I really did think that’s why they took it offline for so long.  From what I’ve read there are a few interface changes here and there and if you don’t have a camera installed you won’t see images. It doesn’t seem as if it is fully up and running so that might change.  All in all nothing very exciting at all.

Its highly blogged, talked, written that its just full of perverts and people connecting simply to have a laugh at the perverts for a brief moment until the novelty wears off. Usually after a few minutes of watching old men play with themselves.

I do agree that Andrey Ternovskiy,  had a good idea for this site, for a good reason, video chat with your friends, great. But is there anyone that actually uses it for that? I don’t think so. Chatroulette know the problem, they once said they were working to clean it up, so why is it still the same?

Was all this downtime just to get a bit of publicity?  To get people talking about Chatroulette again, as it had all got a little boring?  Well its still mind-numbingly tiresome and it still needs to be free of those cobwebs.