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An Online Book Of Memories About Your Childs DevelopmentRather than just sharing all of your childrens images on Facebook – how about an online book of memories about your childs development, where you can share pictures and images directly with the people that actually want to see them, rather than all of your friends on Facebook.  Yes, harsh as it may seem, not everyone needs to see how little Johnny is getting on with his potty training.

An Online book of memories about your childs development

Thats what a new network is about – its your own online baby book plus a social network of moms or parents where you can…

  • Keep track of your childs development
  • Share the big moments with your close friends and family
  • Connect to the global parenthood community
  • Save all your photos and videos

I asked Morten Bitsch dad of three from Denmark and the founder of to tell us the story behind the network

I set out to create a niche social network site. I wanted a site that made the experience of sharing pictures, videos and text posts with my closest family and friends about my children’s development more rich and meaningful.

So I created a tailor-made niche site for parents to share the highs and lows in a safe, contextual and feel-good environment. I do not want to share everything with my 300 Facebook fiends…but I do want to share a lot with those who truly mean the most to me – with those who stand closest to my heart – maybe 20 or 30 people – true close friends and family.

I think its a fantastic idea, only the people you want to will see the images, its like your own private world – Morten told me that initially it was aimed at moms but they soon realised that they were leaving out an important person – the dad, so the website – which is still in Beta, is going through a change already.


An Online Book Of Memories About Your Childs Development Features

There are two types of profiles: Mother and Follower – which will soon change from Mother to Parent.

Parent has “Timeline View” as the main page after login

Followers have “Follower view” as the main page after login – a sort of dashboard where e.g the grandparents can follow all their grandchildren’s development and help upload material about the child (pictures, videos, registering milestones, writing about funny moments etc).

The parent can choose to share – either on Twitter, Facebook or publish each post to her own blog which has a url / address that is accessible to all (including non users)

Media Gallery

The parent also has a media gallery where she can see everything that is uploaded media to her profile – regardless of the date it was uploaded. All followers can post what they want on her profile (like a wall on Facebook).

Inviting Friends

There is a Invite friend and family function as the mother uses to personally invite Followers her profile. There are 3 ways to invite: Via Facebook message if it is a FaceBook friend, or via email, or by copying an invitation url that she can send itself by email to his family and his friends.

A safer place to share your childrens pictures online


Parent or followers can mark when her child has reached a certain milestone in its development – eg. being able to walk, or to say “Mom”. The milestone is then displayed on the Time-line with other images, posts and videos. Uploader App

There is a Uploader App (for iOS and Android) that makes it easy to upload text, photos and videos to – either for your own profile or to another parents profile to help build their book of memories.

As I said the site is still in Beta, but should be all finished by June – Morten intends to keep it as a free service and will hopefully make money to keep the site going by selling paper versions of the site a “child’s book of memories” which would be a great keepsake or a gift for grandparents.

I’d suggest you check it out – if you’d like An Online book of memories about your childs development.