Am I an Xbox Widow?

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Xbox widows are people that complain that their spouses are playing on the Xbox all the time, that they are in second place to the console.

You can read on websites that some people are relegated to the bedroom to watch the 14inch portable TV all night, while their partner plays on the Xbox on the 42inch plasma.

When playing Xbox you might hear someone saying they have to sign out as their other-half wants to watch Eastenders or Big Brother and it will be divorce if they don’t.
There’s even a Facebook group for it
A forum
And a support group
Some sound really extreme, like the guys that don’t work and just spend 24/7 playing on the Xbox but generally its just the evenings people seem to complain about,  griping that they don’t get any time with their spouses or the TV. Basically they feel unloved or replaced by the Xbox.
Thank goodness I don’t have that problem. 
We like gaming in this house.  We have 2 Xboxes, a playstation2 (not a PS3 we aren’t greedy), one main PC and some laptops and “stuff”.
We do spend family time together often but we don’t sit down every evening, all evening, slumped in front of Eastenders or Coronation Street or any other mind numbing program. 
I have never watched TV very much.  Even when I was younger and had my own lovely bedsit in Balham, I didn’t bother getting a TV as I preferred to listen to music or read a book, and my then bf thought I was poor and bought me a TV, or was he was bored with sitting in my bedsit, having to talk to me?
Nowadays I prefer to be to be designing, social networking, blogging, working, writing, playing games or just surfing on the internet. I used to play the Xbox more than I do now, but I choose to be at my desk, working away at something. This may all change when Kinect comes out though, for a few months anyway! πŸ˜‰
When the boys are playing their Xboxes here it gives me peace and quiet to do what I want. So no, I’m not a widow, I rejoice in it!  Otherwise I would be the one getting moaned at for being on the internet or at my desk all the time, its happened before.
When the TV isn’t being used and I find myself suddenly in charge of the Xbox and the TV, I get my fix of gaming on the Xbox.  Here lies a problem – I use the TV so rarely I always forget which remote to use, which buttons to press and which channel to go on. This is truly embarrassing; me, the gadget girl can’t work a TV! I do however eventually remember or suddenly discover the correct buttons πŸ™‚  and then I get stuck in, those hours then pass so quickly… until the next fix.
So maybe Xbox widows just need something for themselves, a hobby? Something that doesn’t involve the TV and then they won’t feel so left out.
Either that or get a bigger house and another 42″ TV – Job done.