Alleged Photos of Jamie Bulger’s Killers shown on Social Networks

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Picture from the ForJames Memorial Trust –

James Patrick Bulger was murdered on the 12 of February,  20 years ago he was just two years old. The horrific abduction, torture and murder was carried about by two ten year old children – Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, who are said to be the youngest convicted killers in Modern day England, forever more known as Jamie Bulger’s Killers.

Jamie Bulger’s Killers appearing on Facebook

It might not be coincidence that alleged photos of the convicted murderers Jon Venables and Robert Thompson started to appear on social media networks on this anniversary. The original pictures have been removed but now there are others appearing in our timelines.  There is actually an injunction which prevents the publication of images of the two and a ban on publishing anything at all revealing their whereabouts.

Please don’t share these posts.

The Attorney Generals Office are not confirming or denying that these images are real or not – the powers that be have launched an investigation,  and will no doubt be searching for who first shared the images. As we are now seeing many different photos one can safely say that some are a definitely hoax, these pictures should NOT be shared. Who knows who these people are and if they are now in danger. I won’t be posting any of the alleged pictures here, I’m sure you’ve seen some.

Driven to suicide after being accused of being on of Jamie Bulger’s Killers

It started as a rumour and spread and look at what happened to this guy who ended up killing himself after being tormented and accused of being Robert Thompson.

Thompson and Venables were convicted of murder and served eight years in prison before being freed in 2001 and issued with secret new identities to protect them from vigilantes.

Although its understandable that people are still angry and upset over the barbaric killing of an innocent boy – we all are.  However we need to realise, that not all we read or see on the internet is real, and we must not share anything unless we have confirmed they are legitimate or legal to share.

We go back to Hurricane Sandy when people were posting and sharing horrific FAKE pictures of the devastation over and over again, worrying friends and family of people living in the area.

As these alleged photos of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables are still circulating, it wouldn’t surprise me if a hacker latched on to this story and started sending out viruses or phishing scams attached to similar images or links.

Beware of Fake images on the internet – especially on social networks, it is so easy to just click share – think first.