Alexa is listening and recording - How to delete Amazon voice recordings

Alexa is listening – How to delete Amazon voice recordings

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How to delete Amazon voice recordings, why would you need to do that?

Well, if you have an Amazon device such as Amazon EchoAmazon Echo Dot  Amazon Echo Plus  Amazon Echo Spot  Echo Show 8 or the new Echo Dot With Clock and you might love talking to her.  However, you may not know but Alexa is listening and Amazon stores voice messages you give to Alexa. The recordings are to train Alexa.   haha well no I think this is actually true. However many people are worried that we are giving away too much information to Facebook Apple Amazon and Google, even Microsoft and Netflix.  We have no privacy as it is and now we find they are storing what we say to our virtual assistants for their own gain or could be?

How to delete Amazon voice recordings

Sensitive customer data in the Alexa system (such as voice recordings) is stored in databases and encrypted at
rest and in transit, using Amazon’s internal key management systems.  From an Alexa report

I wouldn’t mind if it was just too improve Alexa, she has to learn. However firstly, Amazon reported employs a global teams that transcribes the voice commands captured after the wake word (Alexa) is said and secondly mistakes can and have happened

Alexa’s mistakes

People are so concerned about safety proved The top five hacked passwords that they are watching what they say in front of Alexa. Just incase they are being listened to like when – Amazon Alexa creepily recorded and sent out family conversations . It seems that Alexa was triggered by hearing her name Alexa – the audio is then recorded so that Alexa knows how to respond, so by the time she replies the message is recorded, if it were a mistake or not.

Another time where Amazon sent 1,700 Alexa voice recordings to the wrong user following data request .  Which evidently was human error not Alexa’s fault and an isolated incident!  These things were a couple of years ago now and Amazon say they have fixed many of these errors. Even so people still need to know How to delete Amazon voice recordings

Alexa can also respond to her call by beeping and you will see a blue light when its recording if you are not hearing a beep sound you can turn that on in settings.

Turn on Sound Notifications

Ask Alexa to open setting scroll down to Sounds and notifications and turn on Start of request (and even end of request) 

Alexa Privacy Issues

There are still lots of concerns floating around about the privacy of these systems. Especially with the new devices – Echo Loop, Echo Frames and the glow for kids. I feel seeing as Amazon give us the option why not just delete the voice recordings and know how to delete them daily.

How to delete Amazon voice recordings

Its really simple to delete Amazon voice recordings just head over to Amazon and log in.

Go to the Alexa Privacy settings page and select Review Voice History.

  1. Select one of the options under Date Range.
  2. Mark the recorded interactions you want to delete, and then select Delete Selected Recordings.
Tip: Delete all voice recordings by selecting All History from the Date Range section. Then select Delete All Recordings for All Time.

Or on the device itself Amazon say

Personal device users can can view and delete specific voice recordings associated with their accounts
by going to History in Settings in the Alexa app, drilling down for a specific entry, and then tapping on the
delete button. Or, personal device users can delete all voice recordings associated with their accounts for each
of their Alexa-enabled products by selecting the applicable product at Manage Your Content and Devices.
Deleting voice recordings may degrade your Alexa for Business experience.


Set up enable deletion by voice

How to delete Amazon voice recordings

Just turn on the switch and test it out.

So now you know that Alexa is listening and recording – and how to delete Amazon voice recordings!

Hopefully we are all safer now 🙂