After the 50 Days of Lulz ended – Anonymous promise surprising release.

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Hackers Lutz Security announced their final release at the weekend, after 50 days of disruption for various corporations and governments and even Joe blogs on occasion.

Their final day of tweets on the 26th of June were these….

Lulz statement “50 days of Lulz”  inform us that it was a planned 50 days of uninterrupted, chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy.  And that they believe that they have brought back the AntiSec movement that started in 1999, which they truly believe in.

The Anti Security Movement

(also written as antisec and anti-sec) is a movement opposed to the computer security industry. It attempts to censor the publication of information relating to but not limited to: software vulnerabilitiesexploits, exploitation techniques,hacking tools, attacking public outlets and distribution points of that information. Movement followers have cited websites such asSecurityFocusSecuriteamPacketStormSecurity, and milw0rm to be targets of their cause, as well as mailing lists like “full-disclosure”, “vuln-dev”, “vendor-sec” and Bugtraq, as well as public forums and IRC channels.

During lulz  last days they released documents stolen from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and files that contain internal data from AOL and a variety of user details and private information from various websites.

Don’t think its time to breathe easy, as much as it seemed that you could, as one tweet from LulzSec informs AntiSec enthursiasts to join Annoymous; who yesterday aparently released  files containing documents with FBI addresses and links to security and hacking resources on the internet, including hacking tools.  Anonymous on Twitter yesterday also promised more torrent releases today with some surprises! So its not all over.

Six days ago anonymous realised this video explaining about operation anti sec

I wonder what is next ……..

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