Adding and Removing parts from your new Facebook Profile – Timeline.

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Facebook’s Timeline is more visual than the old Profile page – its wider and it is going to contain your posts, photos and life events, including the date they happened.

People appear to be concerned about this.  They are worried some of these posts, photos or happenings might contain items from the past that they would rather not see again, or want other people to see constantly on one page.

Timeline – You decide. 

You don’t need to worry, although Facebook is going to summarise your Timeline automatically you can add or remove any parts of your story that you want.

If there are important topics that haven’t been included in your Timeline you can go back to when they happened and just add them or you can go to your “private activity log” and add it to your timeline from there.

How do I remove a story from my timeline?

Hover over a story on your timeline to see your options:
(Feature on Timeline): This allows you to highlight the stories you think are important. When you star a story, the story expands to widescreen. Starred stories are also always visible on your timeline.(Edit): This gives you the option to:
  • Hide from Timeline: This removes stories from your timeline. Note that these stories will still show up in your activity log, which only you can see. They also may appear in your friend’s News Feeds.
  • Depending on the type of story (ex: status update, checkin, tagged photo), you may also have the option to:

    1. Change the date of a story (ex: for an old photo, you can enter the date the photo was taken so it shows up in the right place on your timeline)
    2. Delete a post (that you posted)
    3. Report a post or mark it as spam (that someone else posted)
Remember: You can also see the audience of stories you and your friends share from your timeline, and change the audience of things that you share.

Hope this helps.



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