Addicting Indie Adventure Game – Spud’s Quest

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SPUDSQUESTLOGOSpud’s Quest is a fabulous indie adventure game created by Chris Davis from Derby UK, that takes you back in time as it was inspired by classics such as the Dizzy series, Zelda and Metroid.

Talk about nostalgia, yes – I’m emotional!

Chris has been interested in making games since he got hold of the ZX Sprectrum age 12, since then has taught himself to sprite and code games.

Spud’s Quest was successfully funded 120% on back in November 2012 on  Kickstarter with its 475 backers raising £6000

I first noticed this game from chat floating around on Twitter – It seems that Chris, who is on @SpudsQuest has done a wonderful job raising awareness on this Game.  Somewhere I saw someone ask him, how many on the Dev team – “Just me,” he answered.

I love Platform Puzzle Games, and the name “Spud’s Quest” intrigued me,  so I had to check it out more –  I saw that @beetlebear of @indiegamehq was reviewing it on Twitch.tv and giving away keys – so I popped over to have a look, I was impressed!   Its not often that you see a game like this that is so charming , with a story so fascinating you just have to carry on. The graphics are fantastic, the music just fits so perfectly with very smooth gameplay – just awesome, I couldn’t wait to have a go, so  I went straight over and downloaded the demo. (link below)


Spud’s Quest – Story

Spud, (who is a small, round and blue) and his friend the frog, who of course is prince charming go on a journey through many lands, dungeons and levels to uncover four ancient stones to free prince charming of his curse.

Spud’s Quest – Adventure

On your journey to save the prince you find and collect items that you will need to advance to the next part, such as a key to open a door.  One annoying thing – I mean challenging part is that you can only hold 4 items, well you are very small and round. So, you need to remember where items are, so that if you need to you can come back later to collect them.    Talk to all of the characters in the game and they will often give you clues or tasks to complete and you will get a reward, to unlock another piece of the puzzle.

There are little blue diamonds throughout the game, as on the image – this is where you save you game, remember to save as often as possible, as its frustrating having to redo a large section of the game, as always.

The controls you can change to whatever you like but the standard settings are..

  • Arrow UP – Jump
  • Arrow Left – Go Left
  • Arrow Right – Go Right
  • Space Bar – Action/Inventory
  • Z – Fire/Shoot
  • C – Switch between Spud and Frog
  • X – Jump
  • Esc – Quit Game


Spuds Quest – Updates

Spuds Quest is in Beta and Chris is continually updating the game, just today he added 25 accolades (achievements) and said he will probably be adding more.  Things just got even better !

I can’t  think of anything that I would like to change about this game – Full screen? Got – Hints, done.

Spuds Quest is currently waiting to get on to Steam, you can help with this by voting for its Greenlight – it costs you nothing, please help Spud’s Quest go Green

You will be charmed, taken back in time and addicted to this game within minutes – check out the DEMO and tell me you weren’t.

The full game costs just £4.99 (on the same link as the demo) which is absolutely worth it – I’ve been playing for ages and am only 4% done!  Okay so maybe I’m slow due to testing reasons! 🙂

Support indie games, lets spread the word. #spudsquest