A Pillow fight in Trafalgar Square?!

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If you were passing Trafalgar Square today – you would be forgiven in thinking that hawks had attacked a million pigeons; but no it was just a pillowfight!  A rather huge pillow fight.

Today is International Pillow Fight Day !

This has been very successful now for the last 3 years, however its really grown this year. Its all about the Urban Playground Movement, whose goal is it to get people off their sofas and to socialise outside in the big wide world using it as our own urban playground.

Everyone is talking about #pillowfight on Twitter, there are events organised all over the world. Union Square, San Francisco is just one of the many in the USA.  Austrailia has one at Victoria Square, Amsterdam; Dam Square. Bangalor in India too.

This map shows where all the events are happening.

How amazing is that!

At least 1700 people were expected at the event in Trafalgar Square at 3pm today after clicking attending on Facebook invite organised by #ldnpillowfight @ldnpillowfight however it is believed that 1000 people arrived to pulverise others with a pillow.  Which is still a fantastic turn out.

I watched the events evolve from photos that Jennifer Hardi Aka @JHardi posted on twitter.  Jen kindly let me use some of her photos for this post.

It looks like great fun was had by all!

Take cover!

It all ended by a finishing horn sounding and everyone throwing their pillows in the air!

Have you been pulverised by a pillow today? Where and when did you go?