A Beginners Guide to New Twitter

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So here we have a beginners guide to new twitter, for noobs, newbies.  We’ve all been there, but with #newtwitter I think it is even more difficult than before.  So here are some instructions if you have just joined Twitter.

Wow!  You’ve finally succumbed to signing up to Twitter.com  I knew you would – even though you said you never would but maybe you think it all looks very boring, too complicated, and no-one is talking to you. Yes, its really different to Facebook.  Well. don’t be put off by that, it does take a little while to set up and get going.

First of all, its a bit pointless doing your first tweet right away….

“Hello Twitter I’m here”        without any followers, as no one can see it yet. (Well apart from any stalkers you may have searching on Google)

First things first you need to  –  Create your Profile Page.

On the right you see your Twitter name, click that and then click settings

Account Tab

  • Fill in all of your account details,
  • Tick boxes – I wouldn’t advise ticking, add a location to your tweets or any boxes until you get to the bottom and tick HTTPS only. (You can always change this later)
  • Notifications – This is a good one to check to see how often and what emails you want sent, I don’t have any sent to me as I always check twitter anyway.
  • Click Save

Profile Tab

  • Add your profile picture and fill all of this page in.
  • Web address – this can be anything you like, blog, facebook page, whatever.
  • Bio – Complete this in 160 chars, some people put something funny, some about their job or hobbies, but put something about yourself, it helps people follow you.  I don’t follow people with no bio’s usually.
  • Click Save

Design Tab

  • You can change this if you like now, or you can leave it until later.
  • Choose from different backgrounds
  • Choose different design colours
  • Click Save
Who to follow 
Now you are ready to follow some people – click  “Who To Follow
Options are…
  • View Suggestions – Opens up but this will be mostly celebrities, which aren’t likely to follow you back but you might like to see what they or their PR are saying.
  • Find friends – Here you can find your own friends that use Twitter but clicking Search contacts on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Aol or Linkedin.
  • Browse Interests – This has topics of people you might want to follow.
  • Search – You can search name or topic here.

The Blue Tick means that the person is a celeb or a famous person and that they have verified their account. Which means that it is them and not a fake.  To find normal people that are more likely to tweet you or follow you back scroll down.


When you find someone you want to follow you click the green circle with the + sign – and it will say following.  Great you are following your first person – This does not mean that they are following you and that they can hear what you say, they need to follow you to do that.

You can however tweet them,  if you click on the black figure next to follow it has these options

  • Mention – This is to tweet them directly
  • Add to list – This is to add them to a list that you have created
  • Block  – This is to block them from seeing your tweets
  • Report – This is to report them for spam.

To tweet someone (talk to or message them) directly – you click mention and type your message.

Okay so you’ve completed your profile and followed some people – maybe by now some people might have followed you back, you can see this on the left it says following, and followers – you need followers for them to see your tweets – unless you @mention someone.

So let us click on home…

Here you will see your Timeline – where you will see tweets of people that you are following.

Next to that you will see @mentions or @yourname and if you click this you will see all of the messages to you.

To type a message to some directly you go to the “Whats Happening” box  and you put an @ in front of their twitter name, like this @techieminx and then the message.

To reply to a tweet move your mouse underneath the tweet, where it says the time, and you will see some options

Favorite, Retweet, and Reply.

  • Reply to reply a box pops up and then type your message.
  • Favorite puts this tweet in your favorites to look at later
  • Retweet send the tweet out again to your followers from you.

Direct Messages which are private messages to another users are found at the top next to profile – messages.  –  If you type a message in this area it means that hopefully no one will ever see them apart from the person that you are sending it too.

So I think you are ready to go – or you could leave it for a while and then when you come back the people you have followed might have followed back or you might have other followers.

There is so much more, but I think once you get started you will figure the rest out, its just that inital – “What the heck is this” feeling at the start.

If you get stuck message me @techieminx and I will of course help with any questions regarding Twitter you may have.  Even follow me, and I’ll follow back.


Oh… one word of warning, NEVER click on a link in a DM that someone has sent you, even your best friend – it is most likely a hacking attempt or spam, if someone wants to send you a link they should send it as an @mention, so it is in your time line.

Hope  beginners guide to new twitter was of some help.