A Beginners Guide to New Twitter (Part 2) The RT

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If you liked my beginners guide to newtwitter  and it helped you, this may help too.

What is an RT ? 

Retweets were actually started by users of twitter as a way of sharing content they have read and enjoyed to their own followers and at the same time giving recognition to the original tweeter.   Sharing content after all is a HUGE part of twitter, to me its what twitter is all about, I’ve read some amazing articles by some brilliant people.

How to RT

You may have seen an RT  in this form on twitter –

RT @username message here 

This is sometimes called a  manual RT – which was how it all started.  If this is done manually  the person that Tweeted the message in the first place @username will see it in their timeline, exactly as you typed it, and so will your followers.

How to do a manual RT –

Copy the content of the tweet  
hit reply
type RT before the @username
paste the copied text after the @username
you may or may not want to put an additional message ie – interesting post. 
hit send.  

RT stands for Retweet – this means that you liked the message so much that you are going to re-tweet it to your followers, ie; share it again. People like to be shared, Retweeted and they also like to know who has done this.

Users tend to follow people that Retweet. I have gained lots of followers and friends by Re-tweeting peoples content, and its also nice to comment on the article if you have time.  Obviously you don’t go around Retweeting anything you read, only if you enjoyed it or think it will be beneficial to your followers.

RT could really mean,  Read This or Listen to this!

The other way is to click the Retweet button underneath the message and it will bring up a box that says Retweet this to your followers.

Most of the time this will not appear in the original tweeters’ timeline depending on what application is being used. So unless they go looking to see who RT’d their tweet they will not know.   Also when it appears in your own followers timeline, it will not show that you shared it but it shows the picture of the original tweeter.  This always throws me as I see the picture and think Who’s that!! then I notice it says very faintly retweeted (two arrows) by and the name.

The good thing about this way of RTing is if you get lots of RT’s they don’t take over timeline with your own message, this was said by a popular tweeter, who got hundreds of RT’s –  imagine that in your timeline.

I might choose now between the two, mostly I use the manual RT but sometimes if they are very popular tweeters I use the manual one.

Who Retweeted me?

If you want to see who has Retweeted your posts you have to go into Retweets, which is beside @mentions and click on your tweets, retweeted.  Here you will see a list of messages of yours that have been retweeted, if you click the small arrow in a cirle – you will get more information, like; who retweeted it.

Hope this helps.