How to review and delete Facebook apps

Some people have been asking How to review and delete Facebook apps.  Overtime we forget how many applications that we have allowed access to Facebook – For which our friends information and our own information is being stored by some of these apps and we might not even be using them any more. You probably don’t even realise how many applications you have connected to your Facebook account – I know I add a lot but I had no idea how many.  Maybe it was a one off that you allowed an application to Facebook and you’ve now forgotten about. […]

When Facebook was down #facebookdown

When Facebook was down #facebookdown

When Facebook goes down – its funny to see everyone rushing to other networks to ask – if in fact facebook is down for everyone or just you. When Facebook was down yesterday, thats what everyone did and even the hashtag #facebookdown was trending. This was the second time in two months that Facebook has been down.  It seemed to be worldwide but Facebook said it wasn’t  – it started about 4 pm UK time on Friday the 1st of August and it was only really working properly again 2 hours later, although some could get back on earlier, and […]

Stop facebook game invites

3 Ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites

I see many Facebook users complaining on Facebook about some notifications they receive, especially game invites. There are actually 3 different ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites.  It really doesn’t take long and could stop these people from blowing a fuse every time someone invites them to the same game. Unfortunately your friend probably doesn’t even realise that they have sent you an invite as when they accept the game they give it access to their address book, and to post on their behalf.  This doesn’t make it okay but its just a fact that people don’t read the fine print, […]

Giraffe profile pictures

Giraffe profile pictures on Facebook

Yesterday I started seeing giraffe pictures pop up on peoples Facebook profiles, I didn’t think anything of it as people are often putting crazy pictures up in support of something.  However, today I started to see a load more, so I had to ask what’s with the Giraffe profile pictures Giraffe profile pictures It turns out there is a riddle going around: The Giraffe riddle challenge – if you get the riddle wrong, you have to put up a giraffe profile picture up for three days, and if you get it right, then everyone has to say how wonderful you are. […]

Facebook Safety Tips

Graph Search – Facebook Safety Tips

With Facebook’s Graph Search being launched in its beta to everyone who uses Facebook in U.S English –  its always helpful to have a few Facebook Safety Tips.  People will be able to search for photos, places, and interests on Facebook, so these are the items you need to concentrate on, although Facebook said that it will be that everything eventually will be searchable . Nothing will appear in Graph Search unless you want it to, your privacy will remain intact as long as you use Facebook Correctly (So they say).   Graph search is personalised so if I searched […]


How to change Facebook Profile to a Page

You might think it would complicated to change Facebook Profile to a Page but its actually not long as you make sure you do a few things first, its pretty straight forward and very quick. Why might you want to change your Facebook Profile to a Facebook page If you started up Facebook Profile for a business or organisation and now realise that you can have a page just by converting it, taking all of your followers with you, which will now LIKE your page automatically. Having likes to start business page is fantastic and its great of Facebook to […]