Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg to build own AI

There has been a lot of predictions recently about how 2016 is going to be huge for AI (Artifical Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality) So the announcement that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is going to build his own AI (Similar to Jarvis in Iron Man) as his own personal challenge this year shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Mark announced on his Facebook profile page that every year he sets himself a challenge and every challenge has a theme, this year’s challenge is invention.  And that is to build himself a simple AI to run his home and help him with […]

Facebook Hoax – Mark Zuckerberg IS NOT giving you money.

So this Facebook Hoax has been going around a while now and I just feel I need to inform you – that it is a Facebook Hoax – Mark Zuckerberg is not giving you money. I don’t think he would even be happy that his original message for his daughter his now being used by users to spam other users with a hoax. We have seen so many of these over the years, I thought we could recognise them by now  – Free Oakleys – Gold Membership – Switch to Pink and the list goes on. Facebook Hoax – Mark Zuckerberg is […]

What is Notify App – From Facebook

In was in the news yesterday that Facebook introduced Notify App – So Whats is Notify App – From Facebook?  –  Notify is the latest app from Facebook which looks a lot like a twitter feed.  Notify consolidates all of the news notifications and alerts on your phone which you can view in a stream on your lock screen. Can you get Notify app? – only if you are in the US at the moment as sadly it appears to be not available in the UK yet, so its rolling out gradually. What is Notify App? Its in the name, its […]

Facebook has created Reactions

Not a Dislike Button – Facebook has created Reactions

We are pleased that there is not a dislike button – Facebook has created Reactions.    Chris Tosswill the Product Manager have Facebook reported yesterday that they are testing out an extension of the like button which will give people more ways to react to a post then just a like. About a month ago – it was reported by many websites that Facebook had said there will be a dislike button, which we didn’t think would be true as Mark Zuckerberg has always been against a dislike button.  Even though many people have asked for a dislike button on […]

SumoRank – Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement

Today there was a new launch from BuzzSumo – SumoRank – Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement. Matthew from BuzzSumo said today that together with Buffer (One of our top five tools), BuzzSumo analyzed 500 million Facebook posts to discover key strategies so that you can improve your Facebook engagement by analyzing what performs best for others.  What a fantastic idea! We looked at how you can increase engagement in our last post about PostPlanner, and were keen to test SumoRank out also. SumoRank – Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement The great thing about SumoRank  is […]