Chit Chat for Facebook Available on Blackberry

Back in December last year we told you about the Facebook Chat Client – Chitchat  which is one of the most widely used Facebook Instant Messaging applications.  Well, now there is a new mobile version of Chit Chat for Facebook which is available on Blackberry smartphones. This new mobile version is owned and operated by Athena IT Ltd  You can read more about it on their official site – Facebook Chat Blackberry. The way to chat on the move with greater reliability! Download, install and then login with your Facebook username and password – easy! The good thing about this application is that there is no […]

Double Whammy hack today – Spider Facebook Survey Scam and Bad thing about you on Twitter

Double Whammy Scam today… First up  – Facebook There is a link appearing on twitter titled Omg Spider Under The Skin with a blogspot link, my friends have told me that they are seeing this so much on Facebook that it is getting annoying –  so its going viral – god knows why because as usual who on earth wants to watch that. ewww. Its a another survey scam ! It first takes you to an age verification page, when you click this it shares the page to all of your friends. Next, you will be taken to a survey that promises […]

Facebook Scam – Google+ Get Invite

Surprise, Surprise –  there appears to be a few fake Google plus invite pages flying around facebook at the moment offering immediate access to Google+ who’s social network is currently running in beta with a limited amount of people.  I say that but a report from Mashable says that  there are now more than 10 million google+ users. Every now and then Google opens up the network for a little while so that you can send out invites and people can accept, but its not for long and if you miss it you have to wait for the next one, when […]

Facebook Scam – INCREDIBLE This girl is rapped in the school buss

This is just gross! (the idea of it, not the video, as there isn’t one) This scam is exactly the same as the last one I posted about, girl leaves her cam on – why anyone would click this link is beyond me.  Although the picture is of a naked woman maybe people assume its just porn, however it does warn you of disturbing content. Seen on Facebook today I’m not sure if its spelt wrong on purpose – trying to do teen speak – or if its the bad spellers from the last few similar scams. Obviously you know […]

LOL this girl forgets to turn her cam off – Another Scam on Facebook.

I will be brief as I don’t want to bore  you – its the same old thing… This girl doesn’t forget to turn her cam off at all – its a scam. Clicking play on this link will post message to all of your friends saying that you like this, tricking them into thinking it is real. Of course it isn’t. Survey Scam The link actually takes you too a survey scam page, like we’ve seen before on recent scam pages – completing this survey pays the scammer and that why they do it. Never do these survey pages, and […]

Facebook launches Video calling, how to add it to your account.

Today Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook announced the launch of Skype Video calling and Group chat for Facebook, we knew it was coming and now it is here.    I wonder if this was brought forward due to the launch of Google’s Google+. We were hoping for a Steve Jobs of Apple style announcement adding something we didn’t know about but it didn’t happen, Facebook thought this was breaking news enough. The video calling application will connect two users “in two easy steps” – unlike Google+ ‘s hangout where you can click one button and have up to 10 people in one […]