6 ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

6 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

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Here are  6 ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. LinkedIn is the best professional business network out there right now.  And there’s not much point in having an account on Linkedin if your own profile looks wishy-washy and doesn’t stand out. There are over 600 million users on Linkedin and you need to fully optimize it so that you stand out within your industry. The same as every other network, it’s not enough just to have an account, or a profile page, you need to make it draw people’s attention. Especially if you are using LinkedIn to make connections or to find a new job.

6 ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

1. Top of the list has to be to add a real profile picture.

   Use something people who meet you in real life would know it’s you.  You might even go the whole hog and pay for someone to take a professional headshot. To stand out even more.

2. Add a background Image

 Add something which says a bit about you, at just a glance. So those who, aren’t likely to spend time reading your about page can get a feel about who you are, and what you do. That might entice the visitor want to read more.

3. Add your own personal LinkedIn URL  

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the numbers in your LinkedIn URL when in two clicks you can change it to something much more powerful.

Check out mine > https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelleharrissocial/

4. Add a special headline.

Make sure your headline says something about what you do, something really catchy, it doesn’t have to be your job title.

5. Create a Summary that tells a story.

The summary for me is the hardest part – spend some time on this maybe on paper or a document on the pc thinking about formats and a really great story about yourself you have 2000 charactors to make bring your story to life.

6. List your skills.

Hopefully, you would have included in your story how you got these skills and why they are important to you, but having them in a quick read list gives people the opportunity not to have to read all of the text, as you know people these days have really short attention spans, so give them the option.

Now make sure all of the other sections are filled out and start to grow your network.

How to grow your LinkedIn network

This is another blog post but there are some simple things that will help you make more connections on LinkedIn.

  • Fully optimize your profile (as above).Readability
  • Post content important to your target market.
  • Create videos to post, to show the real you.
  • Include images in your posts.
  • Engage in updates of your target market.
  • Create conversations.
  • Connect or follow your industry leaders, share their content, and engage.

Bonus Tip… 


However much we love them and learn how to work with them, there is no need to advertise your competitors to people who visit your page.

So you need to remove the PEOPLE ALSO VIEWED section from your profile.


  • Me
  • Settings and Privacy.
  • Account preferences
  • Viewers of this profile also viewed.
  • NO.

6 ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out
Hope you have enjoyed these Here are  6 ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Let me know it if helps you,