5 top ways for Newbies to get more followers on Twitter

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This is more a Twitter guide for people new to twitter – most of us know these things, and adhere to them and others aren’t really bothered as they have all the followers they need.

I’m going to write it in a list, as Dave Peck has always said people like lists.

1.  Profile Picture – This really needs to be a photo of you, yourself, usually a recent head shot is best,  people like to connect with people.  Yes its fun to have a cartoon picture or an annoying jumping elephant @dhruvbhutani if you have been on twitter for a while and you really aren’t concerned about getting more followers or people know who you are.  Even businesses need to have a picture of the person that is tweeting, unless they are Nokia or Amazon – a large organisation where many people use the twitter account,  these people usually sign of their tweets with their initials so that you know who you were talking to.

2. Your Bio – This is really important, do not leave it blank – do not put a one liner – type as much as you can in the space that tells other tweeters who you are. This is how people find like minded people to connect to. If you are interested in Music then put it in your bio. Put a little bit about yourself that sounds interesting and your interests. Put a link to your blog – I get lots of view just from this – Yes I hate filling these in too and my bio isn’t the greatest but it says what I like and people like to know who you are. Have a look at other peoples bios to get an idea, You will get more followers.  I often don’t follow people that don’t have a bio a picture or many tweets, what does that tell me about who they are?

3. Tweet – It might sound simple – but tweet – even if you think its just to yourself and your 3 followers at first, tweet about what you find interesting. Post interesting articles – Try to tweet about happy things, not moan or be rude, that wouldn’t get you the type of followers you want. (Unless you want rude, moaning followers) Okay we all can’t be happy all of the time, but this is Twitter not Facebook! 🙂  Users will sometimes search for tweets about various subjects and follow people that are tweeting that.

4. Follow – Don’t be afraid to people with your interests, or that you find interesting and you will find that their followers will also follow you. When they see you chatting (tweeting) You can put keywords in on the Discovery tab to find people – Don’t sit back and wait for followers, its not going to happen. Be aware that celebrities are unlikely to follow you back, even if you send them hundreds of tweets saying please follow me I’m your greatest fan. They get so many mentions, its far to much for them to even read.

5. Interact – Talk to people that are tweeting in your time line,

A) Reply to their tweets by using the one arrow at the bottom of a tweet

B) Use their @username to contact them directly

C) Retweet them even if they aren’t following you, by pressing the two arrows at the bottom of the tweet – they will probably follow you back.  People love to be retweeted on twitter. It means you liked what they said, enough to share it with your friends.

D) Don’t use auto Dm’s that tweet when someone has followed you, most people find this offensive and will unfollow – ok not all people but its annoying. DM’s are for tweeting your friends in private, and if you get loads of auto DM’s into your inbox you can’t find the important tweets.

And thats it, try these things and I’m sure you will start to get more followers.

Two last little twitter tips

Do not click links that are sent to you by DM especially ones that say things like “is this you in this picture” or “or people are say bad things about you”  You account can get taken over if you do – Twitter DM Phishing Scams

And No people cannot tell that you looked at their twitter profile and you can’t see who looked at yours, sorry its just not possible say Twitter.