5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome

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5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome I found out recently that people just don’t know all that you can do on Google Chrome, so I have put together this list of 5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome.  Only 5 tips here but if people do find these useful I will post some more great tips for Google Chrome.

I love Google Chrome, since this web browser came out in 2008 I haven’t gone back – and it just gets better and better. I do use other browsers but I always use Google Chrome for everyday use.

Yes, Google Chrome has its problems like sometimes randomly crashing but this is usually due to running some conflicting software, which you can easily find out by type in the the address bar about:conflicts. Or problems such as “webpage not available” which we wrote about recently.

So, now to the tips, these are all using Windows on a PC – of course some of these you may already know but hopefully there will be something here that will make you think, darn, I wish I knew that before!

5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome 

1 – Signing into Google Chrome

Always make sure you are signed in to Google Chrome, this will ensure that you get the best out of it. 

Not only that, once your setting are set up – no matter where you are or what device you are using your settings will always be there. This will include…

  • Bookmarks
  • apps
  • history
  • extensions

and many other features.

To sign in to Google Chrome – 

Click Sign in which is located the top right hand cover when on the Google page.

And enter the email address that you want to set your settings to.

To customize your sync settings – click the Chrome menu (the three lines) in the top left corner

Or type Alt+FAlt+E or F10

Click Settings

Here you will see – Advance sync settings Click that and tick what you would like to Sync.

5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome

2.  Incognito Mode 

I was asked recently how can I do private browsing in Google Chrome.

Incognito mode is private browsing – Google Chrome won’t keep  your browsing history or download history and cookies are deleted every time you close the browser.  So, its like looking at something for the first time.  You might want to use this to sign into two accounts at once or to check something that requires you to delete your cookies in normal mode.

To open a page in Incognito Mode –

Click the Chrome Menu (the three lines) and select New Incognito Window

Or simply press Ctrl+Shift+N

5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome

3. Multiple Users 

On Google Chrome you can set up the Browser to manage multiple profiles on the same device – these profiles can have their own sign up, settings, booksmarks etc.

A) To add a new user to Chrome

  • Click the Chrome Menu (You know where this is now)
  • Click Settings

See – People

  • Click Add Person (You can import their settings if they are already set up or you can just set them up from scratch as you did your own)

4 – To open a recently closed tab 

I’m always closing tabs by mistake, so this one is a life saver – and you don’t have to go searching through your history.

Click on a new tab

Click on the Chrome Menu

Click on recent tabs

Here you will see a list of the 10 most recent tabs

If you just want the last tab that you closed then just type


5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome

5 – Easily Add Bookmarks

Click the link in the address bar so that it highlights and drag it to the bookmark bar !

So, there are the 5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome, did you know them? Were you hoping for something more or is there a function you are looking for you can’t find.  Write in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

An extra tip for you is – How to remove the Ask Toolbar from Google Chrome

If you haven’t yet got Google Chrome you can download it from here – Download Chrome

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Hope this helps