3 ways to prevent a ban from online games

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3 ways to prevent a ban from online gamesGetting banned or suspended from a game is never fun and sometimes you might be mistakenly banned for no reason that you can see, but sadly some games won’t even talk to you about your misfortune, they are right and you are wrong.  Even if you say you were hacked, they say that this is your problem you should have protected your password.

I’ve played online games for many years with various gaming companies, Sony, EA games, Jagex,   Square Enix from the biggest to the smallest games – usually games that involve chatting and meeting new players, which is why I like Empire Avenue, the social media stockmarket game. This game enables me to chat to people that are like minded.  Empire avenue has recently changed many of its rules or TOS basically because the game had been seen to have users that were using the game for reasons not intended and it needed a shake up, to protect its users and its reputation. Due to this people have found themselves, told off, suspended, banned etc, however wrong this may seem this is actually how most gaming companies behave – in fact no, as you will see, from these examples, they are much more severe.

MMORPG Games such as Runescape have this policy 

If your account has been permanently banned for macro use, gold farming or real world trading, it means we deem the rule breaking serious enough to remove the account from RuneScape forever. We do not process appeals, tickets or emails about these type of bans. We will not enter into debate about these type of bans on our forums, Twitter, Facebook or through any other communication method.

Please remember that players are responsible for the actions of any person to have accessed their account. We provide a number of tools and tips to help players keep their accounts secure. In instances where an account was hijacked at the time of the ban offence, the account owner will be held accountable. Further details can be found via our T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

Bans on World of War craft 

We suspend an account when we find the user has violated one of our in-game policies. Depending on the severity of the violation, suspensions can range in duration from three hours to 14 days, 

We ban accounts when we find the user has repeatedly or grossly violated one of our in-game policies. A banned account is permanently closed and cannot be accessed for play. We will usually send a final warning message and apply a suspension to users in danger of an account ban. If this warning is ignored, we will permanently close the offending account.

However you may read on the forums that people have been “banned for no reason” and they cannot get their account back.

Banned on Xbox

XBox are very strict with their rules and I have known someone that lost 5 years worth of games and credits, when he was banned for no reason and Xbox would not discuss it, it was a very sad day for my friend.

MICROSOFT IS NOT OBLIGATED TO SEND YOU A WARNING BEFORE THESE ACTIONS OCCUR.  Microsoft is not obligated to monitor every post or activity, but has the right to remove any post or take action against any user.

Microsoft reserves the right to remove at any time, without notice, any user-created content, account, or device from the Services for actions determined to be in violation of this Code of Conduct or Terms of Use. Microsoft also reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend a user for violations.


Banned on Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue has similar rules

You agree not to use any spider, robot or other automatic means to search, monitor, copy or manipulate the content of Empire Avenue websites. You agree that you shall not use any automatic means, including software, to interfere with or attempt to interfere with Empire Avenue software or websites or their use by any other user. You agree not to knowingly cause any unreasonable burden or load on Empire Avenue software or its computer systems.

If you do not agree with any of the terms of the amended Agreement and/or Rules and/or Policy(ies) then you must terminate all use of the Web Site. This Agreement may not otherwise be amended.

These rules are put in place for the safety of other players and to prevent cheating so that gaming is fair for all.

Yes, all games are different, with any sort of game the best thing to do to secure your account is to follow the rules or if you like to take your chances and not follow the rules, then you need to take the consequences.

3 ways to prevent a ban from online games

  1. Always read the T&C – TOS – Code of Conduct or rules for that game – mostly you see the same types of rules, but it is always good to make sure you have actually read them and follow those rules
  2. Most games will ban you without notice  for using unauthorized BOTS, MARCOS, Mods, Scripts or other automated programs that play the game for you that are used basically for cheating or to create unfair advantages to the user.
  3. Be respectful to other players, this can come under many guises, such as being abusive to other players with insults, bullying or threatening or even spamming them with your messages, that’s just rude.  Some games do not allow you to advertise your own product in-game. You won’t win friends and influence people by doing this and you can very well get reported by other players which can land you with a ban or a suspension.

There are many other ways to prevent yourself getting banned but if you have read the rules and abide by them you should hopefully be okay, this can apply to any platform or network online actually.

Obviously mistakes sometimes happen even to the big guys such as Xbox  if you search the internet for banned for no reason or suspended for no reason or I am being targeted by this game you will see thousands of results, with people complaining about many different games, whining that they were hacked and it wasn’t them or moaning about all the money they have now lost, and they didn’t do anything wrong, I would say the gaming companies have heard these complaints over and over and 9 times out of 10 the user knew exactly what they were doing, and this is why now the complaints fall on deaf ears, they don’t want to hear your whining. Rightly or wrongly, that’s just how it is – They want to concentrate on the users that are doing it right.

So basically we all need to tread very carefully, and check the rules on our favorite games haven’t changed, or actually read the changes in TOS when we are sent them –  myself included- especially if we want to keep the accounts that we care about and have built up over the years.

I hope that these 3 ways to prevent a ban from Online Games will help you understand the concept of gaming within the rules.