Stop facebook game invites

3 Ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites

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stop facebook game invitesI see many Facebook users complaining on Facebook about some notifications they receive, especially game invites. There are actually 3 different ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites.  It really doesn’t take long and could stop these people from blowing a fuse every time someone invites them to the same game.

Unfortunately your friend probably doesn’t even realise that they have sent you an invite as when they accept the game they give it access to their address book, and to post on their behalf.  This doesn’t make it okay but its just a fact that people don’t read the fine print, so its up to us to stop the Facebook game invites.

Stop Facebook Game invites with just a few clicks


When you get the game invite, click the link – or the X – you will be taken to a pop up here you can see that, this app requests to post on your behalf and requests your basic info.

block facebook games

Click View in App Centre  – here you will see a full descrption of the game and the Terms of Service. One the right handside at the bottom you have the options

  • Visit App Page
  • Share
  • Block
  • Report a Problem

Click Block and you will never receive these requests again.


block facebook games



  • Click the Cog
  • Click Settings
  • On the Left of the page
  • Click Blocking

Type the name of the app or game that you want to block at the bottom.

stop facebook game invites

How to block game invites


  • Click Home

– On the left hand side you see Apps

– Under APPS  you see Games

  • Click Games

– On the left you will see requests – and if you have some there will be a number.

stop facebook game invites

  • Click Requests

– Here you will see all of the requests that you have received.

– Click the X – and you will see 2 options

  • Block the game
  • or
  • Ignore all requests from that friend.

The last can be really useful for those friends that constantly send game requests but you don’t really want to unfollow them on Facebook.

stop facebook game invites

Hopefully now you can see how easy it is to stop Facebook game invites and you can be at peace again.