24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post

24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post

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SEO 24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog PostWe came across this wonderful infographic with 24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post that we want to share with you. It has some great information, facts and tips on how to get more views on your blog posts.

Of course we all have different styles on how we like to write but there are some principles that you should try to follow if you want more likes, shares, comments and most importantly views on your website.

Are you blogging for your business?

As businesses, thats what we want, more traffic to our website, to achieve more views and more conversions you must be blogging, and blogging regularly – yes, it is difficult to find the time, but the benefits are immense.

Building your audience online doesn’t happen over night or just by blogging a few words with an image – although images are very very important as you will see from the infographic but stick with it and you will soon see the difference.

How long should a blog post be

How long should a blog post be, is always the question bloggers ask and various bloggers have different advice.  This infographic it tells us that posts that have between 3000 and 10000 words are the highest ranking posts on Google these posts also get the most backlinks, while this might be true, I’d be surprised in our fast paced life that people would have the time on the inclination to read a post that is that long. General opinion has always been that posts that are short and sweet, to the point, detailed and useful should be around 300-1200 words for SEO purposes. So you have a choice, write smaller posts more often, or longer post less often – unless you can write book length blogs posts, that can keep the readers attention at least once a week.   Just bare in mind that the minimum for a blog post should be 300 words as thats what is said that search engines like, something to at least get their teeth into. Although Hubspot’s answer to “how long should your blog post be” is that it doesn’t matter as long as you are blogging and enjoying it.

24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post

  1. Use keywords
  2. Short URLS
  3. Keep the headline short
  4. Use negative superlatives
  5. Use numbers
  6. Add meta title
  7. Write longer posts
  8. Use visuals
  9. Use keywords throughout
  10. Be emotional
  11. Use links
  12. Focus on quality
  13. Be helpful
  14. Add meta data
  15. Use a call to action
  16. Display related posts
  17. Update your bio
  18. Get guest posts
  19. Get more subscribers
  20. Timing is important
  21. Install share buttons
  22. Use analytics
  23. Good design
  24. Build a social media following


We actually have one more special tip on how to get more views to your blog and that is to join the blog amplification website – Triberr

We hope you enjoyed this infographic with 24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post – we really hope that you found it useful, we did!

If you need some help with Number 24 – Build a social media following – please check out our Social Media Management page or our Social Media Presence page, we would love to help you!