The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme an Alternative to Canva

I’ve been having a play with The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme an alternative to Canva for a few months now as a complimentary trial. And I’m very excited to tell you that Visme recently unleashed a brand new set of features and interactive assets that no other design tools have!  These new features and assets on Visme are just amazing and easy to use, such a time savers!     I use these types of design tools all the time in my business with my social media clients and for me, each one has there one sweet spot, but […]

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Top 5 tips for remote working

Top 5 Tips for Remote Working

Not everyone finds it easy to work from home and these Top 5 tips for remote working might just come in handy in the near future for many people. Some people think of working from home as rolling out of bed in the morning and working all day in your pajamas. Well, I can tell you that just doesn’t work, you might do it once or twice. However, to sustain a healthy work-life routine, this behavior, however much fun it seems just doesn’t work.  Your brain thinks you are ready for bed!  So I thought I’d give you my top […]

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