Twitter admit to sharing DMs with developers

Wow, its seems in an attempt to scrap back some trust from its users –  Twitter ADMIT  to sharing DMs with developers. They are holding their hands up saying we messed up and we are sorry – kudos to them for that I guess. I hate Twitter DMs there is always so much spam so the devs must have had so much to sort through – Twitter says – the DM’s were not used for anything, I’m not sure how they would know that.  Why didn’t anyone say – hey why am I getting these?  I thought that Twitter we going […]

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If you use Whatsapp you MUST use Two-Step Verification - Learn How

If you use Whatsapp you must use Two-Step Verification – Learn How

Most platforms offer Two-Step verification now and if you are offered it I would always say – do it. 2-Step verification offers another layer of security to your account making it very hard for your accounts to be taken over.  If you use Whatsapp you must use Two-Step Verification. Why is Two Step Verification so Important now?  Its apps like WhatsApp the cybercriminals are targeting because we use it without thinking.  We are getting savvier with our online security and yet we are still falling for various scams.  This is because hackers are trying everything to get into our accounts. They are using very […]

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