How to use Vero – The new social network everyone is going mad about.

Vero the new social network that says it’s not going to use ads and that it will be free for the first 1 million people who sign up – has gone a bit viral – and many people are asking How to use Vero.

There has been a lot of noise about Vero on the Internet this week with lots of the top newspapers and websites posting articles and blog post about Vero – This is causing Vero to struggle a bit with demand so bare with it. If you see a message saying server-side service timeout – please try again later – either just leave it and wait – as what you were doing usually pops up – or try later.

How to use Vero

Also, many people have downloaded Vero in a panic to not feel left out FOMO not knowing anything about it at all – and so then they don’t know how to use it, I’m seeing tweets on Twitter, saying right now I’ve to Vero and I don’t know how to use it.  What does Vero do, what is Vero, I can’t use Vero, I can’t send a picture on Vero, I can’t find my friends of Vero.

So, What is Vero ? 

Vero (which means true in Italian) was founded by Ayman Hariri who was frustrated with existing social networks regarding privacy options and data protection.   Hariri wanted a social network with no ads, and for it to be funded by a very small subscription.  He was fed up with Algorithms which Vero has none and it won’t be mining your data.   Vero shares stuff in a similar way, easier for you to share stuff in a safer way and puts stuff back in control of the user.

Hariri who is the son of former assassinated Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri said.

You can post pictures of your family and say where you are and what experiences you are doing without having to worry about being exposed too publicly. But then [when] you do need to give your fans or followers something as part of your job, you can do that and it’s all in the same app.

Interestingly Hariri’s target market isn’t the kids like most social networks – Hariri is aiming for the older user and superhero fans.  Zack Snyder director of Justice League, for instance, is a big fan of Vero.

How to use Vero

So most importantly people want to know how to use Vero – well its pretty simple to use, even though there are some differences to other networks it’s pretty intuitive so far.

How do I invite friends on Vero

Once we have an account the first thing we want to do is to invite our friends, now if your friends already have an account you can try to search for them.  This is how you can find people and companies to friend and follow depending on their settings.   I would suggest you get yourself an original name to start with as mine was given just as Michelle to begin with – but now I’ve put it as MichelleDH which is my Twitter and my Instagram.  Hopefully, Michelledh will be easier to find.  I do not know if we are going to be able to have our own vanity urls I have asked Vero but no news yet, I guess they are busy right now, but I really hope we can have those.

Otherwise, you can add friends like this:-

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Tap on the ‘Invite’ icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Your contacts from your phone will appear*. Choose to send an invite by SMS, email, or to your Facebook friends.
  4. By SMS you can send friend requests individually and by email, you have the option to send multiple requests at a time.

* If you haven’t allowed Vero access to your contacts, you can still send invitations by SMS, Email, Facebook and other options that are available to you. Vero will not access your contacts when sending invitations.

 How to accept friends requests on Vero

  1. Go to the dashboard

  2. Requests will appear at the top in the Notifications tab (it looks like a bell)

  3. Tap accept

  4.  Tap on the Acquaintances icon to change your new friend’s loop to Friends or Close Friends.

How to use Vero 

How you categorise your friend is called a Loop – they won’t know what loop you have put them in but it’s all to do with how you share your posts.  Similar to facebook – public/friends only/acquaintances

On Vero, you have Close Friends – Friends – Acquaintances.

Close Friends for sharing personal moments, Friends for more social moments, and Acquaintances for big, public moments you want to broadcast.

 You can even have a different avatar for each level of your loop so close friends will see a different avatar than Acquaintance etc.

How to create a post

  1. Tap the + button in the bottom middle of your screen
  2. Choose the category of your post – Music/Movie TV – Book – Place – Just for your Camera or a Link.
  3. Type in your description – add your place – you can even edit your images
  4. Tap next
  5. Choose who can see your image – start with Close friends – Friends – Acquaintances – and then to Followers.
  6. Tap post.

How to have a private chat

  1. Tap the double speech bubble icon on the upper right
  2. click the notepad icon for a new chat
  3. Tick the name of the person you want to chat with
  4. Click Next
  5. You then type the message and press send.

How do I change settings for a chat?

1.Tap the double speech bubble icon on the upper right.

2. Select the chat you want to change, and tap the (•••) icon in the upper right.

3. Change the switches for the settings you want to change.

How to make a group chat of Vero

1. Tap the double speech bubble icon on the upper right.

2. Tap the “New Chat” icon just under it.

3. Select the participants individually.

4. Enter your message.

How do I log out from Vero

2. Tap your name next to “Account”.

3. Move the Logout switch and confirm your choice.

How to leave / delete Vero

People are panicking that it’s a bit difficult to leave Vero – well it’s not really. You could just delete the app, especially if you haven’t even used it or put any information on it, don’t be a drama queen.

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Tap on the ? at the top left
  3. In the drop down – find – delete my account
  4. Provide feedback (if you wish)
  5. Tap Submit

People say that after this stage to delete your Vero account you send an email and have to wait for them to accept, I’ve not gone that far but well big deal – it might take a while at the moment as they just have 500,000 people sign up in one go – you were probably one of them so cut them some slack.

The Story of Vero

My friends and I are enjoying this app so far, please join me, see if you can find me on MichelleDH or try this link –

We aren’t worried about the Terms and Conditions, they are pretty much the same as instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, just read them yourself to be sure, don’t go listening to people who haven’t even read them.

If you have any questions on How to use Vero please ask I will see if I can help further.


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How to choose a mobile phone for a preteen

The great variety of mobiles and their endless combinations and possibilities can make the process of choosing a mobile phone tedious and complicated, especially when you need to decide how to choose a mobile phone for a preteen.  In order to help you make the right choice, here in this article today, we have compiled a list of characteristics that a mobile phone for kids should have.


How to choose a mobile phone for a preteen



How to choose a mobile phone for a preteen

Characteristics of a mobile phone for the preteen

1. Quick dial menu for frequent numbers and an SOS button connected with emergency assistance services. There are already available on many phones in the market, these have the option of consecutively calling five predetermined telephone numbers until one of them responds.

2. Direct access button to messages and frequent contacts menu.

3. High call volume and conversation, or compatibility with hearing aids.

4. An adjustable screen so that it is possible to enlarge it until it adapts to the needs of the user.

5. Precision pencil or pointer for easy writing for smartphones with touchscreens that have no buttons.

6. The casing should be fall proof and the screen protected and resistant, or you can buy a protective cover.

Smartphone security for preteens

Add a layer of security to device:
Along with these characteristics, make sure that you put parental controls on their smartphones before handling it to the preteens. There are many options available in the market for parental control apps, but an upto date and most preferred by the majority of parents is FamilyTime parental control. Having this app in hand, parents can stay in the know of their kids’ digital conduct as well as their movements in the real world. With this app parents can view contact, SMS threads, call logs, applications, app preferences, the frequency of using a particular app, web history and much more.

FamilyTime App 

Along with these monitoring features, the app offers parental controls for example, with the app, parents can watchlist contacts, block unwanted or inappropriate apps, schedule auto screen locks and remotely lock devices, etc. In case of phone loss, parents can also track the location and disable the device to protect the data in it. Aren’t all these great features? These certainly are, and I think essential if your kids are going to have mobile phones.  So, what are you waiting for? Get the app now and before giving your preteen their first device, install your parental controls on it. You can get the trial version of the FamilyTime app with premium features from the Google Play store and iTunes. So, visit the app store to download the FamilyTime app.

In general, we usually suggest to buy phones direct from operating companies, but this is not the only option. If you want a specific device that is not available in the stores, you can search for it online to buy or use specialised mobile or telephone shops. In both cases, you can acquire the device and then get the tariff that best suits you with the mobile network operator of your choice, although previously you will have to make sure that the mobile is free, that is, that it works with any network.  We hope that helps you decide how to choose a mobile phone for a preteen.

StartUp Dash – the free mobile game that teaches kids how to be an entrepreneur

I just wanted to tell you about StartUp Dash – the free mobile game that teaches kids how to be an entrepreneur as it is such a brilliant idea.    The game which is an Action Adventure Runner was created by Julian Hall from Ultra Gaming Ltd who has the vision to help 10 Million kids age 7-18 by 2020 amplify the idea of “Entrepreneurship”.  I just realised that haven’t written about a mobile game for some time, in fact, Stubies might have been the last one!

This game is a bit different however, it’s not just a game, it a game that is set to inspire and teach business to the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders through gaming fun.  It is really just for kids but us adults are having great fun with it too.

Mobile gaming a fantastic way to reach people, with over 2.1 billion mobile gamers in the world and kids spending over 2  hours per day playing games on their phones, I can see this being very popular, learn and play at the same time, there should really be more games like this.  They don’t even know they are learning. 🙂

StartUp Dash – How to be an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Eddie is a guy with an idea, in fact Eddie has a tonne of ideas, but can he turn his ideas into a business and start-up his company?

Help Entrepreneur Eddie and Pandora Profit dash along a perilous road filled with obstacles and hidden pitfalls. They have to collect as many good ideas as possible to make their start-up business successful.

Start-Up Dash is a fast paced action adventure runner which will make you use all your speed and reflexes to decide when accelerate your startup, shoot sales targets and exit when you decide to sell your company.


So, let’s take a look at StartUp Dash – The game is free but it does offer In-App Purchases, so make sure your kid doesn’t have access to buying powerups without your knowledge.

You need to make sure you have the Game centre on iOS as I didn’t and I couldn’t see the leader-board.

When you first click on the icon, the game starts up and it says “Looking for good ideas” on the load bar, love that touch!

When it’s done loading you are presented with Entrepreneur Eddie to play with

StartUp Dash - the free mobile game that teaches how to be an entrepreneur

In the top left of this screen, you can see that there are other characters to unlock with in-game cash called Dash Money which you earn there is Pandora Profits and coming soon The Ultra Kid – which I think these kids were modelled on Julian’s own kids, who love the game.



The next icon you can see is Stats – which show you your own stats in the game and then a button at the bottom shows the high scores.




Then the Dictionary – which is a great touch too – which has all of the meaning of business words that might come up that the kids might be unsure about.




The last button at the top is Power-ups – you can buy power-ups with in-game cash,  to help with your marketing, ideas, products, and speed boosts.




StartUp Dash - the free mobile game that teaches how to be an entrepreneur

The bottom buttons are…

Sounds – Turn on and Off

Shop – Where you can buy Dash Money

Music – Turn on and Off


Right now you know all the buttons you can get going with your Start-Up and learning how to be an entrepreneur by racing!

how to be an entrepreneur

To get started racing you simply touch the screen – as you are running down the screen you will come across obstacles that you need to jump, dodge or run through, and you will get messages come up on the screen as you do so.

You will see targets that you need to hit with your arrow by tapping the screen – if you hit it – that’s your sales target hit!

You will see red lights – which are bad ideas – if you don’t dodge these by swiping left or right or up to jump over them, your business will fail but don’t worry, try again.

how to be an entrepreneur

You will see yellow lights which are good ideas run through as many as these as possible for extra points.

and you will see big FAIL signs to dodge and competitors too, which at this early stage in your business you do not want to come head to head with so you need to dodge those too.

If you fail or crash you can keep your profits, sell your startup, continue with coins or try again – the message is DON’T GIVE UP< TRY AGAIN – love it.

Take a look at the youtube video for in-game action.

I think that’s enough without giving out spoilers to tell you about StartUp Dash – the free mobile game that teaches how to be an entrepreneur.

Its free so go and download it to find out the rest, there is so much more in it as you grow your start up.

Each and every download and share will help me to achieve our goal of helping 10M young people by 2020!


Google Play…

Seller Ultra Gaming Ltd
Size 142.2 MB
Category Games


Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Age Rating Rated 4+
Copyright © Ultra Gaming Ltd
Price Free