How to Clean up your Inbox with UnRoll Me

How to Clean up your Inbox with UnRoll Me

I have to say that this is probably the most useful program/app that I have found this year. You really can clean up your inbox with unroll me. is really the easiest way to manage your inbox. My inbox no matter how I try always gets in a mess. I sign up for so many things on my quest to find out more information and the best new apps that its no joke.

Clean up your Inbox with UnRoll Me

Unroll me doesn’t just unsubscribe for you with one click, which it does do but it’s not just that. creates a list of all of your subscription emails in one place.  So you can clean up your inbox and keep all those subscriptions that you like.

  • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails
  • Discover new subscriptions
  • Organise in one place

So instead of twenty emails cluttering up your inbox, now you just have one, genius!  And whats more, it’s FREE!

Clean up your Inbox with UnRoll Me

What happens first if you will get an email that shows you all of your subscribed emails and you just sort them by clicking either

  • Keep
  • Unsubscribe
  • Rollup

Please note if you do unsubscribe using the service, its difficult to sign back up again, as they block emails from that address going forward…  so if you feel you might want to sign up again at a  later date – just unsubscribe manually.

What does it mean this Rollup

Once a day you get a Rollup email which is easy to view scroll down in a list of all your subbed websites in categories. At the moment you can’t change the categories but I believe this is something they are working on.  You can also look at your Rollup folder anytime you like, its all stored there for when you need it.  When you sign up to new websites you will get an email saying you have some more subscriptions to sort out, and again you get a list which asks you if you want to keep, unsubscribe or rollup the email, you just tick the one you want and instantly it’s done. You see, its never been easier to Clean up your Inbox with UnRoll Me.

To see the whole of an email that is in your Rollup you just click it, and you can remove any subscriptions you want at any time if you decide that you still want to get emails when they come.

Emails that the app supports are

  • Outlook
  • Hotmail
  • MSN
  • Windows
  • Gmail
  • Google Apps
  • Yahoo Mail
  • AOL Mail (Is that still a thing)
  • Icloud

How do I sign up for

To sign up for Unroll me just go to the website go to the Homepage and click on the sign-up button in the top right-hand corner.

Type your email address and Unroll me will ask for limited access to your account. It will then scan your inbox and this is when it will create your list of emails subscriptions for you to sort.

You can get this app on Android, iPhone and the Web.

This is a free service, and this is why tell us it is free.

We don’t charge you for Unroll.Me because Slice Technologies, which owns Unroll.Me, measures e‑commerce through a technology that automatically recognizes commercial emails and extracts purchase information from them.

Slice strips away personal information– your name, email, address, anything that could identify you – to build anonymized market research products that analyze and track consumer trends. We respect your privacy and don’t share your receipts, emails or any of your personal information with our clients as part of our business model.

To see how Slice Intelligence uses this data, take a look at the Slice Intelligence blog.

Who are

Unroll me is a part of Slice Technologies, whose market research organization Slice intelligence provides the world’s leading brands, retailers, and marketers e-commerce insights to help them better understand market and consumer trends.

Get on the app store or Google Play

Check it out and let me know if you were able to Clean up your Inbox with UnRoll Me

New Update! – How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram 

This really has to be the best update on Instagram yet, you can now follow hashtags   Yesterday on the 12th of December Instagram introduced the ability to follow hashtags.  I thought you might like to know How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram as people always say that I explain it better.

I’m very excited about this update, now we won’t have to go searching for the hashtags you want to see, and to remember the certain ones, you can just follow them and they will appear in your feed.  This is going to make it so much simpler way to grow a community.  And for your own smaller hashtags to be on top of who is tweeting them the whole time.

When you first click on a hashtag you will see this message…

How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram

Yes, following hashtags will make them appear in your feed, its just like you would follow a friend on Instagram.

How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram 


Its simple, all you have to do is click on a hashtag that you want to follow, and it will take you to the hashtag page, where you can then click follow.

How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram 

You’ll then start to see the top posts from that hashtag appear in your feed.  You will also start to see those hashtag related stories first too.

If it all gets too much, you can always just simply unfollow again.  Just click unfollow and it will ask you if you are sure.

Another feature that has become available through following hashtags is that you can now see what hashtags your friends follow.

Its pretty simple but I hope that helps you  learn How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram

We love Instagram – please do follow me there @michelledh I do not post promotional posts there it’s just for fun, I post generally about my hobbies, #mandalas #food #art, although sometimes I do mention my Etsy site MichelleHarrisStudio , where I have started to sell my art after everyone suggested that I do, give me a thumbs up over there if you take a visit!

Happy Instagramming 🙂


Spoof Lifetime Subscription Text message from Whatsapp

There is a scam which I first saw 6 months ago still arriving in peoples inboxes, its the one where you get a Spoof Lifetime Subscription Text message from Whatsapp which is trying to steal account details. The problem with this text message is that it looks like it comes from all the other text messages that Whatsapp sents you, it looks very real.

Spoof Lifetime Subscription Text message from Whatsapp

Your subscription has expired. To verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription for just 0.99 GBP simply tap on this link

Spoof Lifetime Subscription Text message from Whatsapp

Of course, everyone will think omg I don’t want to lose WhatsApp it’s a great chat app – 99p is nothing for a lifetime subscription, I’ll do it, and without thinking that it could be fake,  they will click on the link.

This is when your problems begin as you give the fraudsters your account details to take the 99p and they have control over your bank account and can take whatever they like. Boom, bank account empty.

It’s very clever and not so clever at the same time, because the scammers are spoofing the number so that it looks like its coming from WhatsApp.  But this is in fact very easy to do, you can even get an app for that.

Spoof Lifetime Subscription Text message from Whatsapp

What is Sms spoofing

Sms spoofing is when a sender changes the originating number and replaces it with another number, this is a common practice for hackers who often use this system to gain access to various accounts sometimes by saying that there is a problem with your account, or your account may have been attacked, and scares you into logging in, via a link, when you do so you give your details to the scammer.

So be warned this text message is purely just a scam aimed at stealing your bank details

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this scam from WhatsApp and other like it, like the WhatsApp VIP upgrade, which took you to a link which infected your device with malware.

So watch out for this Spoof Lifetime Subscription Text message from Whatsapp and others like it.  Stay safe, don’t be scammed.


How do Parents set up Facebooks New Messenger Kids

Facebook has just introduced Messenger Kids, a new app for kids … and families to connect.   I was a bit dubious about this at first but parents do have a lot of control and it doesn’t give your kid a facebook account, you still have to be over 13 for that.  I thought it might be helpful to bypass all the fluff about it and just show you How do Parents set up Facebooks New Messenger Kids.

Just quickly though…

What is Facebooks New Messenger Kids

Firstly its a new Facebook messenger app just for kids which controlled via a parents Facebook account, so unlikely to be hacked. Unless the kids know your password, which I’m sure some kids do know their parents passwords.   Maybe this will help.  I’m sure every safety feature you can think of has been added after Youtube has been forced to toughen up its rules to protect families. 

How do Parents set up Facebooks New Messenger Kids

Facebook said

Today, parents are increasingly allowing their children to use tablets and smartphones, but often have questions and concerns about how their kids use them and which apps are appropriate. So when we heard about the need for better apps directly from parents during research and conversations with parents, we knew we needed to develop it alongside the people who were going to use it, as well as experts who could help guide our thinking.

So, once its set up your kids can video chat with parent-approved contacts – using emojis, sound effects and playful masks.  Your kids can always send photos, videos and text messages to approved friends and relatives. Who will receive these messages via the normal messenger.

How do Parents set up Facebooks New Messenger Kids

How do Parents set up Facebooks New Messenger Kids

Every child account on Messenger Kids must be set up by a parent. For parents, setting your child up with a Messenger Kids account is done in four steps:

  1. Download: First, download the Messenger Kids app on your child’s iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone from the App Store.  Or here > Messenger Kids
  2. Authenticate: Then, authenticate your child’s device using your own Facebook username and password. This will not create a Facebook account for your child or give them access to your Facebook account.
  3. Create an account: Finish the setup process by creating an account for your child, where all you’ll need to do is provide their name. Then the device can be handed over to the child so they can start chatting with the family and friends you approve.
  4. Add contacts: To add people to your child’s approved contact list, go to the Messenger Kids parental controls panel in your main Facebook app. To get there, click on “More” on the bottom right corner in your main Facebook app, and click “Messenger Kids” in the Explore section.

You’ll be pleased to know that Messenger Kids has no ads and no in-app purchases.  Oh and its only out in the US right now….

What do you think about this new app, will you be letting your kids on it…