Twitter Polls

Twitter are introducing Twitter Polls

Yesterday Twitter announced that they are introducing Twitter Polls.   In the coming days, they say that users will be able create polls on Twitter. We don’t know if this is an experiment that Jack Dorsey has implemented as he seems to be making some waves over there but its said that there are a lot more experiments going on to improve our Twitter experience. We aren’t sure if we want Twitter to change anymore we like it as it is, but as long as Twitter isn’t overrun with Twitter Polls we think this might be helpful and fun. We […]

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SIRI 2™ – The Voice Coach, The Personal Assistant or The Massager

So, what is SIRI 2™ The Voice Coach, The Personal Assistant or The Massager ? Right now you are thinking about the voice of Siri that comes out of your iPhone but that’s not what I’m talking to you about today. We are talking about the LELO SIRI 2™ by the same people that created Beyond the Wave for Valentines Day. Before Personal Assistant Siri was as an iOS application available in the App Store by Siri, Inc LELO the award winning adult toy company had already introduced their own version of Siri, a totally different type of personal assistant. LELO […]

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Facebook has created Reactions

Not a Dislike Button – Facebook has created Reactions

We are pleased that there is not a dislike button – Facebook has created Reactions.    Chris Tosswill the Product Manager have Facebook reported yesterday that they are testing out an extension of the like button which will give people more ways to react to a post then just a like. About a month ago – it was reported by many websites that Facebook had said there will be a dislike button, which we didn’t think would be true as Mark Zuckerberg has always been against a dislike button.  Even though many people have asked for a dislike button on […]

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iKlips – Lightning Flash Drive – iOS Storage

Adam Elements are a provider of smart lifestyle solution in Taiwan – who are now global.  Earlier this year Adam Elements did a indiegogo campaign for a new product The iKilps Lightning Flash Drive – to transfer, backup and save files from your iOS products to your PC without the use of the internet.  You won’t be surprised that they raised Over £250,000 which was 400% funded! Who Are Adam Elements Adam Elements established just 2 years ago in December 2013 and they offer solutions for technology brands (now you know why I’m hooked) They cover mobile devices, smart wearables, intelligent […]

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Webfluential are connecting Influencers and brands in the UK

Since it came out of beta in 2014 Webfluential have been making it clear that influencer marketing is not a trend its here to stay and it works, and this is why Webfluential are connecting Influencers and brands in the UK. Because people listen to other people. Webfluential is an online platform that connects brands to social influencers and/or social influencers to brands.  Its a great platform for influencers to provide brands with the reach they need to generate more sales and for influencers to make money through their blogs and social networks they have worked hard to build. Who are social influencers Are […]

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