WhatsApp Finally on PC for iPhone iOS

After using WhatsAppWhatsApp_logo-color-vertical.svg (1) again after having it for over 3 years and I am relieved that WhatsApp is finally on PC for iPhone iOS.   WhatsApp is fab when you are mobile to have on the iPhone. However its so much easier to use the on the PC when you are working with every other network (Apart from Instagram) on your computer.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that lets you send and receive SMS messages without paying. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia, all these devices can communicate with one another! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the data plan you already have to email and internet, there is no additional cost for sending messages and keep in touch with friends.


When I started using Whatsapp again everyone said, you can have Whatsapp on your computer now, its brilliant – but low and behold – not for iPhone, iOs you couldn’t, this feature has been available for Android for 6 months and its taken that long to get it working with Apple phones.

WhatsApp Finally on PC for iPhone iOS

I can not tell you how happy I was to find out that WhatsApp added WhatsApp Web to iPhone. The messages are fully synced so you don’t lose any from changing devices at all.  And you do have to be updated to iOS 8.1

Send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer.

We recommend using WhatsApp Web with one of the following browsers: Google Chrome.

Minimum requirements

  • An active WhatsApp account on your phone.
  • A stable internet connection on both your phone and your computer.
  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari as your web browser on your computer.



How to get WhatsApp web working on your PC

This is for iPhone 8.1+

First go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ website

  1. Open Whatsapp on your phone
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. WhatsApp Web
  4. Scan the QR Code on the website with your iPhone 


Other Phones or OS

Open WhatsApp on your phone.

  • On Android: in the Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: go to Menu > WhatsApp Web..
  • On BlackBerry: go to Chats > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen > WhatsApp Web.
  • On Nokia S40: Swipe up from bottom of screen > WhatsApp Web.


Easy as pie!  And happy as Larry – Thank goodness Whatsapp Finally on PC for iPhone iOS

Are you filling up your phone with photos from Whats app – How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos

How to remove multiple entries of local disc on iPhone iOS8

How to remove multiple entries of Local disc on iPhone iOS8It seemed that when I transferred my photos from my phone using Windows 7 explorer that I would get more and more Local disc entries on my phone – so I set about finding out –  How to remove multiple entries of Local disc on iPhone iOS8

These little files are just annoying little icons they don’t really take up much space just 0.4kbs per item but when  you start to get loads I guess its a waste of space.

I really don’t know why the Local disc icons are created in DCIM sub-folders on the iPhone but there they are. That is beyond my Techieminx ability 🙂  But they are annoying to get rid of it seems you can’t just delete them using the PC.

How to remove multiple entries of local disc on iPhone iOS8

My folders ended up looking like this..

How to remove multiple entries of Local disc on iPhone iOS8


The solution is pretty simple – all you need to go is to go to your iPhone Settings

Find and tap Safari

Tap Advanced

Tap Website Data

And scroll though these until  you find items like


These – slide your finger across and press delete.

Then next time you plug your iPhone into your PC – you will see they have gone.

Yay – Solved – How to remove multiple entries of local disc on iPhone iOS8

Hope this helps

Its a world of instant communication – is this good or bad

iphone-472197_1280Today I feel like a ramble, its often brought to my attention that I am an online communication junkie.

Luckily my obsession has long been taken care of by my even more obsessive communicator, my best friend, cousin and now colleague.

Phone calls and Text – not sure if the text came first I think its probably the fondly remembered faxes we used to send each other – reams of it a day – then thank god then came the internet. Emails would fly back and forth all day long, how we ever got any work done I’m not sure – we have calmed down a little bit now as after 20 years the novelty wore off a little.

Then I found live chat – in the form of IRC chat rooms, I was hooked. An instant response from many people, I loved it. Then came more accepted chatrooms and Social Media which we can now have all on our mobile phones everyday.

Its a world of instant communication – is this good or bad

I get a big kick out of how we can communicate now, right now. I truly am amazed every day at the even more ways we can communicate with each other. Not just for personal use but for businesses, we can connect to our audience in many ways, reaching far and wide.

Video and voice chat are becoming more and more popular – especially now with Periscope – Meerkat – and the Facebook Mentions which is pretty useless right now as its just for celebs. Livestreaming – I thought Twitch had it made, but now anyone can live stream right FROM THEIR PHONE there is no need for extra tech, mics, software, just straight from your phone – okay, you can’t do what you could with something like TwitchTV but very close. And of course you have Skype, Whatsapp, Teamspeak, Mumble, Blab, Steam, Discord, Face time and so many others for voice or video chat and or texting – in groups or one to one. This all really excites me, I think its fantastic.

I think its more important to me now, as I work for myself by myself mostly, and I don’t have time for lengthy telephone conversations – so there are a lot of quick emails, dms, messages, quick skypes and I check many places when I am free – do not usually have notifications on for personal use unless I am waiting for something urgent. Ah I do have on some text notifications but no pings or beeps! So, maybe I might not reply right away to someone but you will be sure it will be the same day if not within the hour.

Its a world of instant communication - is this good or bad

However as much as this way of communicating excites me…

It doesn’t excite everyone – and it doesn’t excite me to have to wait – I’m not the most patient person and if I need information – I need it ! HA!   But we need to realise that not everyone is online all day everyday like me and most people that I connect with.  Those of us that expect a response to a message within a few hours can be disappointed or hurt when we do not get one. Is this selfish of us? Is it bad for us? Are we too impatient or is this just how the world is now?

We have so many different ways to communicate, some people and businesses just can’t cope. They have to check their email, twitter, text, Facebook, whatsapp and take the time to reply to everyone.  Business are lucky they can hire someone like me to take care of that for them.    Its funny that statistics say much of it is down to age, they say that people who grew up with this technology ie – Millennials are more communicative and able to cope online that the older Boomers. Not so sure myself, the Boomers know the value of it more I feel.

How Quickly Should We Respond

How quickly do you (do we) expect a response to a

  • Text
    Voice Message
    Online Direct or Private Message

I’m not sure what is expected to be the most instant way of communicating now because all of these are usually instant or within the hour. It used to be if you wanted someone urgently you would phone or text but now I think most people are too busy to talk or its not an appropriate time and you will go to voicemail – unless its a business. If someone hasn’t replied within 12-24hours tops I do wonder what they are doing, why have they not replied! Especially if its a co-worker or business email. I would say personal Email would have the longest response time and you might expect to wait a few days depending on the nature and urgency of the matter.

Do you reply to everyone, or are there some messages or emails that you just plainly ignore? Of course there are spam messages or troll messages that we probably ignore but maybe there are others.

According to a survey on search engine watch – Most Twitter users expect a response from Brands on Twitter within the hour – I do not think that is unreasonable at all – businesses should have dedicated people to deal with social media.

What can add to the need of an instant reply is that in some cases we see when people have received our messages, so we know that they have received them but still not replied, however in some cases they may have received it but not actually read it.

Remember when we used to send a letter and it could be weeks before you heard back from a person!

Its a world of instant communication - is this good or bad Always connected

If people don’t reply straight away do we assume they are being rude on purpose, or unprofessional? – is it selfish of us to expect them to reply right away? If it isn’t a business response and just a response from a friend, they are probably busy getting on with life right? Who are we to expect them to reply right away? Or are they just rude, not replying.

Everyone has a mobile phone now, and you can respond to all of these messages direct from your mobile so most of us are always connected. However there are times when we are busy working, driving or doing something where we cannot be distracted, or even on holiday where we might not have a connection. This of course is not an option for me, at least so far – I will buy data, or a mifi, a dongle, or get wifi somehow, there is no not connected. Where as for some its not a holiday if they can’t disconnect, but thats another blog post 🙂

I would love to know your views on this, it fascinates me what peoples views are, as to me its simple – I think Its a world of instant communication – is this good or bad – you tell me?

Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Juggling social media accounts and different networks can be a daunting and expensive affair for some – so we have put together our top 5 free tools for social media. You don’t need to spend lots of money on loads of tools for social media – remember that its best to be you, be real and be there.  To much automation is not social.  The tools we have selected are the simplest and the easiest to use and won’t make you look like a robot online.

All networks require different things so its good to be armed with a few free tools to help you. Most of these tools to offer more services if you pay but for the most part the free options work very well.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Canva – We love Canva – as it is free unless you use some of their own images – we have been using it from day one.

What is Canva? – Canva allows you to create social media graphics, design presentations, cover pictures and more.  You can use the images, and templates that they have or you can upload your own.

We wrote about Canva back in January 2015 you might want to read about it there – Canva the free design tool 

Canva are now rolling out – Canva for work, a paid version – which will have more options – such as re-sizing your created images, which you cannot to do on the free version and much more – which I am excited to try.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Buffer –  Another great tool that we have used from the start.

What is Buffer? – Buffer is a super easy way to share the content that you are reading. Using extensions for browsers you can just right-click the article and place it in your buffer – which is a scheduler – you can set it to tweet, post to Facebook, Linkedin (and Pinterest for a cost) on the days and times that you choose – Please read about Buffer on our sister site here 


Feedly – A tool that you may have passed by.

What is Feedly? – Feedly is a new aggregation application – for desktop and mobile.  Feedly compiles news feeds from many online sources which you can add yourself or search for within a topic.  So all of your favorites sites are in one place to read, save using Pocket – or share using Buffer.   Although now – News just in – Feedly are integrating with Google Now, so your most important stories will appear in your Google Now Stream.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Pixabay – Love this site as its just so fast and easy.

What is Pixabay – Pixabay is a place to find free images to use on social networks.  You can’t just use anything you find on Google due to copyright issues – and  you don’t always want to spend lots of money on images just to post on social media or for your website.  Pixabay have a wide range of royalty free stock photos and copyright free vector graphics, and they can be used for commercial purposes.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media


Tweet JukeBox – Difficult to choose the last one, but I’ve just started using Tweet JukeBox more and I’m really enjoying it.

What is Tweet JukeBox? – Tweet Jukebox was created in January 2014 by Tim Fargo and put on the market in Jan 2015  – Tweet Jukebox is really a scheduler like Buffer – but what I like about is that it has free preloaded Jukeboxes so you can choose which tweets to post – such as quotes and images. And as all of the tools we have chosen here  – its quick and easy to use.   Besides which Buffer is discontinuing its suggestions box, which used to have various quotes and content for you to share but they decided it seems that they are not a curation tool.

There are so many different social media tools to choose from – some are free, some are not – we just wanted to find for you Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media.  Just with these simple free tools in place you will find social media networking and marketing much easier and quicker. If you are still struggling to find the inclination or time in the day, why not contact us and we make your accounts sparkle in no time.