Social media reporting about UK Stores Crashing

Social Media Reports UK Stores Crashing #blackfriday

It seems that UK stores were not prepared for Black Friday as Social media reports UK Stores Crashing. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales have been being advertised on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites for weeks now, its a shame that these stores didn’t prepare themselves for the results of those promotions.

Big stores such as Game, Argos, Tesco, Currys to name a few are all over loaded with people trying to buy bargains on their sites causing sites to crash during the Black Friday Sales.  It seems us Brits love a bargain, with fight braking out in stores, and websites crashing just to get few pounds discount on items.

Tesco direct have a landing page up – just asking you to try again

Social media reports UK Stores Crashing

Currys too have a message saying

We’re really sorry that the huge demand for our deals means you’re having to wait.

Our Black Friday deals are live on Friday 28th only, but our Black Tag deals run until Wednesday 3rd December and most of these offers are available in our stores.
We really appreciate your patience and we’ll have you on our site as soon as possible.

Social media reports UK Stores Crashing

Argos – have been tweeting about the problem on their own site, due to a high volume of visitors

Social media reports UK Stores Crashing

Game – who do have some great deals on xbox playstation and many more for Black Friday, say they have been overwhelmed with visitors

Social media reports UK Stores Crashing

 Social media reports UK Stores Crashing –

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Tweeters have taken to Twitter complain about it

How to fix – This webpage is not available

This webpage is not availableFrom time to time you might get this page that pops up on Google Chrome, or any browser really – This webpage is not available.  

This is the fix for the Chrome browser – Webpage not available but it will work on others also.

Google Chrome for some reason cannot load the requested page, most of the time we probably just ignore it and move on to the next page that we want to view, however sometimes there is a simple fix.

  • First check the URL – Do you have the correct extension such as .com or .co. uk
  • Check the address in a different browser (such as Firefox or Opera – does it work there ? Then we know that its chrome causing the problem.
  • Check the address in a different PC, Laptop or mobile. If that works we know again that its either your browser or pc.

Fix “This webpage is not available” on Chrome by clearing your cookies

It can be that a corrupted cookie file might be stopping this page or pages from opening

1 – Click in the top right hand of the page

2 – Click Settings

This webpage is not available



3, Click – Show advanced settings at the bottom of the page

4.  In privacy – Click Content Settings

5. Click – All cookies and site data

6 – Restart Google Chrome

This webpage is not available


Remember that this will take away all data that is stored which might include passwords – so make sure you have all of your passwords and any log in details before you do this.  Although now we can ask Google Chrome to remember our passwords.

This seems to almost always fix all problems concerning This webpage is not available on Chrome, if this doesn’t help, there are Youtube videos that show you various options of changing things like your proxy settings which would probably be easier for you to watch there than for me to write.

Please do let me know if I’ve helped you out here in the comments, thanks.

Organic Reach on Facebook

Organic Reach on Facebook

facebook-pages-logoIf Facebook business pages aren’t having enough problems with organic reach on Facebook – Facebook announced recently that as from January that they are reducing overly promotional pages posts in our news feeds.

Facebook conduct surveys to find out what people want in their feeds regularly and they said that people are telling them that they don’t want to see promotional posts from Facebook pages – what people on Facebook want to see are stories from friends and pages.

Apart from these surveys Facebook also have recently introduced a new way to control what you see in  your news feed. Which would mean that they don’t need to control what we want to see in our own news feed – we can do it ourselves!

To control what you see in your newsfeed

To view your News Feed settings:

  1. Click in the top-right corner of any Facebook page
  2. Select News Feed Settings
  3. Click People, Pages or Groups to sort by category, and then click Alphabetical Order if you want to see one of those lists in alphabetical order

To adjust your News Feed settings, you can:

  • Click Following next to any person, Page or group to unfollow them and stop seeing their stories in your News Feed

  • Click Follow next to any person, Page or group you’ve unfollowed to start seeing stories from them again

Organic Reach on Facebook Some might not have this option on their Facebook Profile on the web as yet – but controlling your news feed settings is available on the Facebook app by clicking More – and scrolling down to News Feed Settings.

This year Facebook have been doing a lot to clean up your Feed – earlier this year they announced that they will be targeting three types of spam behaviour

  • Like-baiting – which is basically post that ask readers to Like, comment or share the post.
  • Recycled content – content that is repeatedly shared
  • Spammy Links – Links that are used for sending people to pages full of ads or spam of some sort.

So what chance do Facebook business pages have with Organic Reach on Facebook

Organic reach – this is what Facebook gives us for free or not really, when our posts appear in fans newsfeeds, which seems doesn’t happen very often, unless you are getting much engagement already.

Facebook ads 

Paying for reach on Facebook – it seems that for most Facebook pages, paying for exposure is going to be the only way to be seen – we just need to get used to this. Its not very expensive and we have to pay for ads elsewhere so why not Facebook, we don’t seem to have the choice anymore..  All pages are in the same boat, maybe not so much those that do have hundreds of fans that already create lots of engagement and shares on their posts, but with this new update, even that might be reduced.

Promotional Facebook posts that will be targeted as from January are ...

  • Company posts about new apps, products or services
  • Competitions or sweepstakes – especially those asking for likes and shares.
  • Post that copy or reuse the same content that have been used on paid ads.

The best ways to increase organic reach on Facebook

Is to post 2/3 times per day with original interesting content, such as stories about your company or business or relevant curated content  at times when your Fans are around, try not to be overly promotional at all – No this isn’t a simple task, you need to be mindful about what you post and when if you want to have any chance of your organic reach on Facebook growing at all.

Of course, if you don’t have time to do this on your own – check out the social media management deals on FairyDust Media! 🙂

Watch out for – PRANK site feednewz on Facebook – Ebola reports is a Prank website, where ANYONE can create a prank about anything – and it looks like a real news report which is shared on Facebook.  I believe these are supposed to be humorous but can be very worrying to some people especially the nature of some of these pranks.

Create your own prank

Watch out for - PRANK site feednewz on Facebook

When you click on the link – according to reports, you are sent to a page where you are told YOU WERE PRANKED with a number showing how many people have been pranked.  (I don’t think it autoshares but I will let you know if I find out)

Watch out for – PRANK site feednewz on Facebook

There are currently many many people who think its funny and have created pages about Ebola outbreaks in Manchester – Bournemouth – Eastbourne and many other places in Britain – Plus many other countries too.

Watch out for - PRANK site feednewz on Facebook


So please don’t share these posts (although you ARE informed that they are fake when you click on them – many people will just share the link, without reading because “people don’t read any more“)  and don’t worry about them, they are fake – if you want to make sure – go to google and search for the headline, if you don’t find something from a reputable news site, then you know its fake.

I’m surprised Facebook allow this behavior actually – I’m sure it was intended as harmless fun but these above stories shows that its gone past that now.




How to review and delete Facebook apps

How to review and delete Facebook appsSome people have been asking How to review and delete Facebook apps.  Overtime we forget how many applications that we have allowed access to Facebook – For which our friends information and our own information is being stored by some of these apps and we might not even be using them any more.

You probably don’t even realise how many applications you have connected to your Facebook account – I know I add a lot but I had no idea how many.  Maybe it was a one off that you allowed an application to Facebook and you’ve now forgotten about.  Its good to check now and then and go through the apps that you don’t want – especially if you have been having any trouble with spam or access to your account, it could be a rouge app.

How to review and delete Facebook apps

Its much simpler now that it was before – Facebook has recently made this much easier for us to go through and get rid of unwanted Facebook applications.

Simply – log into your account

1 – Click the arrow on the far right hand side and click Settings

2 – On the left click Apps

How to review and delete Facebook apps


Here you will see all of the applications that are connected to your Facebook account, in a list like this – I have hundreds so I am going through mine now.

How to review and delete Facebook apps

On Facebook, your name, profile picture, cover photo, gender, networks, username, and user ID are always publicly available, including to apps – Apps also have access to your friends list and any information you choose to make public.

3 – Hover over the app that you want to remove and you will see two options

  • Editing settings – Here you will see what information that you have allowed this app – sometimes you can change this – but mostly the app will require this information for you to use it.
  • Remove – Just click the X – a box will pop up asking to you confirm click remove. And its gone!

4 – Don’t worry if you are unsure if you actually use that app anymore – as if you do go to use it and its not been allowed by Facebook, it will just ask you again.

Also read here if you want to know How to stop people from sending you Facebook Game invites 


Have a look at your Facebook Apps – you’ll be surprised how many you have allowed access to yours and your friends information. And hopefully this guide will show you How to review and delete Facebook apps.