Spam Warning - Don't Click Links from Zeechat App

Spam Warning – Don’t Click Links from #Zeechat App

Just a little Spam Warning – Don’t Click Links from Zeechat App If you get a text message from a friend via Zee and you click the link, it appears to sign you up to the app and proceeds to take over your phone-book and sends out text messages ( SMS messages) which appear to be from you to your friends, making them think that you have sent them a message. And so the circle begins. Some reports say that only three people get the spam link from Zee others have said they are sent to your whole phone book.  So […]

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Best Games in 30 Years of Gaming

In the last 30 years of gaming what do you think were the most successful video games? Have you been gaming that long? I know I have and seeing this interactive infographic by MeccaBingo makes you feel very old. Especially when you realise that the original Mario Bros game about Mario the Italian-American plumber came out in 1983 on the Atari – oh and what a wonderful arcade game we thought that was, playing it late into the night. The first video games Of course video games didn’t first appear 1983 there were games as far back as the 1950’s that were […]

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What Opting Out Doesn’t do on Google

Opting out isn’t always as straight forward as you think,  I looked up how to opt out of ads recently and found out what opting out doesn’t do on on Google Plus. As with most things on Google, as with Facebook, you automatically opted in.. and you need to opt out, you’d think that was it, wouldn’t you.   However, I found out that it wasn’t that easy and even when you thought you were opted out, in reality you aren’t.   Services You May Want to Opt Out of on Google The most recent is of course Email, Google […]

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Create amazing graphics with Canva the free design tool

Anyone can design amazing graphics with Canva the free design tool co-founded by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams from Sydney, Canva is a very simple tool which enables you to create designs from templates for your blog for Facebook covers, posters, cards in fact anything you like for the web and print. You don’t even have to worry about sizes any more, its all set up for you within the template. When you first sign up with Canva you are even presented with a short how-to guide to show you what to do. If you need a quick […]

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jelly app

Jelly the New Search App – Co-founder Biz Stone

I’m very excited about Jelly the new search app by Jelly Inc. Jelly has been launched this week on iOS and Android and is a question and answer application, related to search, which I am live testing while writing this post! When I first heard about it I thought maybe it was like Quora but its very different. By the way, Jelly’s co-founders are Ben Finkel and Biz Stone the Twitter Co-founder so I expect good things! What Is Jelly The New Search App Jelly is a new way to search, that uses photos and people from your social network. […]

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Free Live Streaming using Hang w/ 2.1 Mobile App

Live Streaming using Hang w/ couldn’t be easier with the recent up date from MEDL Mobile to version 2.1 When Hang w/ was first released in March 2013 users were asking for more integration, more simplification and more features and Andrew Maltin CEO, Dave Swartz CCO and the rest of the team were listening.  First Hang w/ was updated to 2.0 and now 2.1 has arrived with all the new features added to the mix. What does this mean – Live Streaming using Hang w/ Hang w/ is a free live streaming platform that was born out of the need […]

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