Spam Warning - Don't Click Links from Zeechat App

Spam Warning – Don’t Click Links from #Zeechat App

links from zeechatJust a little Spam Warning – Don’t Click Links from Zeechat App

If you get a text message from a friend via Zee and you click the link, it appears to sign you up to the app and proceeds to take over your phone-book and sends out text messages ( SMS messages) which appear to be from you to your friends, making them think that you have sent them a message. And so the circle begins.

Some reports say that only three people get the spam link from Zee others have said they are sent to your whole phone book.  So its some sort of phishing scam or just pure spam just that when you sign up it is allowed access to your phonebook.  This is never a good idea to allow an application access to your phonebook, but with this app I am not sure if you are asked or not.

Text Messages (SMS) from Zeechat

I received this text message from a friend.

#### Sent you a message on Zee. Please click (link) to view the message.   My friend said all he did was click the link and the messages went out.

I didn’t click it as I looked it up and saw it was a photo messaging app that was described as better than snapchat, I guess thats not difficult. However that sort of application isn’t one that interests me.  Later, I heard that my friend didn’t even know that these messages had been sent out from his phone to everyone in his phonebook – even his landline.

Messages on Twitter about Zeechat

People on Twitter are complaining about being spammed with this message from Zeechat, I think maybe they might need to sort this out.   However maybe this was the plan, to get everyone talking about Zeechat for free.

links from zeechat


Personally, I wouldn’t go near it with a barge-pole now and I suggest that you don’t, there are plenty of ways to share photos with your friends.

Check out the reviews on Snapchat, strangely there are none on the itunes page but on googleplay you can see the story. Not very many nice things to say.

zeechat reviews techieminx

So, take notice of this Spam Warning – Don’t Click Links from Zeechat App – unless you want to annoy all or some of your friends.   Did you get caught out?  Let us know…

Best Games in 30 Years of Gaming

In the last 30 years of gaming what do you think were the most successful video games?

Have you been gaming that long? I know I have and seeing this interactive infographic by MeccaBingo makes you feel very old. Especially when you realise that the original Mario Bros game about Mario the Italian-American plumber came out in 1983 on the Atari – oh and what a wonderful arcade game we thought that was, playing it late into the night.

The first video games

Of course video games didn’t first appear 1983 there were games as far back as the 1950’s that were played on huge computers. However, gaming wasn’t super popular until the 1970’s when we first saw PONG and later that century we got Space Invaders which was a huge success on arcade cabinets and tables.  However it really kicked off in the 1980’s when we saw the second round of gaming computers, such as the Commodore and the Sinclair. Soon, gaming consoles were more available these were easier to set up and easier to use.   And wasn’t really until Mid 1980’s after Nintendo brought out the NES – Nintendo Entertainment System and we had Super Mario Bros that they came into their own.  As you will see from the graphic, Super Mario Bros sold 42.24 million copies!

Hand Held Consoles

The first hand held consoles weren’t really popular until Nintendo brought out the Gameboy in 1989 – (I still have my first one) And the most popular game at that time was Tetris, in grey black and white! Can you believe that Tetris is 25 years old!  Nintendo handheld consoles went from strength to strength are still popular today with the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS 

30 years of Gaming

Check out this infographic of The most successful video games in the last 30 years, and tell us if you agree – do you think some have been missed out?

Brought to you by Mecca Bingo

What was your favorite game in these past 30 years of gaming? Was it included in the most successful games, or did you like different games. I must say most of my favorites are here apart from in the last year – its all been about PC ( Final Fantasy – A realm reborn ) and Mobile Gaming ( Puzzle Dungeon) for me. Is that another post maybe, are gaming consoles on the way out? 🙂



What Opting Out Doesn’t do on Google

google1Opting out isn’t always as straight forward as you think,  I looked up how to opt out of ads recently and found out what opting out doesn’t do on on Google Plus.

As with most things on Google, as with Facebook, you automatically opted in.. and you need to opt out, you’d think that was it, wouldn’t you.   However, I found out that it wasn’t that easy and even when you thought you were opted out, in reality you aren’t.


Services You May Want to Opt Out of on Google

The most recent is of course Email, Google is rolling this out at the moment so you might not have been affected yet.  Google is allowing people with Gmail and Google+ to be able to email you directly, they won’t see your email address, but the message will end up in your inbox.

To Opt out of this

Go to – Google Mail Settings.

Click the General Tab

You will see an option – Email via Google+ Who can email via your Google+ Profile – you can change this here from Anyone on Google+ to Extended Circles, Circles or No-one. 


Many people sign up for a Gmail account and are automatically given a Google+ account which they don’t want.  I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want a Google+ account considering the benefits for your blog – website or business, but thats another story.

If you want to removed your Google+ account just to go – Google+ Settings   disable Google+  be carfeul here if you have already set up a YouTube account connected to your Google+ account as you could lose that also.

Your Face on Google Ads

Its been mentioned that after an update in Google’s Terms and Conditions – Google can if it wants use your Profile Pictures, or any images, or details about you in ads to influence your friend and relatives.

You can opt out of this here – Shared Endorsements

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see – Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads. – Uncheck the box if you haven’t already.

What opting out doesn’t do here is, it doesn’t actually stop them completely, it says that the setting only allows you to limit the use of your name and photo in shared endorsements in ads.

what opting out doesn't do on google

How to Opt Out of Ads

If you don’t want to see interest-based ads on Google Plus you can opt out. These ads are based on your interests and details taken from your browser.  If you opt out you won’t  see these ads on Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail or other sites that are part of the Google Display Network.

Opting out of Ads starts off pretty simple, so it seems!

Sign in to Google

Click on Google Settings 

Click on either –

Opt out of  interest-based ads on Google
Opt out of  interest-based Google Ads Across the Web


What Opting Out Doesn’t Do

After reading what opting out doesn’t do with regarding these ads you might decide there is no point in opting out of ads.  Although some people find it an invasion of their privacy so they might want to just keep opting out.

  • You WILL still see ads but they won’t be based on what Google thinks you want to buy.
  • Doesn’t opt you out of different browsers you might use, so for instance if you opt out on your PC using Google Chrome,  you might need to do the same on your phone using Safari!
  • If you clear your cookies after opting out, you may have to opt out again!
So although Google does allow opting out on many things, sometimes you need to dig a little further.  However, remember every time Facebook or even Twitter changes something we have to opt out and sometimes even then we can’t. Such as the images now appearing in your Twitter feed, many don’t like them.


I am a big Google fan, I love it all and I love the integration that is available now, I know that many people don’t but I think once you get these settings sorted you will feel much happier.  Come and find me on Google+

Create amazing graphics with Canva the free design tool

canva the free design toolAnyone can design amazing graphics with Canva the free design tool co-founded by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams from Sydney,

Canva is a very simple tool which enables you to create designs from templates for your blog for Facebook covers, posters, cards in fact anything you like for the web and print. You don’t even have to worry about sizes any more, its all set up for you within the template. When you first sign up with Canva you are even presented with a short how-to guide to show you what to do.

If you need a quick simple way to create amazing graphics for your site then this is for you.

Canva the free design tool

Canva is the most superb social networking tool and yet has many many other uses too.  It is free to join, although there are some paid aspects to it. Firstly you can upload your own images or use a selection of free images – however, if you want something a bit different and classy then you can buy images from just $1.00 to add to your design.

How to start using Canva

You start by choosing a new design,

  • Document
  • Presentation
  • Blog graphic
  • Facebook cover
  • Social Media
  • Card
  • Photo Collage
  • Poster
  • Invitation
  • Business Card

I created a very simple Facebook cover for my other Facebook page in just a few minutes; I used some of my own images so this was free, however there was a large selection of free images.


When you click on your design you then choose your layout by clicking on the selections on the left, then you can alter and add to this by simply using drag and drop from the selections.  There are over 1,000,000 images to choose from some are free, some are not.

You can change the layout, the background, and previously added text or add your own text box


Once you have finished your design you can share directly to Twitter, Facebook, or download to your PC.

Can now have 150,000 users and there isn’t a waiting list anymore, so you can get started designing right away.

If you were artistically challenged before and used to struggle to create amazing designs for your social networks now you will have no trouble at all with Canva the free design tool !

jelly app

Jelly the New Search App – Co-founder Biz Stone

Jelly the new search appI’m very excited about Jelly the new search app by Jelly Inc. Jelly has been launched this week on iOS and Android and is a question and answer application, related to search, which I am live testing while writing this post!

When I first heard about it I thought maybe it was like Quora but its very different.

By the way, Jelly’s co-founders are Ben Finkel and Biz Stone the Twitter Co-founder so I expect good things!

What Is Jelly The New Search App

Jelly is a new way to search, that uses photos and people from your social network.  People love to help and as Biz Stone says “If you have a question there is somebody out there that knows the answer”

Its like this – You might see a flower and you want to know the name of it, you just post on the application and hopefully one or many of your followers/friends, will answer the question for you, its like a social search.  A much quicker way than taking the picture, uploading it to Facebook and then posting it to Twitter, plus people on the app are just waiting to answer questions so you are more likely to get an answer.

How To Get Started Using Jelly The New Search App 

Download Jelly from the App Store or Google Play 

You have to sign up using Twitter or Facebook – something that I would prefer not to do actually, but you will need to add these networks for Jelly to work so I understand.  You can then add the other if you wish.  There is no profile to add and no settings at all really.   The information is just taken from the networks you add.  You don’t even add friends here, your friends are the people already in your networks.  If they have the app they will automatically be able to answer your questions

Ask a Question

When you first sign up it takes you to the camera ready for you to Point – Shoot – Ask.  You simply take your picture, write some text, you can add a link and edit the text if need be. Then, press send and your question is asked.  Or you can choose a picture from your photo library – or Google a picture (These images aren’t all public domain though so I’m not sure how that stands)

Answer a question.

If you have nothing to ask then you can click at the bottom where is says – People want to help and you to go to the Can You Help page – here you can either answer, or swipe down to get rid of the question and it goes to the next one.  You can see who has answered the question and read their answer, and if you click on their picture,  it shows you that you can view their Twitter and Facebook profiles, if they have added both.  Edit, no it only shows the one that they logged in with. 

jelly inc

Note – I had an answer right away from my question, it was rude and unhelpful and from someone not in my networks a but person that does have mutual friends (not much help there then) – so it looks like friends of friends are allowed to answer your questions, unless this is a bug?   I found later that you can report these types of answers by clicking Don’t Like or Report as inappropriate – so I did.

Edit – a few hours later I had 11 answers to my question, which is pretty amazing – most were guesses and 2 were right.   To view the answers its easiest to go back to your original question and click on where it says answers and you can flick sideways through them.  You can then thank people and they are sent a note that says they got a thank you card.   Not sure what happens then, I have one thank you card for my answer and it just says at the bottom  1 Thank You Card.

When you ask or answer a question if is saved your activity  folder and you can share the answer it to email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook for forward the question to SMS, Email or clipboard, so that you can get other people involved that aren’t using the app.

If you didn’t add your other social network right away you can do so by clicking the profile icon – looks like a person in a circle and press the cog at the bottom right hand side.

And that seems to be about that, there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to search for particular questions, or change your settings, its just simply Questions and Answers.

I am reading that there are a few bugs, such as the app crashing or not being able to add the other network but this is a totally new application and just getting its first users, so be nice people I’m sure the bugs will be ironed out.  I didn’t have any other problems however.

What do you think of this new app, is this the next new thing?  Or is there something similar already, I don’t think so.




Free Live Streaming using Hang w/ 2.1 Mobile App

live streaming using hang wLive Streaming using Hang w/ couldn’t be easier with the recent up date from MEDL Mobile to version 2.1

When Hang w/ was first released in March 2013 users were asking for more integration, more simplification and more features and Andrew Maltin CEO, Dave Swartz CCO and the rest of the team were listening.  First Hang w/ was updated to 2.0 and now 2.1 has arrived with all the new features added to the mix.

What does this mean – Live Streaming using Hang w/

Hang w/ is a free live streaming platform that was born out of the need to prove that people are real, in real time – no more being fake on social media as Celebrities use Twitter teams to tweet for them or post updates to Facebook its time to show themselves and get social.  Not even just celebrities but everyone, including you!

Hang out with a celebrity or become a celebrity

With Hang w/  which just stands for Hangwith/(your name)  you can hangout with anyone live streaming a video, you can talk them during the live streaming via text, and or go back to look at it another time.  You can alos *like” the broadcasts, if you like it.   You need never miss a live stream simply by setting your phone to send a push  notification when anyone that you are following goes live.

With the new features you have –

  • – Longer Broadcasts  (I believe up to 9 minutes) 
  • – Broadcast Directly to Facebook
  • – Broadcast loading enhancements
  • – Optimized live stream to Facebook
  • – Archives can now be shared to Facebook
  • – Added blocked users management
  • – Bug fixes and optimizations

There are loads of celebrities already live streaming using Hang w/ here are just a few…

  • • Timbaland
  • • Kaskade
  • • Chad Ohcocinco
  • • Dillon Francis
  • • Chief Keef
  • • Ali Landry
  • • Urijah Faber
  • • Jamie Kennedy


Will I see inappropriate comments or live streams on Hang w/?

There was a worry about Porn on Vine for a while, and now Vine has (is it just me that thinks this?) mostly not so great videos I’m hoping that Hang w/ will keep up with the flags and get rid of the rubbish quickly.

Hang w/ accounts will be suspended if flagged as objectionable by users, if found to be in violation of the Terms of Service.

You need to be careful that your live streams don’t contain

  • Hate speech or rudeness
  • Bit of your body no one wants to see
  • Anything perverse
  • Crimes
  • Basically as they say, anything you wouldn’t want your mum to see!

I love that! 🙂


To start Live Streaming using Hang w/

Hang w/ is so simple to set up.  First you need to create your own channel –  set up your profile, you can add to it Facebook or Twitter – add your profile picture, your real name and a user name.  You need to have your email address verified before you can start to live stream though.

Its easy to find people you want to follow by using the categories, or search and you can watch their previous broadcasts from their profile.

I like the Broadcasting Now button as you don’t need to be following these people you can just click this and it takes you to a selection of people that are actually live streaming right now which is very exciting.  However when I just looked there was just one person that was watching TV, not so exciting however, and unusual it seems as there are hundreds of  thousands of users on this platform. Everyone must be still recovering from New Years Eve!

Hang w/ is available on iOS or Android and you can even watch from Facebook so it couldn’t be easier live streaming using Hang w/  check it out – add me Michelledh – I’ve not started streaming yet but if anything was going to convince me to do so, this is the app to do it.


Iphone Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.