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Paypal email scam

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We are all very busy at this time of year and might overlook these bank phishing scams, such as the Paypal email scam  They are clearly hoping to catch us off guard at this time of year, when we are all rushing around spending money. Paypal email scam This is what I received - this is a fake email pretending to come from Paypal  Luckily Gmail sent this fake paypal email straight to my spam folder, so most people won't get caught out. How can we tell its fake a Paypal email First look at the address it came from - - not  - however some scammers do get email addresses that have paypal in it so don't be fooled by that either. Secondly - it says Dear Member, not my name Another thing to notice is the spelling mistakes, this is often the case with phishing emails and this one that says its from Paypal is no exception. Until we here from you..... Also when you hover over the button that says Update your account now, you [...]

We had a website challenge – The Windsor Caper

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Its not often that you get a customer that wants a new website but has no idea what they want or even to have any input in it, this was our  website challenge. "I completely trust you to create something amazing" This can be often be good or bad. So, first we gave him our ideas and a few images of what he might expect, and he was thrilled so we got right to it. Its actually a fascinating story so I thought I would share it with you. Author Gerda Weissman Klein 90 year old Gerda Weissmann Klein is a fascinating and amazing woman, a Polish-born American writer, public speaker and holocaust survivor. Gerda Klein has written many books, her first book  All but My Life which is her autobiography was adapted for the 1995 short film, One Survivor Remembers. The film received an Emmy Award and an Academy Award. All but my life was first published in 1957 and its going now into its 70th edition. Website Challenge - The Windsor Caper The Windsor Caper is her most [...]

Social Media Reports UK Stores Crashing #blackfriday

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It seems that UK stores were not prepared for Black Friday as Social media reports UK Stores Crashing. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales have been being advertised on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites for weeks now, its a shame that these stores didn't prepare themselves for the results of those promotions. Big stores such as Game, Argos, Tesco, Currys to name a few are all over loaded with people trying to buy bargains on their sites causing sites to crash during the Black Friday Sales.  It seems us Brits love a bargain, with fight braking out in stores, and websites crashing just to get few pounds discount on items. Tesco direct have a landing page up - just asking you to try again Currys too have a message saying We're really sorry that the huge demand for our deals means you’re having to wait. Our Black Friday deals are live on Friday 28th only, but our Black Tag deals run until Wednesday 3rd December and most of these offers are available in our stores. We really appreciate your [...]

How to fix – This webpage is not available

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From time to time you might get this page that pops up on Google Chrome, or any browser really - This webpage is not available.   This is the fix for the Chrome browser - Webpage not available but it will work on others also. Google Chrome for some reason cannot load the requested page, most of the time we probably just ignore it and move on to the next page that we want to view, however sometimes there is a simple fix. First check the URL - Do you have the correct extension such as .com or .co. uk Check the address in a different browser (such as Firefox or Opera - does it work there ? Then we know that its chrome causing the problem. Check the address in a different PC, Laptop or mobile. If that works we know again that its either your browser or pc. Fix "This webpage is not available" on Chrome by clearing your cookies It can be that a corrupted cookie file might be stopping this page or pages from opening 1 [...]

Organic Reach on Facebook

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If Facebook business pages aren't having enough problems with organic reach on Facebook - Facebook announced recently that as from January that they are reducing overly promotional pages posts in our news feeds. Facebook conduct surveys to find out what people want in their feeds regularly and they said that people are telling them that they don't want to see promotional posts from Facebook pages - what people on Facebook want to see are stories from friends and pages. Apart from these surveys Facebook also have recently introduced a new way to control what you see in  your news feed. Which would mean that they don't need to control what we want to see in our own news feed - we can do it ourselves! To control what you see in your newsfeed To view your News Feed settings: Click in the top-right corner of any Facebook page Select News Feed Settings Click People, Pages or Groups to sort by category, and then click Alphabetical Order if you want to see one of those lists in alphabetical order To adjust your [...]

What is #Twitch TV

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Rebloged from FairydustMedia People are asking What is #Twitch TV - a social network? To find out the answer to this first maybe we need to know the answer to some questions, such as - what is social networking, what is social media and what are social networks for. What is Social Networking A social network service enables users to find like minded individuals or people with the same interests to connect with. So a social network is basically that community or social relations. We use social networks to interact with others, we follow them, connect with them, share content with them. In short a social network is a community of people finding and communicating with each other, to be social within a network or on a platform. Just two words ...... Social Network   So, is Twitch a social network? To find out to answer to this question - What is #Twitch TV - Read more -    

Watch out for – PRANK site feednewz on Facebook – Ebola reports

By |2017-02-08T01:18:47+01:00November 2nd, 2014|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , , | is a Prank website, where ANYONE can create a prank about anything - and it looks like a real news report which is shared on Facebook.  I believe these are supposed to be humorous but can be very worrying to some people especially the nature of some of these pranks. Create your own prank When you click on the link - according to reports, you are sent to a page where you are told YOU WERE PRANKED with a number showing how many people have been pranked.  (I don't think it autoshares but I will let you know if I find out) Watch out for - PRANK site feednewz on Facebook There are currently many many people who think its funny and have created pages about Ebola outbreaks in Manchester - Bournemouth - Eastbourne and many other places in Britain - Plus many other countries too.   So please don't share these posts (although you ARE informed that they are fake when you click on them - many people will just share the link, without reading because "people don't [...]

How to review and delete Facebook apps

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Some people have been asking How to review and delete Facebook apps.  Overtime we forget how many applications that we have allowed access to Facebook - For which our friends information and our own information is being stored by some of these apps and we might not even be using them any more. You probably don't even realise how many applications you have connected to your Facebook account - I know I add a lot but I had no idea how many.  Maybe it was a one off that you allowed an application to Facebook and you've now forgotten about.  Its good to check now and then and go through the apps that you don't want - especially if you have been having any trouble with spam or access to your account, it could be a rouge app. How to review and delete Facebook apps Its much simpler now that it was before - Facebook has recently made this much easier for us to go through and get rid of unwanted Facebook applications. Simply - log into your account 1 [...]

Tsu the new social network that pays YOU

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Its seems social networks are popping up all over the place, now we have Tsu the new social network that pays YOU, which is SO different to the new ELLO social network we have just all joined because its NOT going to have adverts - this one thinks you are going to not mind at all about the adverts because YOU will be being paid. And it just shows you, that no one really does care - as they are still signing up in droves. Tsu the new social network that pays YOU Tsu - pronouced Sue - was launched this week and people are flocking to it, unlike the recent launch of ELLO which was all under a big cloak of suspense and mystery and you had to get invited to join, and these were few and far between, with Tsu you are seeing these links popping up everywhere and there is no limit to the amount of uses - its just a persons vanity URL, but it will take you to the log in - sign up page immediately.  This is where it reeks [...]

Oh no not another post about ELLO the new social network – My thoughts

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Ello the new social network - if you've not heard about it by now, I wonder where you've been.   I'll give you some background incase you haven't read about it yet. Ello was started as a private network between a few artists and programmers @budnitz @bergerfohr @todd @lucian @gv @mk @jayzes @cacheflowe which grew and grew and they eventually decided to build a public version, which is now being rolled out mostly via invites from other users. The hook with Ello is that this social network is totally ad-free and Ello doesn't sell your data to third parties and they say that unlike all of the other social networks that started ad-free and changed their policies about protecting our data - Ello won't do that. Ello really created a stir, I don't think this was actually just their manifesto that did this but the way they are making people wait for invites - probably so the servers don't crash with everyone trying to get on at once but this making us wait has had us itching to see what we are missing. (Well it did me) Ello [...]

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