Unfollow Unfollowers on Twitter

I have been looking for a good application to replace Twitcleaner since it closed down, I needed something that was as good as Twitcleaner to help to unfollow unfollowers on Twitter for Free. What application should I use to unfollow unfollowers on Twitter? Its been a hard job, I really miss Twitcleaner – it was perfect. I do understand, he was doing all this for free and it took up alot of time.  I do use now and then as its pretty good at showing you who just unfollowed you – as we know sometimes, Twitter unfollows people for you, so this […]

Continue reading – Fun twitter statistics or just spam? is an application that apparently tells you how many hours you have spent on Twitter. Calculations are not actually real – they say that they are based on account age, followers, friends and tweets. The result is then tweeted to your followers. Edit, See update below – due to suspension and blocking by twitter its now appearing as not exactly accurate. Surprisingly my amount on hours on time were virtually the same as someone with half the amount of followers, and a 10th the amount of friends (ppl they follow back) as me, so I’m not sure how that […]

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How to remove a contact from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social networking website with over 200 million members, its a great place to manage your professional identity and to engage with people on a professional level.  So why would you want to how to remove a contact from LinkedIn? People are usually careful about who they connect with on LinkedIn as its not the same as other networks it is usually for work purposes but some people like to be open networkers, and connect with many people, and on LinkedIn these are called LIONs. What is a LinkedIn LION It stands for Linked In Open Networker, it basically means that they will accept invites from anyone, […]

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