Google gets its own LIKE button

Google has announced  +1 ;  it stands for this is pretty cool or check this out.  The meaning doesn’t need too much explaining as we are all used to this with the Facebook like button, and the Twitter RT.

The Google friends recommendation.

I  love recommendations, tips and advice from people I trust – that’s how all of us find the best websites, friends; things that interest us.

Remember recently I said something is coming, (I didn’t mean Jesus) and make sure you have a Google account, well maybe this is what it was, although its not quite as exciting as CIRCLES may have been, it could be very practical and functional .

+1 Video

As I understand it, you’ll need a Google Profile to use the +1 – then anyone of your connections can see your +1’s. They are stored on your Google Profile as  new tab, you can choose to keep it private or show who you like.

Google say that +1 will be on Google search, Google Ads and soon on actual websites.

This seems to be only available on right now as an experiment, so I guess has to wait, although you can still +1 if you use .com.

Edit: I just had to do this…..

To sign up for it you have to sign into google –

Go to –

Click – Join This Experiment

More info, will come when available.

Hope this helps



Delete photos on (NEW DESIGN) YFrog – Part two

I wrote a post not so long ago about how to delete your photos from YFrog; due to the fact it took me a little while to find out. I’m pleased to say, that this post has helped out many people.

Recently I received this comment.

Looks like they’ve rebuilt the interface because i couldnt find any dropdown menu or any delete buttons.

How to remove pictures on Yfrog updated

So I hopped on over to Yfrog.  It seems things have indeed changed, in fact Yfrog recently had a complete overhaul on design with virtually a new product: you can tweet directly from their site, photos are more organised and it looks much more professional now.  This new design is apparently in beta and is being pushed out to people slowly so you may not have seen it yet.  It does look easier to use now, so hopefully people won’t have so much difficulty but just in case, this is how you remove photos now.

  1. Click Profile
  2. Click Photos (or videos)
  3. Do not click the picture – because when you hover over the photo that you wish to delete  you will see an X – click  – here to remove.

UPDATE  –  Another change to YFrog design, just a small one. 

Proceed to step 3. 

3. Still do not click the picture – but hover over it and you will see the trashcan, click that to delete. 

(thanks to an anonymous poster for letting me know) 

If you wish to remove the complete yfrog account go to settings which is on the drop down arrow next to profile and click delete account.

Looks like they have got rid of that ugly frog too !



Hope this  helps



Color, Photo-sharing application – How do I… ?

There’s been so much hype about the social networking image sharing application Color, I’d be surprised if you had not read about it yet. The hypemeter went off the scale similar to the cabbage patch kids hype of many years ago.
Color is available for iphone and Android now: Color enables you to share photos or videos in group albums, with people at the same events as you.  You have to be within 150ft of each other, however I believe they might be lengthening this distance. You don’t have to add people to your network, this will be automatic due to the fact you are in the same vicinity with strangers (or friends) at the same event as you: sms and text are even available.
You could just use it sitting at home, if people near you are also doing the same thing, this seems pointless to me, but I can see the novelty for events or concerts and the like.
Many complaints have been already flying around the net regarding this application, maybe they pushed it out too soon; there has already been some updates, and no doubt there will be some more.
Problems I’ve seen reported and the solutions.

How do you delete photos from Color?  –  You just swipe the picture using the iphone.
I’ve seen an inappropriate photo! –  Report it, the user will be blocked forever.
I was blocked because my friend reported my photo for a joke! – Your photo will be checked and if clean you will be unblocked and your friend may get blocked for incorrect reporting.
I don’t see people in the app that should be here! – Try restarting the application.

Here is an album @bennparr, @loic and @kris were sharing  – this looks fun. At the top you can see who is at the party using the application.
You can share these albums to Facebook or Twitter.
And here is Robert Scoble @scobleizer trying out the application, he said that he was feeling a bit lonely over there in Silicon Valley but I’m sure he isn’t now after posting that.
It seems a lot of people have been trying out Color but will it stay?
Have you been using Color yet? Did you like it?
(Shame they spelt it wrong 🙂 )

Spotify hit by a virus attack

Digital music service Spotify (free version)  has been attacked by malware.

It came via malicious third-party adverts so Spotify have removed ads for now, until they sort it out.

Twitter users are still complaining to @Spotify about this; It would appear that it is proving very difficult to locate the source of the malware and Spotify are asking twitter users to help, they are asking what ads caused the problems. The twitter community are trying to assist with one twitter posting screen prints to Spotify, another person offered run tests for them.

@ Spotify on twitter said – We’re still investigating but we take this very seriously and will take every step possible to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

One website has reported that AVG software has identified one of the malicious payloads as Trojan horse Generic_r.FZ.

According to Sophos this comes at the same time as another malicious ad on Facebook, asking you to install Adobe Flash player, which is when you get the malware.  Apparently this  has now been taken care of by Facebook.

Let this be a reminder to us that we must regularly scan our system for malware, you never know where it might appear next.

Hope this helps


Facebook questions !

As you may have noticed, yesterday Facebook announced that Questions is soon going to be available to everyone.

They explain:
Questions is designed so that anyone on Facebook can help you find the answer.

Questions evolved because they realised that often users statuses were a question, like “Where is the best place to eat in Leeds?” Or What film should I see at the cinema tomorrow?  –  “What music should I listen too?  These questions usually get a good response from friends trying to help.

So Facebook designed a product that you can use to ask questions and they’ve made it so easy and quick, all you have to do is tick the answer that you want. They’ve done it this way so that more of your friends will be more inclined to answer, as it takes no time at all.

I received this popular question today.
I answered this one with the hell yeah!
When you receive a question you can also ask your own friends and follow the question.
As usual I guess the weirdo’s of this world will be putting strange or crude questions but then hopefully they won’t be in your friends circles 🙂

Create your question or learn more here

Hope this helps

Compose music with the Isle of tune… Game?

Ok, I admit it, this music sequencer has kept me busy for a couple of days now, (in my spare time) and I am addicted to it. I have Jim Hall the creator to blame for that, thanks Jim.  Its different than you’ve ever seen before. On Isle of tune, you create little cute islands, with roads, trees bushes and houses to compose your own music or mixes of other tracks.

This is my sons island that he made today currently no’3 in “today’s” chart (please click like, if you do like).

Revolving I like to move

Of course my sons island is much better than my effort

– Called Stairway to isles but it was my first try. Don’t laugh.  🙂   It seems really simple but as you get into it you find that actually its really quite tricky to create a masterpiece.

How to make your musical journey

When you first start you have an empty island with a tool bar at the bottom, here you will see everything you need to start creating your musical wonderland isle.

First you design your layout of road. 

Then you can add some trees or bushes, these are your notes – you adjust each one to a different note by clicking on them you can do this by using tone, or clicking keyboard and choosing a note. (Here you have even more options)

After that you can add a new road to create a drum beat with street lamps and or houses, and the last thing to  place is your car. 
You have available any amount of road, trees, bushes, etc but only 3 cars.
When you are ready you press go and the car on the road starts moving and as it passes by the objects this generates the sound.

Its easier to understand once you have looked through a few of the shared islands.

Here is my son at No. 13 on This Weeks Chart.

There are 3 save spaces to save your work and you can post your tunes to Twitter, Facebook, email, or share on the site.

Some musicians decorate the rest of their island even if they aren’t using it for sounds, to create a complete and fun filled island, they look brilliant.

Someone once compared this to Farmville so I didn’t even bother looking at it, but it is nothing at all like Farmville. The only part that is computer generated is the car moving around the track, apart from a few loop tracks that are supplied, the rest you have to create yourself.

There is only one problem, it needs a log in system. As you only get 3 saves per system, which isn’t many if you have a few people using one computer.

The fabulous news is that the App is coming to Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch very soon! Then I’ll have my own saves 🙂

You can find isleoftune on Twitter @isleoftune (followers seem to be going up fast) or on Facebook

Now, get composing, I’d love it if you posted your tunes here.   Hopefully they’ll be as bad as mine.
Please note some of this blog did not move well from blogger from some reason. Sorry about that. 

How to change your settings to use HTTPS on Twitter – its safer.

I recently explained how to change your settings on Facebook to HTTPS since they added the option due to a hacking indecent, and now finally Twitter has actually added this option for users to always use HTTPS.

When a user connects to a website via HTTPS, the website encrypts the session with a digital certificate. A user can tell if they are connected to a secure website if the website URL begins with https:// instead of http://

HTTPS helps to protect your password from being stolen, especially if you are using a public WiFi network

When using we could always use HTTPS but had to manually type it in, there is now a box for you to tick in settings to make sure that you always use the more secure HTTPS.

Twitter also uses HTTPS as a default on its log-in page so that users’ credentials are encrypted. Its official iPhone and iPad applications also have HTTPS as their default setting.

If you are using a 3rd Party app you need to check if your have settings on there so that you can sign in using HTTPS

To Change your settings on

Click Settings
Scroll down
Tick the box marked HTTPS Only
Click SAVE

Confirm your password – and its done,  you will now be on an encrypted secure connection.
Hope this helps


Just5 J509 the phone for the elderly – with SOS

just5When Alex Petrov of Just5 asked me to review a Just5 mobile phone I felt honoured. I’d recently seen an article by Engadget that Just5 were at MWC2011 with a brand new model the CP11 and it looked very interesting.

The phone that I received in the post – however, was the cell phone Just5 J509, both utilize the same design scheme, large buttons, loudspeaker and the SOS button, but the CP11 has a  slide out screen.

This is a mobile phone for maybe your mum, dad, grandparents, someone that is hard of hearing, with poor eyesight, or even someone special needs.  With its huge numbers and basic features, its very easy to use. The non tech savvy people who say, I just want a phone that makes calls, will love it.
This phone feels very light, its a comfortable size, and its very sturdy.

Just5 Five basic features

1. Big Buttons
These big buttons really do make a difference. Easy to dial even without putting on glasses.
2. Ease of Operation
Removed unnecessary functions, to make this the easiest phone ever.
3. Amplified Sound
Very loud and clear.
4. Long Lasting Battery
The phone features 100 minutes of talk time and will stay charged for up to 6 days in standby mode.
5Personal Emergency Response System
This button can be a life saver! It can automatically call your emergency contacts! (This feature is completely FREE of monthly charge)
My absolute favourite part is the SOS emergency button, the button is sunk into the phone so that it cannot be pressed by accident. Users can preset up to five numbers for emergency, family, friends, doctors etc.  When a user presses the button the phone will text an urgent message to these five numbers, and then dial them in prioritised order.  Also when it’s dialing the phone will sound an alert siren to attract others attention.  The phone automatically switches to loudspeaker when someone answers the phone to make it easier for the user, in case they cannot hold the phone.

There are buttons on the side, which makes using the phone much easier.

A) Radio – on and off
B) Sound – up and down
C) Torch – on and off
D) Keyboard lock – and unlock

Keyboard lock can be confusing to the elderly,  this is much easier.

The top middle button is your main menu – there you have:
Phone Book
Call history

Just5 J509 also has a speaking keypad, that confirms the numbers that you have pressed, in English or Spanish. (Brilliant!)
The display is lit up and big enough, very clear.

Just5 for pensioners

Basically, I think these phones are fantastic for our oldies!   You know the type, they want a mobile phone so they can stay in touch at all times, but they don’t use it as they forget how or are frightened of it.  My dad, (sad because he was the one in our family with all the newest gadgets) used to ask me every week how to use his mobile phone. Now it just sits in the corner not even charged up. I guess a lot of people have this story.  The just5 would suit him better – if I could just convince him it was the latest thing on the market.

I would have like for my father to try this phone for a week to let you know how he got on but sadly Just5’s unlocked GSM 850/1900 band phones only enable users to connect to any U.S. or Canadian GSM service provider. (AT&T and T-Mobile)

Just5 for young children?

Just5 also suggested that they are targeting young children that need a starter phone.  I’m not sure as in my experience, once kids are old enough for a mobile phone, they want the most up to date Smartphone, and can use it better than you. Conversely, you may not want or be able to afford little Johnny to have the most expensive Smartphone. It might just be that you may just want to be able to contact him, then this could be the answer. Although I am informed that there is a J510 called the Spacephone by Just5 that might be more suitable.

There definitely is a market for these, and right now is the time.  I do know individuals that would use this phone, those users that always want the simplest phone on the market.
This is that phone.

UPDATE – 3 years later, I notice that just5 now have a few more mobile phones available.  Some have possibly been renamed as the CP09 looks like the one that I tested 3 years ago.  And they now have a Just5 EUROPE site so you can buy them in England!  Please check their site for prices and availability. 

Please look at the website for prices, specs, contracts and dealers.

Missing Facebook Profile Pictures

People are complaining that their profile pictures are not appearing on Facebook or that some application bookmarks are missing – Facebook know about this issue and apparently fixing it .

I never understand why this happens to some people and some not.

However, never fear Facebook are on it.

Brief but true


Touchnotes great notes app on itunes

Touch Notes, is a charming new note taking application from Ivango for the iPhone, iPad or iTouch. (iPod Touch).

Not to be confused with the Touch Note application that I also love from for sending personalised cards direct from your iPhone.

With Touch Notes you can create different types of notes, keyboard notes, finger notes and even audio notes and send them to Twitter, Facebook or via email.

You may have seen my twitter feed today while I was testing it out, it was great fun, and a few people asked me what it was, as they thought it was great.  This was one of the notes that I created.

Keyboard Notes

I like keyboard notes the best, you can choose between a five beautiful backgrounds, many fonts and 3 different colours, I think they need to add white to the colours but that’s just my preference. You can even add a photo to the note from your library or one you have just taken.

Finger Notes
Fingers notes is just what it says, you just write a note on your screen with your finger (with out having to type). Its very easy and you also have a choice of colours here.

Audio Notes
With Audio Notes you can of course use it like a dictaphone to record your voice and save messages, the only downside with this is you couldn’t send these via email or to Twitter or Facebook.  However this is coming soon to the iPad version.

You can save these little notes into various categories, business, idea, stud, shopping, home or all for convenient search later. Also you can choose to set them as priority.

The pretty graphics and the tiny bits of detail are fantastic for such a simple yet multi-featured application.

Product features:
* Fully customizable: choose fonts and color schemes
* Add customized backgrounds
* Add a photo from iPhone photo album as a background
* Combine two backgrounds (image and photo)
* Beautiful, intuitive interface
* Many easy-to-use functions 

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4.0 Tested)
* 5.2 MB

Touch Notes is a fully functional, easy to use, multi-purpose note taking application developed by Russian based company Ivango who are noted to be the first developers to integrate face recognition into applications.

You can download Touch Notes for 59p in the uk or $0.99 USD on iTunes – and its free to send as many notes as you like.