Touchnotes great notes app on itunes

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Touch Notes, is a charming new note taking application from Ivango for the iPhone, iPad or iTouch. (iPod Touch).

Not to be confused with the Touch Note application that I also love from for sending personalised cards direct from your iPhone.

With Touch Notes you can create different types of notes, keyboard notes, finger notes and even audio notes and send them to Twitter, Facebook or via email.

You may have seen my twitter feed today while I was testing it out, it was great fun, and a few people asked me what it was, as they thought it was great.  This was one of the notes that I created.

Keyboard Notes

I like keyboard notes the best, you can choose between a five beautiful backgrounds, many fonts and 3 different colours, I think they need to add white to the colours but that’s just my preference. You can even add a photo to the note from your library or one you have just taken.

Finger Notes
Fingers notes is just what it says, you just write a note on your screen with your finger (with out having to type). Its very easy and you also have a choice of colours here.

Audio Notes
With Audio Notes you can of course use it like a dictaphone to record your voice and save messages, the only downside with this is you couldn’t send these via email or to Twitter or Facebook.  However this is coming soon to the iPad version.

You can save these little notes into various categories, business, idea, stud, shopping, home or all for convenient search later. Also you can choose to set them as priority.

The pretty graphics and the tiny bits of detail are fantastic for such a simple yet multi-featured application.

Product features:
* Fully customizable: choose fonts and color schemes
* Add customized backgrounds
* Add a photo from iPhone photo album as a background
* Combine two backgrounds (image and photo)
* Beautiful, intuitive interface
* Many easy-to-use functions 

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4.0 Tested)
* 5.2 MB

Touch Notes is a fully functional, easy to use, multi-purpose note taking application developed by Russian based company Ivango who are noted to be the first developers to integrate face recognition into applications.

You can download Touch Notes for 59p in the uk or $0.99 USD on iTunes – and its free to send as many notes as you like.