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10 Top Tips for Networking Online within Groups or Chats

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These tips for Networking Online will help you to make valuable business contacts without making a fool of yourself.  Group chats using the internet have made a triumphant return in so many different ways and this time, there are more business groups than ever.  They are not only for planning parties with your friends any more. With online networking within groups you have the chance to learn from experts, to be part of a support community of like-minded peers and to forge partnerships on a Global scale.

Online groups don’t have to even take up too much of your time, you can

I love that its one of my favourite quotes!  Networking online really is the best use of time that an entrepreneur or business owner can do for themselves or their business.

Platforms for online group chats 

There are many different platforms you can use to create or join groups or chats for networking

to name a few.

Facebook is a very popular place to have groups and they can be connected to pages. And more popular so since the facebook changes which are bad for business pages

tips for online networking


One of my favourite groups is the one I run for Thomas Power on WhatsApp.  Its a tech and business group but it can get very random too!

We don’t have many rules in this Whatsapp group but over the years we have found that these work the best, and most have really stemmed from the community itself not from Thomas or myself.

All we ask is that members have their real name and profile picture on their profile and to add their LinkedIn and Twitter to the private group list.  And the most important rule is that you are active, there is no point lurkers taking up one of the only 256 spaces available.

The whole idea for this particular group is to have an active close group of people to know like and trust each other.  And without these things in place for EVERYONE it wouldn’t be fair to keep those members who don’t comply.   We don’t like to remove people but if they aren’t following the rules and flat out refuse to do so after a warning or two then they aren’t the type of people we need in the group.  We all work hard together to make it our happy place, which we call our online pub!

What is your focus when joining a group chat?

The goal for most people when joining business groups is to make new connections to get more business or at least to help their business, but this should not be your focus, your focus should be on how you can help others. How you can give to the group.  For some this is a very hard principle to follow. They want to march right in and start selling their business, and promoting themselves aggressively.  Or they only appear in the group when they have something they want doing or to tell people what they have done.   If people rarely see you, they don’t know you and they see this behaviour they are much less likely to help you.

What they don’t realise is if they focus giving rather than taking the benefits happen as a secondary effect, with very little effort.

When it comes to networking, the general rule is that you should give more than you take.


Tips for Networking Online

Top Tips for networking online

1 – Find out the rules of the group before you do anything.

First this is a polite thing to do and secondly stops any mistakes happening in the first 5 mins of joining.

2 – Make it your mission to get to know people.

3 – Don’t start selling right away.

There are standard rules of etiquette, selling before you have even got to know anyone can be perceived as rude – even if it isn’t a rule in the group. Always add value before you ever start asking.

4 – Listen, listen and listen again.

Take an interest in others; listen to what they have to say. Don’t try to turn the conversation around to you all of the time.

5 – Be authentic.

People need to get to know the real you, there is no point; trying to be something or someone you are not.

6 – Be Present and Engage.

It’s a must to be active – Try to join in conversations, just jump right in.  Some people think they need an invite to join a conversation, you don’t.  And always try to watch out for any comments directed at you and respond. Start conversations, ask questions. Share interesting or relevant content. 

7 – Posting Links without thinking.

Don’t just posts links, images, videos, and forwards without saying why you found it interesting and what it will bring to the group, and definitely don’t always post your own links 

8 – Serve.

Give, help, collaborate, share and promote others.

Always see how you can help someone else.  Like and share what members are sharing. 

9 – Always ask within the group before messaging someone privately.

For example just because you can see someones phone number or profile account doesn’t mean you have permission to privately message someone, unless you are admin. 

10 – Be Open Random and Supportive (ORS)

Try hard to respect others beliefs and differences, know and accept that we have different opinions.

More tips for networking online from other networkers

  1. Al Tepper – Give! Serve! Love!
  2. Kari Manuel Baxter – Give value. People are so worried about what they can get out of it. You have to contribute first.
  3. Melody Hancock Pennington – Don’t always wait for everyone else to go first. Ask the question, make the statement, take the step. Also, try to always reply when people comment on your posts. Take an interest in other people, and they will be interested in you.
  4. Mark Hibbitts – Find out what you can do to help others
  5. Sam Sethi – Listen and learn. Share then earn. Everyone has a story to tell. Actively listen. From every conversation if you ask the right questions you will learn something new.
  6. Jax Harrison – Be real – and interested in others
  7. Steve Hall –  Expect nothing ….you WILL be pleasantly surprised

With these tips for networking online you’re ready to build and leverage your connections in a thoughtful, effective and professional manner.

If you have any more please do let us know the in the comments and contact me if you would like an invite to our business WhatsApp group!







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