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In light of the recent hacks and subsequent posting of nude photos of celebrities on the internet, we are being told to use 2 step verification on accounts that offer that service to secure our account and to protect our data and personal information.

However, many people are asking what is 2 step verification and why do I need it?  

So I’m going to try and explain it to you, and show you how to set up 2 step verification on your Google profile.  Its not a difficult or as tedious as it sounds and just takes a few minutes. Other networks are pretty much the same, just look in settings for 2 step verification.

2 step verification

2 step verification is simply that, it’s in the name, it involves a process for the network, platform or website which to requests two different stages of identification before you can get into the account.  As we know passwords aren’t as secure as they used to be – hackers have methods to find out your passwords and this two factor authentication is an added protection in your internet security.

Usually its by way of a code being sent to your mobile device, which you can then add one time, when using that particular PC or device to connect to your account.  This way if anyone tries to hack your account, and does successfully obtain your password, they cannot get hold of the second code, unless of course they have your phone.

You might often see platforms or networks asking you for your phone number for added security – Google and Facebook often remind you do this.

People are concerned that they will have to go through this 2 step verification every single time they log it.  But as I explained above that’s not the case, for some it’s a onetime thing that you set up and if you use a different computer or sometimes a different location to access your account you will probably be asked to enter the code sent to your phone.  You can also add a second phone, if you are concerned about losing yours and not being able to log in.

Some Networks and Platforms that offer 2 step verification are

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Paypal
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft – Xbox, Outlook
  • Online Banking
  • Tumblr

How to set up Google 2 step verification (From a PC)

1 – Go to your google profile, click your profile picture

  • Click – Account
  • Click – Security
  • Or go directly there by clicking this link – Google security

What is 2 step verification and why do I need it

2 – Click – Set up.

3 – Read this section and Click – Start set up.

What is 2 step verification and why do I need it

4 – Enter your phone number – choose how you wish to receive the code.

You will now be sent a message with your verification code.

5 – Enter the code from your phone in the box provided –  Click – Verify

6 – Click – Trust this computer

If you lose your phone, you might be able to access your account from a trusted computer without needing a code. We recommend that you make this a trusted computer only if you trust the people who have access to it.

You’ll only be asked for a code whenever you sign in using your account from an untrusted computer or device.

If you lose your phone, you can always change it in account settings.

When you next log into your google account via your mobile device it will ask you to enter the code which is then sent to you.

You can also start to add app passwords if you use things like calendar or youtube via your connected gmail account.  Google will email instructions on how to do this so you don’t need to do it right away.