Don't forget to share is a Prank website, where ANYONE can create a prank about anything – and it looks like a real news report which is shared on Facebook.  I believe these are supposed to be humorous but can be very worrying to some people especially the nature of some of these pranks.

Create your own prank

Watch out for - PRANK site feednewz on Facebook

When you click on the link – according to reports, you are sent to a page where you are told YOU WERE PRANKED with a number showing how many people have been pranked.  (I don’t think it autoshares but I will let you know if I find out)

Watch out for – PRANK site feednewz on Facebook

There are currently many many people who think its funny and have created pages about Ebola outbreaks in Manchester – Bournemouth – Eastbourne and many other places in Britain – Plus many other countries too.

Watch out for - PRANK site feednewz on Facebook


So please don’t share these posts (although you ARE informed that they are fake when you click on them – many people will just share the link, without reading because “people don’t read any more“)  and don’t worry about them, they are fake – if you want to make sure – go to google and search for the headline, if you don’t find something from a reputable news site, then you know its fake.

I’m surprised Facebook allow this behavior actually – I’m sure it was intended as harmless fun but these above stories shows that its gone past that now.