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With so much publicity over the last few days Ubermedia must be rubbing their hands together. I’m sure they had a bit of work to do but I’m also certain have now gained many new users, with having a trending topic for 4 days. This suspension hasn’t done them any harm as far as I can see. Last night people were tweeting like mad waiting for for a link after Ubersocial announced

11pm GMT Sunday – @UBERSOC – Great news! Twitter has approved our changes, and we expect to provide a new version in about an hour.

But it was almost 3 hours before they posted a link by which time users were in a frenzy – they were  ecstatic to have it back. 

There reasons for the suspension are on my blog: Why can’t I log into Ubertwitter and Twidroyd

You can now download the new and improved – Ubersocial for Blackberry, iphone and the Desktop which is in beta here at 

I’m certainly going to try out the Desktop version now after so many users have professed their love   for (recommended) Ubertwitter, maybe it will be my replacement for #newtwitter which I just don’t like.  Waiting for an invite or acceptance now 😉 

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