Twitter finally stamping down on Auto DMs

Twitter finally stamping down on Auto DMs

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Are Twitter finally stamping down on Auto DMs or Direct Messages? Its seems so as a letter that the Crowdfire has received has warned them that they are going against Twitter policies. the app that helps you grow your social media accounts has been told by Twitter that the Auto DM feature that they and other apps

Crowdfire App

Crowdfire is an app that helps you grow your social media accounts. With the app, you can follow and unfollow and you can also set it to send auto DMs when someone follows you.   Twitter does not like automation and if you get caught this can mean your account being suspended.

I used to use Crowdfire a lot because it was one of the only apps around that used to tell you who had unfollowed you on twitter and they used to also tell you who unfollowed you on Instagram but I believe that was a paid feature or maybe this was also banned from Instagram.

Twitter finally stamping down on auto dms

Twitter finally stamping down on Auto DMs

These automation features have been around for a while on Crowdfire,  but it looks like Twitter is just getting around to informing app directly. Because it looks like in April the Twitter rules were updated and include details which mean that they cannot let people use their auto dm feature. Yesterday Crowdfire informed its customers of the app changes that Twitter has enforced on them.

1. The Auto DM feature is no longer allowed by Twitter for any apps. As a result, Crowdfire can no longer provide Auto DM as a feature for Twitter.

This is why you’re not able to see it in the app anymore.

This pleases me no end, I don’t know about you but I so am saturated by Auto DM’s so much that I don’t read them anymore (if I ever did) and I often miss messages from my friends that are important, if I am not careful – and besides that, people have started to Auto Dm you and tweet you at the same time, this is just such a waste of my time and anyone’s timeline.

This has been a long time coming as the Automation rules on Twitter state, it’s not allowed.

Spamming: You may not send automated Tweets or Direct Messages that are spam, or otherwise engage in spamming activity. Some examples of spammy behavior to avoid with automation include:

  • Trending topics: You may not automatically post about trending topics on Twitter.
  • Multiple posts/accounts: You may not post duplicate Tweets on one account or over multiple accounts.

Misleading links: You may not send automated Tweets or Direct Messages containing links that are misleading, including links that maliciously or deceptively redirect through landing pages or ad pages before displaying the final content.

Sensitive media: Automated Tweets and Direct Messages must comply with the Twitter Media Policy, and you should mark your account as potentially sensitive if you intend to post graphic, pornographic, or potentially sensitive media.

Aggressive following and unfollowing

Twitter has also warned Crowdfire about aggressive following and unfollowing on Twitter, which has never been allowed and can result in a ban if they catch you doing this. I thought that Crowdfire prevented you by blocking you following too many a day – but it looks like they went a little further and have allowed people to follow and unfollow more if they pay … oh dear.

We should probably just report everyone that sends a spammy auto direct message on Twitter, but they in itself would be a full-time job.

Crowdfire say that they are working with Twitter to make the app fully compliant to Twitter’s terms and conditions and to expect some changes, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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