The Google+ Project – Real life sharing. Move over Facebook.

//The Google+ Project – Real life sharing. Move over Facebook.

The Google+ Project – Real life sharing. Move over Facebook.

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We’ve been waiting for this from Google for a long time, since the speculations (inside information) around SXSW in March came out about Google circles.

We thought then it was just going to be Google circles that was to take on Facebook but The Google+ project looks much bigger than we thought circles would ever be.

Google plus is invitation only right now (figures), launching with what they are calling a field trial period, so who knows when the rest of us will get it, they say it won’t be long.  Even the requests to be informed have overflowed now, with a message on the site that says, We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity try again soon. You can leave your email address on the plus Google site here – Keep me posted.

The Google+ project includes various segments

Circles – Share things with your closest friends with high security features.

Hangouts – A place to hang out with your friends as a group – including video chats or sharing videos

Sparks – A feed of only the things that you are really into

Huddle – For Group chat. Turn several single conversations into a group chat.

Instant upload – Sharing photos and videos




It does have all the key elements that Facebook has, and yet more; you have specific groups or circles or special places for different occasions or different people, I’m liking it already!   The great thing about it is, it will link together with all of your other google sites and seemingly you will be able to access it from your iGoogle directly.

Aparently so far it has not been recived very well in the media – due to the usual critics of Google that refuse to see that Google can ever create a decent social network, as I always say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Facebook lovers are slating it as a Facebook clone, well come on now, it had to happen somewhere, why not let it be Google. Google say their security and options will be safer and what you want hidden will in fact be hidden, we will see.

See the video from Google

Yes, I am excited about this, I love what I can see so far of the design and I love the ideas; I cannot wait to try it out.

Update – Early this morning I did receive an invite but last night Google turned off accepting invites – I know a few people with the same problem saying, that they have invites but cannot use Google Plus yet.  Strangley two people said they got invites from people they don’t know? ….. Did this happen to you?

I am hoping that soon (now they are awake) that they will allow the outsiders inside 🙂




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  • Thelittlemusingsoflv

    sounds complicated so i guess we will just have to see if people can be bothered to embrace and learn something new. it sdoes sound good and i would def use it if it wasnt too complex. thanks for update x

    • Yes, thats the worry if no one bothers, it won’t take off, thanks for comment 🙂 x

  • ihatefacebook

    sounds crap. why do they always have to hype it up unecessarily and do this business of invites? just launch the facking website already, tell on twitter people can sign in and then people can have a go and that’s it. i cannot stand facebook. i am happy with my twitter x

    • I can tell you can’t stand facebook ihatefacebook 😉  what is it you don’t like? is it something that Google + might not do or just the whole thing?  – I prefer twitter myself. 

      • ihatefacebook

        woops. see, this is what happens when i comment on a blog before my coffee in the morning. i think it’s more the way some people use facebook which annoys me more than ever. The way the information about your ‘friends’ is laid out as well. I am not interested about the apps they like and the pages they join, i just want a quick way (a google reader way) to see 1. statuses they post and a quick way to comment on it. that’s it. no crap, no ads, that’s all the information i want. dont want invites to such and such app, and whether they have beaten their bejewelled record x

        • Nice answer thanks, well maybe you can use Google+ that way – sparks is feeds that you want to see, not sure how that works but sounds like what you’d like. 
          lets see 😉 x 

        • In reply to: ihatefacebook – to just see status updates of your friends, go to Home on Facebook, and under where it says “Top news” – “Most Recent” – click on “Most Recent” (if you don’t already have that chosen) then click “Status updates”.  That’s all you’ll see.  If you “like” any pages of brands/businesses, you’ll also see status updates of those pages, as well as those of people who are friends. Note: You may have to do this every time you log in.

          If you don’t want to see game feeds/notices, next time you see one, click the little ‘x’ in the right corner of their status (you’ll have to hover your mouse over the status to see it).  You’ll have the option to ‘hide’ statuses from that person, or from the game they’re promoting.  

          And if you don’t have a ton of apps, Photos is always showing in the side bar under “Photos” on Home page.  If you click it, you’ll see the most recent uploads from your friends.

          • thanks Bobbi maybe that will help 😉 

          • My pleasure 🙂  I’m kind of a Facebook nerd. There’s a lot left to be desired, but for the most part, I found these tweaks by playing around and searching the web.  Search engines are our friends!

  • Hi Michelle

    I’m waiting for my invite to come through for this… great tips, thanks!  I will come back here once I’ve been able to use the app.

    • Yes, me too – I hope not as long as we normally have to wait for these things : )  Thanks keep us informed. 

  • Anyone know how you can get an invite? 

    • Well I do now have an invite but they aren’t letting me in still ;( 

  • Anonymous

    Sounds great – will be interesting to see where it goes.

    • Yes I think so too : ) 

    • Yes, it is good, I did get in the night I received the invite but I haven’t been able to send any out since …

  • I Love Google+

  • Joe

    So far i like Google+ but i am having issues adding friends. We both have profiles created but when we search eachothers names, nothing comes up… How can i add my friend to my circles? 

    • I’ve heard people saying this – maybe its a glitch, maybe we are not searching the same way?  –  I do it this way – Go to the circles icon at the top next too find people – click add new person, and it searches for the name or the email, choose from a list and add to circles. Does that work? 

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