The death of Old Twitter is upon us! #saveoldtwitter

//The death of Old Twitter is upon us! #saveoldtwitter

The death of Old Twitter is upon us! #saveoldtwitter

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It’s almost a year since Twitter announced that it was changing to a newly re-engineered  They said you will be able to use it as a preview for a few weeks. You’ll be able to switch back and forth for a few weeks to get used to how it works.

I love new things, so I eagerly rushed over to New Twitter, only to be bitterly disappointed with what I saw.  So I switched back again, I did try it a few times knowing that the time will come that Twitter will make us change. However I just didn’t like New Twitter so I stuck with what I loved; Old Twitter.

Armegeddon arrives 

Then last night, in the dead of the night, we were informed by @twitter that Old Twitter is being dumped for New Twitter.



We  knew that it was getting closer to judgement day as the message at the top of the screen lately changed to read.

I know many people that have embraced the change over and they love the new interface.  I also know many that are not happy about being made to change to something they don’t like, if its not broke don’t fix it, as they say.

Its not just me, there are hundreds of people complaining on Twitter right now, there is even a campaign to save it #saveoldtwitter

Why don’t we like New Twitter

  • The stream text is much smaller
  • The stream text box is not central.
  • You cannot see older DM’s and they are set out awkwardly.
  • My main usage now requires more clicks than it did with Old Twitter.
  • Essentially for me its just the whole new interface, I don’t like to look at it, its too busy and cluttered with things I don’t need.

I agree it has a lot of new handy features, but I don’t need them – if I want to see a picture or a video I will click on it.  This is one of the reasons I prefer Twitter over other social networks, its clean, simple and easy to use.   Sadly this time is over.

I do like the Related content feature; where you can see additional information related to the tweet or the subject.

Loosing Old Twitter for me as you can tell is not a good thing and I’m not sure if I will grin and bare New Twitter or if I will again start using a different platform such as Seesmic which I use on my Tablet, or Hootsuite which I use at work or Tweetdeck which I have used in the past, or maybe something else.

Things change and we have to get over it, but why should I use something I don’t enjoy, if oldtwitter is really going then I need something else!

 Edit: At the weekend #oldtwitter was gone – since then I’ve used Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, New Twitter and something else that was such rubbish we won’t discuss it.  I’m not finding the change easy let us just say. 

Do you have any suggestions on what platforms are best ?

Also what is it, that you like about New Twitter, or do you just put up with it?  Maybe you can convince me 🙂





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  • Theczone

    Twitter in it’s old form, for me, provided little info. It was a poor dashboard for twitter users. I agree on the DM issue. But that is it. The rest including visible media is great as it reduces some clicks needed and replicates what I have had with twittelator on the iPhone for almost 14months.

    Everyone hates change as it affects in many ways how we individually do things. The question is does it upset the masses to the point where the change is detrimental to the many and not the few.

    The evidence isn’t their unless you have data to support otherwise. Even your examples, show tweets that use the #saveoldtwitter but the tweet itself isnt about that. Not sure a # is enough to justify and argument. Agree not everyone is happy but change takes time or use other apps.

    Tweetdeck, if you have a big screen is brilliant for all your social accounts.

    • Thank you for your comments – Yes everyone does hate change you are correct.  However I still don’t like it – I have the twitter App for the iphone and that is very similar to oldtwitter which I love.  

      I’m surprised you find it reduces clicks I didn’t find that, unless its because I am not used to it. I did try again today for 30mins but I just don’t like looking at it lol.   The campaign won’t change anything, but people like to put their views across, I’m actually surprised there are so many not happy with Old Twitter, but there are many more happy with New Twitter, I’m sure. Thanks I will be trying Tweetdeck again, anyway for me I should be using something similar rather than having incognito windows open on my other accounts. 

  • Pbeecham

    If I want to reply to a number of separate tweets to me, I simply go, click, click, click and they are all bound into one tweet, with new twitter I cant do this, I have do spend time and effort individually replying to each tweet. Annoying.  SAVE OLD TWITTER!!  It’s my choice!

    • Ah thanks for the good reason!  More clicks are bad news! 

  • I didn’t use the old Twitter a lot even though I’ve had accounts set up. When I became more active, I simply upgraded to new Twitter and haven’t really thought about the changes. I must admit that I actually prefer to use the Hootsuite dashboard because I can manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time.

    However, the thing I like most about new Twitter is being able to hover over a link and see where it goes. A lot of spammers are posting crazy links that try to hijack your browser. I can recognize them and its nice to know when someone is trying to divert me to a spam page.

    • ok that is a good point – so less chance of getting hacked.. thanks for that point!  

  • Terence Towles Canote

    Personally, I think New Twitter is vastly inferior to Old Twitter. In fact, one thing I noticed right away–and it’s one thing they have yet to fix–is the ability to easily do multiple replies! I don’t care if videos or pictures are displayed in the stream–like you if I want to see them,  then I’ll click on them. But I want to be able to reply to more than one person with one tweet! For now I’m using HootSuite until they fix this!

    • yes lots of ppl have commented to me how hard it is to multiply reply – which we love to do 

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